300 Flowers
Chapter 27

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Saturday night was for lovemaking. When two destinies intertwine into the physical connection of lovemaking, more of the energy that feeds creation is made. Being inside her is a gift like no other. When she shares herself so openly, she is offering the best of everything.

By the time Anna wakes up mid-Sunday morning, Derek has Two dozen freshly cut roses surrounding the bed in six different vases.

Derek and Anna don’t bother to make any plans. They relax, cuddle and make love some more all day and evening long. To Derek’s great pleasure Anna never gets out of her San Diego Padres tee shirt. Derek so badly wishes and hopes that he gets to experience that sight and the associated feelings for the rest of their lives.

While spooning on the couch watching television Derek says, “Let’s go to a Padres game sometime.”

Anna tries to look back at him and replies, “Okay. That would be wonderful. Zoë and I have gone to dozens of games. Zoë is even a bigger fan than I am. You should see her house; it is decorated with everything Padres.”

Derek smiles because he loves baseball girls. “I’ve been to a dozen games or so myself”

“Hey, babe?”

“Yeah, babygirl.”

“Zoë wants to invite you over for dinner, but she feels she can’t offer you anything you haven’t had before.”

“Nonsense! Zoë is an absolute sweetheart. Zoë offers Zoë’s time and self and no amount of money can better that. You tell her I would be honored to come to her house for dinner anytime we have free.”

Anna wrestles her way out of Derek’s tight embrace and turns around and cuddles into him. Derek kisses her hair and rubs her back. Once again the smile he has on his face is genuine and true. Soon they are both asleep.

When Derek wakes up Anna is no longer on the couch. Derek gets up with a stretch and yawn. He walks into the kitchen and finds Anna sitting at the table talking on the phone. “Uh huh! He said he would be honored to have dinner at your house because your company is worth more than any amount of money or fancy stuff.”

“Wow! Anna, I think you found one of the good ones.”

“Yeah, I...” Anna screams as Derek came up behind her and kissed her on the neck.

“What was that?”

Anna laughs, “Derek just snuck up behind me and kissed me on the neck.”

“You lucky girl.”


“Talk with you later?”

“Yeah. Bye, Zoë.” Anna gets up and puts her arms around Derek’s neck. “You startled me.” In Derek’s mind he can just see her tee shirt rising up the back of her thighs as she stretches up to kiss him.

“Sorry.” Derek looks over at the clock on the microwave that says five minutes past four. “You want to go to town, walk around a bit and then get a bite to eat?”

“Sure! Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”

“Well, I probably should get out of my pajama bottoms myself.”

They go to a part of downtown that has many shops. There are tourist shops, antique and consignment shops, cute little bistros and of course flowers shops that have beautiful displays along the sidewalk.

“For startling my babygirl you get to put together a beautiful array of flowers.”

“What should I get?”

“You get as many of any kind and every kind that you want.”

“Hmm,” Anna says, with a dreamy look.

As they are walking along Anna stops to marvel at the beauty of all the flowers and then she bends down inhaling their intoxicating fragrance. Every once in a while she holds up a flower for Derek to smell. Derek stands just to the side and back of her so he can watch her every movement and reaction.

There is some small talk, but this moment is filled with a novel full of words never spoken. The fact that Anna has on her new white with red flowers sundress, and the beauty of the moment, brings joy to his eyes.

As Anna is going along Derek can see her keeping track of how many flowers she has chosen. Not because she is worried about the price of it, but because she too is keeping track of the three hundred flowers. Both her and Derek smile knowingly.

Eventually Anna has so many flowers in her arms that she has to pass the first bundle back to Derek, who gladly accepts them and inhales the grand mixture of smells creating a divine fragrance.

By the time they make it to the end of the row of flowers and go to pay for it, Anna turns to Derek and starts to say, “That’s...”

But Derek finishes for her, “Seventeen!”

Anna smiles shyly and her heart begins to race. She takes in a deep breath to stop her eyes from watering. As way of covering it up she brings the second flower bundle up and smells them with her eyes closed.

She lingers in the moment and she knows she is truly in love with this exotic, but marvelously kind man. They kiss and then Anna puts her bundle in her right arm and Derek puts his bundle in his left arm and that way they can hold hands as they make their way down the street and to a quaint little bistro.

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