300 Flowers
Chapter 9

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Derek holds out the chair for Chrissy. “Oh, this place is darling!”

Again Derek smiles at the beautiful heart of Chrissy. “The food’s good, too!”

“It smells wonderful,” says Tasha, licking her lips and smiling.

“My favorite thing of this place is right out there.” Eric is of course pointing out to the Pacific Ocean.

There is a warm summer breeze blowing in off the water; it is pleasant and soothing. Every caress of its sensual breath warms the soul and brings to mind such child-like wonderful times. An intimate connection with the world. There to honor us and to remind us just how special existence truly is.

Derek lingers his gaze on Chrissy for a moment until she smiles shyly. “Are you that hungry?”

“Not really. My stomach is feeling like it has butterflies in it.”

“What do you say we leave Tasha and Eric here to eat their lunch and we go for a walk on the beach?”

“Okay,” Chrissy says, smiling.

Derek stands and holds out his hand to Chrissy. Eric can tell Tasha is about to say she wants to go, too, so he puts his hand on her leg and leans in and whispers, “We’ll go in a minute.”

Tasha is a smart girl and understands, “Oh! Okay.”

As Derek and Chrissy are walking off, Chrissy turns to Tasha and says, “We’ll be right back.” Tasha nods and smiles.

As soon as Derek and Chrissy get out to the sand, Chrissy takes her shoes off and runs her toes through the hot sand. The dreamy look she has on her pretty face makes Derek’s heart skip a beat.

“Shall we?”

“Yeah.” Chrissy has such a sweet voice.

They walk along in silence for a moment, the wind buffeting Chrissy’s dress divinely, until Derek pulls her to a stop and faces her. Originally Chrissy had her back to the ocean, but her wind tossed hair made it so she couldn’t see, so Derek turns them around so the wind is blowing her hair out of her face. “I want you to know that I am glad we met.” Chrissy nods and smiles with moist eyes. “Originally I was really sad that I was going to miss out on getting to know you,” now a tear does run down her cheek. “But seeing you today in your element, your life’s dream, has made it a little easier for me to accept you leaving, because I know you are going to continue the wonderful journey that is you.”

Chrissy hugs him and says, “Thank you. Sometimes life seems unfair when it presents you with two of the things you have longed for, for such a long time. Derek, if you want me to, I will not see any other people while I’m gone and then we can try again when I get back.”

Derek thinks about it for a while, but then he almost sadly says, “My heart wishes that to be true, but my aura, my way of seeing and understanding the universe states that we must put belief into what is right and what is meant to be. It would not be fair to do that to you or myself because we do not know what or who is just around the corner. And though you are more of what I hoped for than most, we barely know each other. For me I am honored just to have met you on your journey. If our paths should cross again we may know more of what the universe has in store for us.”

Chrissy smiles at the wisdom and now she feels she can truly open up. “You know one of my dreams has always been to go to Africa, and I always kind of thought I would meet a game preserve man there and fall in love and spend the rest of my days in Africa. It is just a silly girl dream, but it is one that has always given me hope.”

As they continue to walk down the beach, Derek says, “It is not a silly dream. It is apart of who you are and when you have life changing dreams like that it means there is nothing you won’t be able to embrace if it comes your way. To me it just shows me how truly beautiful your heart and soul truly are. I am most impressed.”

“Thank you. You have been the kindest most honorable man I have met, probably ever. I would consider myself lucky if I could count you amongst my friends.”

“Then count yourself lucky for I feel the same way.”

As they are making their way back to the restaurant Chrissy asks, “Are we still going to spend the night together?”

“Oh yeah!”

Just as Derek is about to go on, Eric and Tasha come walking up to them.

“Are we intruding?” asks Eric.

“No, not at all. How was lunch?”

“You were right, it was very good!” says Tasha

“You know I’m kind of hungry now.”

“Me too!” adds Chrissy.

“Why don’t you two take a stroll and we’ll meet you back at the restaurant.”

Eric has always admired Derek’s romantic nature. It’s one of the reasons he makes such an awesome wingman. “Sounds good.”

“Yeah!” Tasha is enjoying herself immensely.

As Derek and Chrissy are going back towards the restaurant he stops and turns around and says, “Hey! How about we all go out dancing tonight at the club?”

“Okay!” says Chrissy.

“Yeah, that sounds wonderful!” adds Tasha.

“Wise as always, my brother.”

As Derek and Chrissy head towards the restaurant, Eric and Tasha continue their stroll down the beach.

After a moment of intense thought Tasha asks, “Eric, do you like me?”

“Of course I do! Why would you ask that? Haven’t I made you feel special?”

“Very much so, but the truth is you have a bit of a reputation around town as a playboy. It’s not that you’re not a good guy, it’s just you are not into commitments and such. Truthfully I’m not sure if you are with me until someone else better comes along.”

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