300 Flowers
Chapter 24

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

As the sun is setting they turn onto Derek’s street. At times to Derek it felt like a trail leading away from a day that was less than fulfilling to a place of sanctuary. But now with Anna it is merely a stretch of a road that came from greatness and is leading to wonder. At last Derek feels complete.

They had planned on Derek riding the bike home and Anna driving her new car over, but Anna did not want to get off of the bike.

“We’ll pick up the car tomorrow evening.”

“No worries.”

“Thank you so much, David and Lisa, I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Lisa laughs and hugs Anna hard. “You are most welcome.”

“I’ve had a wonderful day today, everybody. Alicia, I can’t believe I got to meet you and what such a nice person you are.”

“Oh, thank you, Anna, the pleasure has been mine also. You are an absolute sweetheart.”

At last they put away the Harley and go into the house from the garage. They are tired and yet charged at the same time. They relax on the couch for a minute and then again before they know it they are being woke up by the alarm. A new week is beginning and it is time for work.

By the time Anna is ready and has made it to the dining room table for a bowl of cereal, Derek has a vase full of fresh cut roses. Anna smiles and asks, “How many are there?”

“It doesn’t matter; these are not part of the three-hundred. These are just a wonderful fragrance to enhance our breakfast.”

Anna inhales them. “I’m sorry, I have to be there by six-thirty for the breakfast crowd.”

“Don’t be, I’m always at work by seven anyway. It’ll work out just perfect. Actually Derek is often at work by five, for the Eastern finances, but that will get worked out later.”


They eat like an old married couple still deeply in love. Neither of them truly understands how this amazing journey has exploded into being, but they are not going to miss one opportunity to learn, explore and embrace this gift.

As Derek is dropping Anna off, Derek has done the math. “Anna?”


If you start work at seven, then you must get off at two?”

“Actually, I get off at three.”

“You know where my job is? It’s right up the street here.”


“When you get off work, could you walk up there and hang out with me for a few hours?”

“Of course! I want to see you at work.”

“You do, huh? Well, I have several meetings today, but I will call you at lunch time.”

“And send me some flowers!”

“Hey!” Anna laughs. Derek walks around and opens the door for her. They hug and kiss. “What kind would you like?”

“Surprise me.”

Derek watches Anna walk into the restaurant. At the last moment she turns and waves. Derek smiles and waves back. Finally he gets in his car and drives the short distance to work.

“Good morning, Casey.”

“Good morning, sir. You seem happy today.”

“I am. I truly am. Thank you for noticing.”

“Sir, Megan would like to meet with you before the Wolowitz meeting, which is at nine.”

“No problem. Tell her I will come up to her office momentarily.”

“Yes sir.”

Derek goes into his office and turns on his computer. He immediately starts researching flowers. He knows his baby sister loves Tulips so he is thinking he will send Anna a dozen Tulips.

“Hello, Sunrise Flowers, how may I help you today?”

“Is this Christina?”

“Yes it is.”

“Hi, Christina, this is Derek Jennings.” Knowing that lunchtime is a busy time for a restaurant, Derek orders the flowers to arrive at eleven. “Yes, red, pink, yellow and white will be perfect. You have the address so thank you.”

“No problem, Mister Jennings, we will just put it on your account.”

“Always great customer service, Christina, thank you. Have a nice day.”

“You, too, sir.”

As Derek is walking past Casey to go up stairs and meet with Megan, Casey stops him. “Sir.”

“Yes, Casey.”

“I just want to remind you now that July is almost over, that I will be returning to college in September. If Mister Denton hasn’t returned by then you will need to find a new personal assistant.”

Derek looks at her for a second. “Casey, you have done above and beyond a great job. It is going to be hard to replace you. When you’re ready to enter the job market and you would like to work here, you are guaranteed a job.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Uh, Casey, could you remind me that again several weeks before you go back to college. How many more semesters until you have your four-year degree?”

“I still have three semesters to go, but I plan on going for a masters degree.”

“Oh, then you’ll still want to intern here? Of course, it won’t be a true internship because we’ll pay you your worth. You’ve earned that much!”

“Yes, sir, I hope to be able to come back here on breaks, but if I get accepted my masters degree will be done back east.”

“However I or the company can help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Casey gets up and hugs him. “Thank you, Derek.” Derek smiles because she finally called him Derek.

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