300 Flowers
Chapter 11

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

It is a late morning, but it is a glorious morning.

“What do you have to do today?”

As Derek continues to hold Chrissy, while still cuddling in bed as the clock strikes the nine o’clock hour, he replies with a yawn, stretch and a smile, “In about an hour and a half I have to meet my baby sister to support her while she tells our parents that she is going into the Army instead of college, and then for a late lunch I have to first meet three of my co-workers in town. We are going to discuss a rising problem at work, and then we are going over to my boss’s house to inform him of the problem. After that I’m all yours again.”

Chrissy smiles adoringly as she cuddles further back into Derek and holds on tighter to the arm that is holding her so warm and tight. “Should I go home?

“Hmm. You don’t have to. You can come with me to both meetings with my co-workers and then to my boss’s house, though you’ll have to wait down stairs then. After that I’ll have to return the girls back to their vehicles and then we can spend the rest of the day together. Actually, even if I bring my Chevelle, I don’t think we’ll all fit. One of them will have to bring a vehicle, also.”

“The girls?”

“Yeah, my co-workers, Megan, Sarah and Casey. Megan is running the company with me, Sarah is Megan’s personal executive assistant and Casey is my personal executive assistant. They are bright strong women and I couldn’t have better people at my side.”

Chrissy smiles again. She just knew that Derek was the kind of man who would accept people for their ability, not their gender, race or whatever. “I’m supposed to have dinner with Tasha tonight. I originally thought we would just all go out together, but if they are still fighting ... I don’t know.”

“Yeah. Spend your time with your twin sister. We’ve already shared so much wonder together that I think anything more will only lessen it and make it harder for us to say goodbye.”

Chrissy is quiet for a moment and then she sadly nods her head with moist eyes. “Yeah.” And then she grabs on tighter and enjoys their last true moment together. It is a sad day for both of them.

As it turned out Chrissy had to let go now or she never would. She politely and with a sweet heart said her goodbyes and had Derek drop her off at home.

As they are sitting out in the car, Derek says, “It has been an honor to meet you and I hope you find all your dreams in Africa.”

Chrissy can’t say anything, her eyes tear up, and then she hugs him hard and then runs into her house without a wave goodbye at the door.

“Alright, ladies, do we have our game faces on?”

Though they all say, “Yes sir!” with vigor. You can tell none of them are looking forward to going to the boss and telling him bad things about his child.

The drive over is quiet except for the Mozart, Derek put on his stereo so he could relax and get his thoughts straight. He assumes even Megan and Sarah’s drive over is a quiet one.

Derek now goes over how his baby sister talked to their parents as equals and informed them she was going into the Army.

“Mom, dad, I want to thank you for giving me such a true sense of honor and duty. You have helped me become a wonderful woman. Now it is my turn to give back. I’m joining the Army, instead of going to college.”

“For now.” interjects Derek.

“Yes, if I don’t make a career out of it, I will go to college when I get out.”

Mary and Earl, the parents of Derek, Melanie and their older brother Jack go silent for a moment. They look at each other and then sigh. The father Earl says, “I’m proud of you, sweetheart.”

“Thanks dad.” Everybody looks to mom. “Mom?”

“Our family has a long history of serving our nation. I won’t lie, I am scared for you, but I too am proud of you.”

As Derek and the girls are walking up the walkway he smiles with pride for his family. His smile fades as he knocks on the door, and they wait. “Yes,” says the servant lady.

“Hi, my name is Derek Jennings and we have an appointment with Mister Denton.”

“Of course! Please come right in.”

As soon as they come into the door, Carrie, Mister Denton’s wife, warmly greets them, “Hi, Derek! Oh, I see you brought the whole crew.”

“Yeah, I hope its okay?”

“Should be fine. Please come in and I will notify him you all are here. Hello, Sarah and Megan and I’m sorry but I don’t know this young lady.”

“Oh, where are my manners. Carrie Denton, this is Casey Sven. Now that Sarah is temporarily Megan’s assistant, Casey is mine. Casey was our brightest intern.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, child.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“Hi, Derek!”

“Hey, Bobbie, how are you doing today?”

“I’m good. I’m getting ready to go play catch with some friends. Later in the week I have baseball practice and then on the weekend a game, dad usually comes and cheers me on, but he’s sick.”

“Cool! Hey, uh, if I can make it I’d love to be able to come cheer you on.” Carrie looks at Derek gratefully.


“Absolutely! So, how’s your dad doing?”

“He’s doing better all the time, thanks. He’ll be up playing catch with me before you know it.”

“Heck yeah! Alright, Bobbie, you have fun and I’ll catch you later.”

“Thanks!” As he is walking out the door he sees Sarah and says with a big smile, “Hi, Sarah.”

“Hey, buddy.”

“Is that Derek I hear?”

“Yes, dear, I was just about to inform you of his arrival.”

“Well, get him on up here.”

“Derek, you know where the bedroom is, please all of you go on up.”

“Thank you, Carrie.”

As soon as all four of them walk in, Craig Denton knows something is wrong. “What’s wrong?”

“What makes you think something is wrong, sir?” smiles Derek, liking Craig’s sharp mind. Mister Denton just gives him that knowing look. “Right!” Derek clears his throat and gets right into it. “Al is on the warpath. He is not happy about being passed over to run the company while you are recovering. I’m not personally worried about him, but we are getting reports that he is being mean and disrespectful to his workers in his divisions.”

“That dumb ass!”

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