300 Flowers
Chapter 10

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Back at Eric’s house they are getting ready to go out on the town. The girls are dressed in their pretty new dresses, and Derek always has an extra suit at Eric’s, just in case.

Though Chrissy and Tasha are from a wealthy family they were still ecstatic when Derek and Eric spent nearly two thousand dollars each on their dresses, shoes and purses. As you look at them now you can tell the money was well spent.

Chrissy is wearing a deep red dress with black designs in it that hangs just below her knees and is made from the very finest material. Again Tasha and Eric color code in that Tasha’s dress is very similar to Chrissy’s except hers is dark blue, with vibrant blue designs, like Eric’s tie. It is another sign to Derek that just perhaps Eric is feeling something a little deeper for Tasha. Derek smiles.

“Let’s go!”

This time they take their individual cars because at the end of the evening Derek and Chrissy are going out to Derek’s house for a nice evening. Derek isn’t even thinking about the fact that he has a gathering with his sister, and then a late luncheon appointment tomorrow with his boss to talk about his son’s negative actions.

As they are driving along, Chrissy says, “Derek, thank you. I’m having the best time today.”

“You’re welcome. This is a day that I will also never forget.”

“Well, I never said I wouldn’t forget it, I just said I’m having the best time today.”

“Humph!” Then they both laugh warmly.

Derek pulls up short on his laughter so he can hear Chrissy’s sweet laughter; it is a sound that will echo inside him for the rest of his life.

Suddenly Chrissy’s laughter fades to silence and her eyes fill with tears. Chrissy puts her hand on top of Derek’s as it rests on the shifter and then she says, “Just the best time ever!”

“Me, too, babygirl, me, too!” Derek takes his hand off the shifter and squeezes Chrissy’s hand with tender strength. “Truly, a magical day.” Chrissy nods her head dreamily.

It doesn’t take them long to get to the nightclub Hunter’s Moon. This time Derek called ahead and made sure the best table was available. As soon as they walk through the front door the atmosphere washes over them and the music of a better time perforates their beings. It is a phenomenon that always brings to light a smile.

As they are walking around the crowd this time to get to their booth, Chrissy starts to swing her hips to the music and then hands her purse to her sister and pulls Derek out onto the dance floor. The song is upbeat and probably meant for a little better dancer than Derek, but he just gets lost in watching Chrissy, and nothing else matters.

By the time they make it over to the booth they are breathing heavily, but they are happy. Their drinks are awaiting them, and as soon as Derek and Chrissy take a seat, Eric stands and holds his hand out to Tasha and they go dancing.

“I love this place! The mostly forties and fifties music, the décor, it is absolutely perfect. I can’t believe you own this place!”

“Just half. Tommy is the real owner. I’m just a silent partner, though it was Brandi and Lisa’s idea to go back to a better time, and they redesigned it from scratch. This is really their creation. Of course, it took a lot of trust and courage on Tommy’s part to let them do it, but it has been a grand success.”

Not two minutes later Eric and Tasha come walking back over and it appears Tasha is not happy. Eric is saying, “It’s not my fault all those girls keep saying hi to me!”

“It’s not that they say hi, it’s how they look at you when they say it, with a smile like the cat that ate the bird.”

“You said you heard of my reputation. I’m not going to apologize for who I am. All I can promise you is I have been with no other women since I have been with you.”

“It’s true, Tasha, I’ve never seen him with anyone like he is with you. Forgetting the fact the amount of time he has been with you is longer than I’ve ever seen since high school.”


“Tasha, quit being jealous.” If anyone can get through to her it will be her twin.

“I want to go home!”

Now Chrissy is getting annoyed. “Then go, but Derek and me are going to stay for awhile and then I’m going back to his place. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Tasha screams like a spoiled brat, grabs her purse and heads towards the door. Eric looks at Derek and Chrissy and shrugs his shoulders and sighs. “Chrissy, it has been an absolute pleasure today. Good luck in Africa.”

“Thank you. Eric?”


“She’s only jealous because she likes you so much.”

Eric just smiles at her. The smile is a mixture of happiness and sadness. He looks at Derek and says, “I’ll call you during the week, brother, maybe we can do lunch.”

“Alright, brother, don’t forget we’ve all had a great day together, all day long.”

Eric nods his head and smiles a little more sincerely and then goes after Tasha.

Just then the beautiful Elvis song Can’t Help Falling In Love comes on and Derek says, “What do you say, one more dance before we go.” Derek was born for the slow dance.

Chrissy smiles at him beautifully and says, “Yeah!”

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