300 Flowers
Chapter 12

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

“Have you heard from Chrissy?”

“No, bro, and I don’t really expect to. Have you talked with Tasha since that night?”

“No, she is being stubborn. I say we need to get right back into the world. What do you say to being my wingman this Saturday at the club?”

Derek thinks about it for a second and sighs. That’s the day Chrissy will be leaving. “I don’t know, brother, that’s the day Chrissy is leaving for Africa. I might be kind of sad.”

“All the more reason.”

“Ah, what the hell, I’ll be there! I’m going to watch my boss’s son in a little league game in the day, but come nightfall I’ll be ready.”

“Perfect! How about lunch?”

“Tomorrow would be fine. I have a meeting with the vice-presidents in a few minutes and then a little clandestine meeting after that, so today is going to be busy.”

“Alright, bro, tomorrow it is.”



“Thank you, all, for coming.”

“Is there a point to this?”

“Is there a point to having the vice-presidents having an input in how the company is running? I hope so.”

“I think these meetings are just to placate us while you do whatever the hell you want!”

Derek ignores him for a second. “Has anything changed for any of you since I have temporarily taken over?” They all say and shake their heads no. “Are any of you other than Al concerned that I’m...”

“It’s Mister Denton to you.”

Derek gives him emotionless look and continues. “Are any of you concerned that I’m hurting the company?”

Most of them shake their heads no, but Edna Harris says, “Not in the slightest.”

And Dan Winston says, “Hell no!”

“Any input would be greatly appreciated.”

They talk back and forth for about an hour and then as the meeting is breaking up Derek says, “Oh yeah! Each division is going to be audited for efficiency and workers’ harmony, starting tomorrow.”

“You are not going to come into my divisions and take over!”

“I’ve already discussed it with your father so if you do not like it, feel free to quit. But thank you for volunteering your divisions to go first.”

In a rage Al Denton stands up and storms out of the meeting room.

“If I knew it was that easy to get him to leave a room I would have tried that years ago.” Everybody turns to Edna Harris as she says that and smiles. Laughter.

“Okay, if there are no more questions and concerns, this meeting is adjourned.” As everybody is getting up, Derek says, “Everybody, I just want you to know you and your divisions are doing a great job. Thank you.

After everybody but Derek, Megan, Sarah, Casey, Edna and Dan, have left, they start their clandestine meeting.

Dan Winston goes first; “I talked with Craig last night and understand the situation.”

“Yes, and Dan and me talked this morning. If there is anything we can do to help, just let us know.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you two how much it helps knowing I have your support. For now I’m going to hover over Al until he does something extreme. We may try a few other things, but I’m not sure on the legality of them so for now we’ll just leave it at that.”

Edna and Dan smile and pat Derek on the back as they leave. As wizened elders they also give the girls their support.

Derek turns to Casey and says, “Please remind me to go down to Al’s office, the division of research, at least twice a day to check in.”

“Yes sir!” she says it like a soldier liking her orders.

“Megan and Sarah, do you have your audit team ready?”

Megan goes first. “We have an outside expert coming in. He and his team will be here in the morning.”


Sarah reminds him, “Megan and I will also be over-seeing as much of the audit as possible.”

“I assume you ladies will be more than happy to testify against Al if he does anything that violates your rights as a woman, a worker, and a human being?”

“Hell yeah!” And then Sarah quickly covers her mouth with both hands. She smiles sheepishly and finishes. “Sorry.”

“Alright, Sarah and Casey, please continue to get things ready. We’ll be along in a moment.” After Sarah and Casey leave, Derek and Megan take a seat. “So, what do you think, Megan?”

“I think Al is already ready to bust. A little more pressure and I think he’ll hang himself.”

Derek smiles. “Megan?”


“I would also like to play some comedic tricks on Al to make him think he is losing his grip on reality. You know things that can be passed off as ordinary mistakes or just office fooling around.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I’m not sure yet. Put some thought to it and we’ll get back to it in a few days.”

“Yes sir!”

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