300 Flowers
Chapter 23

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

The drive is quiet, except for the Colbie Cailat CD in the stereo. By the time they pull into the driveway they are both nervous and excited.

Derek goes over and opens Anna’s door for her. As she holds out her hand for him she smiles, with both her lips and her eyes. Derek’s heart skips a beat. He is flushed in heat and his body starts to react right away.

Hand-in-hand they walk up the drive and into the house. This time they do not go to the couch, they start heading towards the bedroom. As they are going up the hallway, Derek asks, “Do you want anything?” Anna nods her head. “Anything! Speak it and it shall be yours!”

“I want you!”

“Well, you definitely have me. Do I have you?”

“Oh yes, most definitely!”

As they are going into the bedroom, Derek says, “Wonderful!”

As they sit on the bed to take their shoes off, Anna says, “Yeah.” The smile she has on her pretty face shines brighter than any star in the heavens. And yet her eyes shine brighter yet.

As they continue to undress they look deeper and deeper into each other’s eyes until finally they can see their souls and it is at that moment that this becomes something so much greater than a physical expression of passion and love.

They lie down facing each other only inches apart. As they continue to gaze into each other’s eyes their hands start to explore, caress and send waves of grandeur through their bodies, as the moment builds.

Slowly they move in to kiss. It is warm, moist and filled with desire. Derek strokes her long straight brunette hair and kisses her some more. There is no French-kissing here. It is sweet and tender, and with every brush of the lips, the tingles and the temperature rises to new unimagined heights.

With one long-held kiss Derek pulls back and marvels at the beautiful woman before him. He again moves in and kisses her lips sweetly, but passionately, and then slowly his lips start to explore. First her cheeks, then ears, then down the neck. From her ears she giggled. From her neck she started to moan.

While he is kissing her tenderly his hand caresses up and down her entire body. Down the outer thigh, up the inner thigh, to her womanhood that is moist and wanting.

Her supple breasts perk up, as they are being kissed and caressed. As Derek kisses down Anna’s stomach she moves her form to the sound of the wonderful symphony that is building between them.

Derek lingers on and around the beautiful form that is Anna’s womanhood. She so badly wishes to spread her legs wide for Derek, but Derek is holding them secure as he starts to kiss down her outer leg. He gives each of her toes their due and then as he starts kissing up her inner leg, he lets that leg spread wide.

As he comes up the inner thigh Anna is twitching marvelously. Derek kisses down the outer right leg and again kisses each of her adorable toes. As Derek is kissing up her inner leg this time Anna just falls wide open. Willingly spread for a man she hopes to have in her life from now to forever.

At last Derek understands the difference between just sex, a tender sexual encounter, and love. His body is alive and Anna willingly and gratefully lets it be known that she too is alive and experiencing something so wondrous that they have been moved to new heights.

As the sun rises they are spent, but still awake. Any rational person knows life is fragile and precious and they do not want to miss one possible moment they could have shared with each other.

As Derek is lying on his back watching the spinning fan, Anna is cuddled into him with her head lying on his chest. The heart she feels beating there is definitely hers now.

One moment they are holding onto each other tight relishing the moment, and the next they are being woken by the alarm clock. It is annoying and screaming at them that it is nine-thirty in the morning and time to start moving.

Derek perhaps hits it a little too hard to shut it up, but at last they are awake. Anna looks at Derek with a smile that would make Aphrodite proud. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, babygirl. How are you this fine morning?”

“I’m wonderful! And you?”

“Anna, I am experiencing things I have never felt before, but I know without a glimmer of a doubt that this is the best morning of my life.”

Anna’s eyes near tear up as she nods her head into Derek’s chest. Finally she says, “Me too.”

Derek does not want to get out of this bed and stop holding this girl for anything in the world, but it is time to prepare. Last night was Heaven sent and the bond between them is now stronger than ever, but taking a girl on a Harley ride is another important step for Derek. And for some reason when they bought Anna her riding necessities it brought a warm and marvelous feeling to Derek’s soul.

Over the last few days they have been sharing their hearts and minds. Last night they shared their bodies and souls. Today, Derek will share his love of freedom with Anna. As a veteran very few things equal its importance.

As they are putting on their jeans and boots, Anna says, “I can’t believe we get to go for a ride with Alicia Silverstone!”

“I told you she was a down-to-Earth sweetheart.”

“Yes, your words speak both the truth and they reveal grandeur. These last few days that you have shared with me have been the best of my life. Derek?”

“Yeah, babe.”

“There is one thing more I wish to share with you now. It is something I have shared with very few people and never with a man I have known for such a short time.”

Derek stops getting dressed and looks to Anna because he knows something beautiful is still happening between them. “I’m honored.”

“I’m an orphan. When I was five, getting ready to turn six, my parents and brother were killed in a car crash. When I was eight an elderly couple adopted me. They were in their sixties then, and now they are gone.” Her sadness shows. “I have a foster sister named Loren, but she lives in New York City now, and my foster brother Chris, who I told you about whom was killed in Afghanistan.”

Still in his boxer shorts Derek walks over to Anna and hugs her hard. He doesn’t say anything for a moment, he just holds her tenderly. Finally he asks, “What were their names?”

“Mary and Bill.”

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