300 Flowers
Chapter 16

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

It doesn’t take long, a week later, and the proof is found. With the government’s assistance they were able to look in places that the private investigator and in-house investigation could have never looked, and at least used such evidence in court.

The in-house auditors found that embezzlement had taken place. The private investigator found that not only was Al Denton up to some mysterious movements, but that he has also been having an affair on his wife. The biggest evidence up to that point was the government could easily see that Al had assets he couldn’t calculate for, and at last they found some of the embezzled money in an offshore account.

If not for the terrorist attacks and the Patriot Act, the out of country accounts may have never been found. Derek doesn’t like that the Patriot Act gives the government even more power than what the US Constitution says they are allowed, but in this instance it worked wonderfully.

But either way it is not going to change what Derek has to do next. Before any arrest is made Derek goes to Craig first. Derek is not only upset because Craig is going to be sad, but he is also worried about his health. Al may be a fool and probably out of spite has been embezzling money from his own father’s company because he was not being promoted fast enough, but Al is still Craig’s son.

That is why Derek went to Carrie first. She is an executive’s wife and a loving one at that. Derek knocks on the door. “Hi, Derek. Please, all of you come in.” Megan, Sarah, and Casey are once again with him.

“Thank you, Carrie. How is Craig today?”

“Actually, he has been doing quite wonderful! The doctors say he might be able to get back to work in a couple of months, which is about three months earlier than they thought wise.”

“Wonderful! I’m so sorry we have to bring this to him now.”

“It’s not your fault. It is that idiot Al. I should have known he would do something like this because he felt slighted.”

“Well then, he has been feeling slighted for a long time because he has been embezzling for years.”

“Well, he is still my husband’s first son, so I will support my husband in his time of heartbreak.”

“Of course.” says Sarah, hugging her. “If you need anything, just let me know.”

Carrie’s eyes flood with tears. “Oh, damn, I was hoping to be able to be strong for my husband, but I am so glad he has such wonderful people working for him. Please, I think it is time.”

“Derek, my friend, how’s the shop?”

Derek smiles at Craig and bobs his head back and forth and then shrugs his shoulders.

Carrie has to get out quickly before she gives it away. She makes her excuses. “I’ll get us all some tea.” Then she hurriedly exits the room, with eyes filled with evidence of sorrow.

Derek gets ready to say hello, but Craig looks over and sees tears in Sarah’s eyes. “Sarah, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

Sarah gives a subdued, “Nothing.” and then she quickly catches herself and finishes, “I’ll help with the tea.” and she hurries out of the room.

Craig looks at Derek and raises his eyebrows as a way of asking his question. Derek clears his throat and sits on Craig’s bed. “Craig, I’m sorry to say, but during our in-house investigation we found that millions of dollars had been embezzled. Once we looked into it further, with the government’s help, we discovered that it was Al who embezzled the money. For nearly a decade now he has embezzled just over two million dollars from your company.”

Craig is quiet for a moment as he looks around the room at Megan and Casey. He smiles sadly. “Stupid, kid, he just couldn’t wait for me to die to end up with the company.”

“Actually, Craig, we believe it was the birth of Bobbie that started him down this path. He probably figured that Bobbie would end up with everything, and the way he has treated Bobbie and Carrie he probably figured he better get what he can while he can. Of course that is pure conjecture on my part. He is going to be arrested when we get back to the shop. He will always be your son, so you can ask him a little down the road.”

“You must have seen something to investigate Al directly.”

“Actually, it was Casey here who first noticed him acting odd.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, sweetheart, you did your job. Thank you.” Casey smiles sadly at Craig.

Just then Carrie and Sarah come back in with the tea.

“Honey, have you heard?”

“Yes, Craig, I know. Al is still your son and however you wish to handle it, Bobbie and I will support you.”

Craig smiles adoring at his wife, who he loves more than he ever thought possible. Then Craig turns to Derek and says, “I don’t want to press charges.”

“I’m afraid, Craig, that Al has broken state, federal and international laws. Plus, you have investors you are responsible to so corporate laws state the corporation will press charges. I’m sorry, but Al is in serious trouble and there is nothing anyone can do about that now.”

“Damn! Stupid boy! I want to be there.”

“No way!” says Carrie, putting her foot down.

Derek can see that Craig is about to argue as he starts to get up anyway. “Sir! Craig, please, I’ll tell you what. Just before the arrest is made I will have you on the phone and hand the phone to Al.”

Craig is fighting a million thoughts and emotions. Finally he sighs and lays back. “Thank you, Derek, for everything. I know this couldn’t have been easy for you.”

“No, sir, it isn’t. Again I’m sorry. I’ll call you within the hour.”

No more has to be said. Derek, Megan, Sarah and Casey leave quietly.

After checking with security and finding out that Al is in his office, Derek and the girls are waiting for the police out in front of the corporate office building.

Amazingly the assistant DA comes with the police. Derek thinks she is doing her job well, but Nancy Coogan just wanted to see Derek one more time. “Nancy, good to see you.”

“Thank you. You, too! You ready to do this?”

“Yeah, let’s get it over with.” As they are walking through the lobby Derek tells the police, “Officers, when we get to his office, I am going to go in for a second by myself and hand Al Denton a call from his father, the owner of this corporation.”

“Yes sir.”

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