300 Flowers
Chapter 22

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

As they are walking along the beach, Anna’s pretty pink-flowered sundress is fluttering in the wind like a flag of freedom inspiring you to be more than you can be on your own. All the girls, Anna, Brandi and Lisa are all visions of loveliness.

Of course, they all had to stop off and pick up beach clothing, but at last they reached their destination, got fed and are enjoying one of Earth’s truly beautiful creations.

Anna kept on her sundress, Brandi is wearing form fitting pink shorts and a white tank top and Lisa put on her white bikini and is wearing a see-through sarong over the bottoms. She figures she better do it now before the pregnancy makes it impossible for her to fit in her beautiful clothes.

With the wind blowing Anna’s long flowing brunette hair about, Derek looks at her and smiles while he reaches over and takes her hand. “What?”

“You are absolutely beautiful, that is what. You take my breath away.”

Anna smiles sweetly and comes closer to Derek, as they make their way down the beach hand-in-hand. “Oh!”



“What is your favorite flower?”

“Hmm, I guess it would be an Orchid for sure. There are so many beautiful species, but I guess the Rainbow Orchid is my favorite. It is so beautiful while remaining wild and pure. It is so dainty, so pretty, so alive, and has survived so much.” A sentiment foster children and children of abuse can understand all too well. It is a radiating line of graciousness that tells those who need to hear it that you can not only survive, but you can succeed and be the wonderful person you were meant to be.

“Just like you.” smiles Derek. He gets it.

Anna pulls Derek to a stop and looks up at him. Her hair wild from the breeze, Anna takes a deep breath and says, “Derek, I want you to know that the last couple of days have been the best of my life.”

Both of their eyes tear up at the same time. Derek raises Anna’s hand and kisses it before saying, “It’s not over with yet, my beautiful Anna. It has just begun. We have just begun.”


Derek smiles, “Promise.”

“Do you know you have taken me places in the last few days that I only ever dreamed of going to? The Hunter’s Moon, Primo Zamora, but I think the best of all was your special place to watch the sunrise. Thank you.”

“Those are merely places that I feel even begin to match your wonder. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I promise you not a day will go by that I do not try to show you your worth.”

Now the tears truly start to fall unashamedly. As Derek first wipes one away and then kisses another, Anna whispers into his ear, “I want to make love with you.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that, babygirl, that moment is fast approaching. You deserve to be touched by loving hands. Of all the knowledge we have shared with each other over the last few days that will be the deepest.”

As if almost seeming to change the subject, but not really, Anna says, “Time is such a fleeting thing.”

“It can be, but for me you have become the stars I sail my ship by and you have become the clock I set my life to. Every second that ticks by is yours. My every hour is filled with the need and desire to touch and to hold you, to see where this wondrous journey is taking us.”

Anna doesn’t know what to say, though her heart is pounding rapidly, and then she is saved by the group catching up to them. “Hey, guys, Brandi wants to go dancing tonight.”

Derek looked at Eric as he was saying that and then he turns to Anna and says, “What do you think?”

Without embarrassment Anna says to him for all to hear, “I am tired and long to be in your arms, but I think an hour or two would be another wonderful moment in a day filled with them.”

Brandi and Lisa look at each other and smile. Perhaps even unbeknownst to Brandi, Lisa is smiling because she sees something happening between Eric and Brandi. Lisa grabs on hard to her husband’s arm and cuddles into him, and then says, “Wonderful!”

David smiles at his wife and kisses her wind-blown blonde hair. “Yeah wonderful.”

“Do you think we’ll be able to get in?” asks Anna.

“Actually, babe, I own half of it, so we can get in...”

As they are talking, Eric, who got on the phone, interrupts them. “Tommy, this is Eric, the crew is coming down about six.”

“Making an early evening of it, huh! Yeah, that’ll be a great time. The main VIP table will be free. At nine, Alicia Silverstone and her entourage are making an appearance.”

“Alicia Silverstone, huh! Cool! Alright, we’ll be there in a couple of hours.”


“Yeah, later, Tommy, and thanks!”

Anna asks, “What about Alicia Silverstone?”

“She is coming to the club tonight.”

“Oh, wow, I love her!” says Anna, with her beautiful heart shinning through.

“Me too!” smiles Derek at Anna. Then Derek answers her first question. “Again yes, Anna, we’ll be able to get in because I own half the club.”

“No way!”


“Too cool! I’m so excited! Do you think we can stick around long enough to see Alicia Silverstone?”

“Actually, my dear Anna, I will introduce you to her. She has come into the club several times and I donate money to one of her animal causes.”

“We’ve met her,” says Brandi. “She is really a nice person. You’re going to like her.”

As Derek is nodding his head he says, “Alright then, we have a plan. Let’s start making our way back up the beach and then we’ll separate to get some appropriate clothes and we’ll meet there about six, six-thirty.”

“So I guess the barbecue is off?” says David, almost sadly.

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