300 Flowers
Chapter 6

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Derek picks up Brandi and starts heading over to David and Lisa’s. When they get there the barbecue is already underway in the backyard so Derek and Brandi just walk in, through the house and out the backdoor.

As soon as Derek is outside he says, “I brought the champagne!”

Lisa turns around and says, “I’m pregnant, silly. I can’t drink alcohol!” Derek smiles and walks up to her and hands her one of the bottles label up. She takes it and reads it and says, “Oh, its non-alcoholic.” She smiles again and then hugs and kisses Derek on the cheek.

As Brandi and Lisa are hugging, Derek walks up to David, who is getting everything prepared to start the barbecue. “Hey, pops, how’s it going?”

Of course, it being June in San Diego everybody is wearing shorts and a tee shirt, except Lisa who is wearing a tank top.

“Derek, glad you could make it. Especially since I hear your career is taking off.”

“We’ll see, for now I’m just helping out my boss.”

David goes back into the house to see if the marinating chicken is ready. As soon as David goes inside, Lisa and Brandi set upon Derek. “So how did the date go?”

But before Derek can answer, Eric comes out the back door and says, “It was awesome!”

The girls smile and turn back to Derek. “Yes, it was very nice. Her name is Chrissy and I like her more than I have any girl in quite awhile. She really is something special, I think.”

“You should have brought her, or since they are twins, you both should have brought them.”

“Ah, for one they had a family gathering themselves, and for another, ah, it’s too early for that. But soon enough, I think.”

Brandi smiles and asks, “And the flower?”

“A single red rose given at the end of the evening. Elegant and well received.”

Both Brandi and Lisa smile and sigh as they are both romantics themselves and are happy for their dear friend.

“Yeah, Tasha is a special girl. They both are.”

“Ewe, is that wedding bells I hear?” teases Lisa.

“Bite your tongue, girl.”

Just then David comes out onto the back patio with an arm full of beers and passes them around to everybody but Lisa, and says, “Should be able to start cooking in about an hour.”

Lisa goes in the house and turns on the stereo and puts in Kelly Clarkson. She comes back out and the camaraderie commences.

“So, when are you going to bring these girls around so we can meet them?” asks David.

“So, what are you going to name your baby?” distracts Derek.

“So far we have Katie if it is a girl and Robert if it is a boy.” answers Lisa. All know full well that the boy’s name is to honor their fallen friend Robert, who died in Iraq serving his country.

“Both good names.” adds Eric.

“Yeah, I hope it is a girl so we won’t be outnumbered anymore,” says Brandi. Lisa agrees by way of a smile and then a nod.

“When have we ever dominated you girls? I think we always put in a darn good effort to make sure you ladies get to do your stuff also,” interjects David.

“Yes, you gentlemen indeed do put us first most of the time.” Truthfully adds Lisa.

Just then Eric comes out of the house and says, “NASCAR has just started!”

The girls give David and Derek a knowing look.

“I just want to check it out for one second and then I’ll be right back out. In fact, why don’t you girls come in and cheer on Danica Patrick. She’s doing pretty well. I’m actually quite happy to have someone else to cheer for other than Jeff Gordon.”

“Alright, Derek, for just a minute and besides I think Casey Khane is cute,” smiles Brandi.

They move into the living room and start watching NASCAR and before they know it, David is telling them the food is just about ready. It’s hard to turn off a sporting event after you’ve gone through it for more than half, but they shut off the TV and go back out to the patio to eat.

“Mmm, this is good!” says Eric.

“Yeah!” adds Brandi, looking all so adorable with barbecue sauce on her face.

“You always out do yourself, my friend,” adds Derek.”

“Yeah, babe, this is wonderful,” says Lisa, as the beautiful pregnant woman devours the food before her.

“You better pace yourself, girl, or you’re going to put on two hundred pounds.” Teases Derek.

“Well, I’m eating for two now!”

“Yeah, two, not ten!”

David snickers and Lisa smacks his arm. “Hey, I didn’t say it!”

“Yeah, well, you laughed.”

Eric and Brandi are trying to hide their smiles and are failing horribly so they scoot a little further away. Everybody laughs.

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