300 Flowers
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Derek is glad the weekend is here and in just a few short hours his double date with Eric and the twins will be upon him.

Music is very important in Derek’s life. Just as love feeds the soul, so does music. As he is getting ready for the date, Jimmy Hendrix is playing on the stereo. Perhaps Hey Joe isn’t the best song to be playing before a date, but it sets a rhythm for the evening that will be subdued and classy.

An evening that will go at a slower pace and allow for more opportunities for the heart and soul to open up and share what a woman’s heart longs for. A woman’s heart is always looking for a connection on a real and fundamental level. Even if a girl is just looking to have a fun night out, whether she knows it or not, her heart and soul are looking for that connection of hearth and home that made them feel safe, loved and needed back in the beginning when the survival of the human species was not assured.

At long last the time of departure has arrived. Derek jumps in his Aston Martin DB 9 and puts in a greatest hits CD of Aerosmith. Now Dream On is a good song to set the mood for a wonderful evening.

It takes him almost the entire CD to get to Eric’s house, since Derek lives a little ways out of town and Eric lives in an upper class neighborhood close to the fun. Eric has always had privilege coming from a well-to-do family, but he has always been a grounded individual. Of course he has also always been a ladies man.

Derek pulls up first to the gate and punches in the code and then he goes around the circler driveway, gets out and walks up to the door of a very nice home and knocks. “Enter.”

As Derek is walking in he is met by AC DC on the stereo. With the top of the line stereo the song Back In Black is rocking the house. “My brother, where you be?”

Eric comes out of his bedroom, down the hall, pokes his head over the upstairs railing and says, “I’ll be right there. Grab a drink.”

He doesn’t say it loud enough to be heard, but Derek says, “Nah, that’s alright, I’m good.”

A moment later Eric comes down the stairs dressed to the T. They give each other the once over and Eric straightens Derek’s tie a little. Both are wearing dark suits. Derek has on a deep red silk tie and Eric has on his hunter green silk tie. From head to toe it takes thousands of dollars to look this good.

“We ready?” asks Eric.

“Oh yeah!” Eric is gladdened to see Derek so excited about the coming evening.

They go to the detached garage and get in Eric’s four-door Maserati. It may have four doors, but it is still a Maserati. “It’s only going to take us a minute to get there. They only live a few blocks away.”

“They live together?”

“Oh yeah, these sisters do almost everything together.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’ll see!” That thought both puts off and excites Derek a little. “You ready for tonight, brother?”

“Yeah, I need to blow off some steam, baby.”

“I can’t believe you are already head of your company.”

“It’s only temporary until Craig comes back from his heart attack.”

“Yeah, well, what the hell. I have to wait for my dad to die or retire before I become head of the company.”

“Yeah, well, it’ll be the same for your kids.”

“Bite your tongue.” Derek smiles. “Oh, we’re here.” They pull into the driveway of another nice home in the middle of another nice neighborhood. These too are million dollar homes. Without preamble Eric says, “They too come from a well-to-do family.” Derek just nods.

They walk up to the door and knock. It doesn’t even take three seconds and the door is flying open with two very pretty and dressed to impress women standing there with big smiles on their faces.

“Eric!” says Tasha, as she goes through the door and hugs Eric.

After a second Eric pulls back and says, “Derek, this is Chrissy. Chrissy, this is Derek.”

“Very nice,” says Tasha.

Chrissy just nods shyly with a precious smile on her face. “Hello,” says Derek.

“Hi,” replies Chrissy, in a sweet innocent voice.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Chrissy.”

“Yeah, you, too.”

Derek takes a moment to admire the girls. Eric’s date Tasha has on a knee length black dress, and his date Chrissy has on a deep red dress that almost matches his silk tie exactly. Perfect.

“So, you girls ready?” asks Eric.

“Yeah,” answers Tasha, with a big smile. She is already having the time of her life.

It only takes a moment, but Derek can tell these girls have good hearts.

“Let’s go!” Eric directs everybody to his car.

Derek and Chrissy sit in the back. As they are pulling out into the street Chrissy asks, “Where are we going tonight?”

“Well, depends on how hungry you ladies are. We can either go to dinner first or we can just go to Hunter’s Moon right now.”

“Hunter’s Moon? I’ve been in there only once. It is spectacular!” beams Chrissy. “What do you think, Tasha?”

“I say we wear ourselves out dancing for a while and then end the evening with a fine meal.”

“Yeah,” says Chrissy, with the dreamiest smile ever.

“Well, there you have it,” says Eric. “Your wish is our command.”

“So, Chrissy, what do you do?”

“For a while I did nothing but live off my family’s money, but then that got old, so now I’m going to college to be a veterinarian.”

“That’s wonderful, Chrissy, I’m proud of you.” Her smile is heart stopping.

“How about you, Derek?”

“Well, I went to school and got a two-year degree and then I went into the Army for four years and now I work in the business of high finance.”

“Wow, that is wonderful! Our grandpa was in the Army and fought in Vietnam. We are so proud of him. He is one of my favorite people.”

Chrissy is quickly growing on Derek. “Wonderful!”

Eric makes eye contact with Derek in the rearview mirror and says, “Wonderful.”

They pull up to the valet part of the parking. As Eric is handing the valet his keys, Derek says, “Park it in the owner’s spot.”

The valet looks at him closer and finally recognizes him, “Yes sir!”

“Wow, the owner lets you park in his space?” asks Tasha.

“Actually, babe, Derek is half owner of this place.”

“Cool!” says Chrissy.

“Yeah cool,” adds Tasha, looking on thoroughly happy for her sister.

Again they walk past the long line of people waiting to get in. Bradley, the doorman, sees them coming and opens the door for the spectacular ladies. As they are walking in Derek and Bradley make eye contact and Bradley just shakes his head appreciatively.

“Hey, why do they get to go in?”

“One, because he is one of the owners of this place, and two, because I like them.”


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