300 Flowers
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Allan Kindred

Derek, who is a fit man of thirty-five, who is clean shaven with strong angular facial features, with well kept brown hair, and intelligent and kind brown eyes makes his living in the business of high finance and investment.

Now normally Derek is to be found wearing a well-to-do suit, but today he is wearing simple kaki shorts and a dark blue colored tennis shirt as he makes his way down towards a beautiful beach in the San Diego area to meet his spunky friend Brandi McGee at a local eatery that overlooks the ocean.

Finally Derek spots Brandi waving to him as she has once again beats him to the restaurant. As Derek walks up to her he smiles to himself because Brandi does not look any different then she did in high school. That is to say she is still adorable and her spunky nature can easily be seen in her pretty hazel eyes that shine from underneath her medium length auburn hair.

As he comes up to her at the table in the cordoned off outside area of the restaurant she smiles and stands, they hug each other warmly for they have been friends the longest of their immediate circle. “Hey, Brandi, Brandi, how are you this fine Saturday afternoon?”

“I’m good. I just closed another house.”

“Congratulations! That makes what ... three this month?”

“Four. Things are finally starting to pick up again.”

“Excellent! Have you ordered yet?”

“No. I was waiting for you to get here. How’s work?”

“Not bad. Some people are starting to invest and borrow again, but most are starting to understand that you can’t just keep throwing money and regulations at problems and think that is going to make everything better. It’ll come around. Ah, enough about work. How’s your love life?

“Non-existent. But speaking of love-lives...”


“What?” says Brandi, with an innocent smile. “Anyway, I met this pretty lady the other day and I thought you two might hit it off.” Derek sighs. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah, Brandi, my dearest friend, sometimes I worry that it’s never going to happen for me.”

“I know. Look at me, I’m single, too, but I keep on trying! Maybe if you amended your flowers requirement it might happen.”

“You mean settle? Brandi, we may not be perfect, but we are good people, I think.” Brandi nods her head. “I think we deserve to find the one who we not only want, but need.”

Brandi smiles because she loves her friend’s beautiful heart. “Well then, I thought we would keep it casual and I’ll bring her along to the club tonight. We are all still meeting there tonight, aren’t we?”

“As far as I know. Okay, my beautiful friend, let’s do it!”

Just then the waitress walks up and they move on with their luncheon.

Derek has a nice home. It’s a two-story older home that is a little ways outside of the city to where your neighbor isn’t twenty feet away. The colors and ambiance are nature’s colors and very relaxing and centering; and the music of Dean Martin playing on the stereo lends the moment a peaceful atmosphere. But that is Derek in a nutshell.

As Derek is getting ready, the phone rings. “Hello.”

“Hi, Derek.”

“Hey, Lisa,” he says Lisa in that way that always makes the shy blonde-haired Lisa smile. “You guys still making it this evening?”

“Yep! We’ll be there about eight.”


“I talked to Brandi earlier; she says she’s bringing a date for you.” Lisa has such a sweet voice and a beautiful heart.

Derek smiles before saying, “Yeah, we had lunch today and she told me also. Well, sweetheart, let me finish getting ready and I’ll see you and David there.”

“Okay.” As Lisa is hanging up the phone she smiles adoringly because she hopes the very best for her dear friend Derek.

Everybody in their immediate circle knows that Derek and Lisa went out for a while in high school, in fact they were each other’s first time, but there is no jealousy or awkwardness there because they are all true and good friends.

On his way to finish getting ready Derek turns up the stereo and as Dean Martin, the second greatest singer of all time, is singing Sway, Derek gets ready.

On his way over to the nightclub, a very posh and secluded nightclub that isn’t always guaranteed that you can get in, he calls his friend Eric.

“Speak to me, my man.” says Eric, in his smooth manner.

“In route, be there in thirty.”

“Excellent! We are going to seduce some women tonight!”

“Sorry, my man, but Brandi is bringing a date for me.”

“What? No! I had several new lines ready, willing and able.”

“No worries, I can still be your wing man.”

“Yeah, yeah, but it’s just not the same when we are both on the prowl together.”

“Don’t you worry none, bro, I’m sure you’ll hook up tonight.”

“I know! I was worried about you.”

They both smile. “Kind of you.”

“You know I always got your back, my brother.”

Again they both smile as they hang up with no further need to communicate.

The Circle, as they are known about town, are gathering outside waiting for Brandi to show up with Derek’s date. They are standing just on the outside of the line that reaches half way around the block.

As Brandi and Derek’s date come walking up to the waiting group, Derek is getting a good look at the pretty lady. Brandi wasn’t kidding when she said she was pretty. Long jet-black hair, a smile to die for, and she fills out the little black dress she is wearing quite nicely.

“Angela, this is Derek. Derek, Angela.”

“It is nice to meet you,” says Derek, bowing slightly and handing her a white rose. The count has begun.

She smiles prettily as she looks up at him. “Thank you.”

“Angela, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed dapper devil is Eric, David is the big man with the brown hair and kind smile and the sweetest one of us all, the blonde-haired blue-eyed goddess is Lisa.”

“Hi.” After introductions are finished, Angela looks at the long line of people and says, “I hope we can get in tonight!”

“No worries,” says Eric, in his grand, but smooth, manner. “The owner is a friend of ours from high school.”

They start making their way to the front of the line and the very large doorman, slash bouncer. “Bradley!”

“Eric, my man, and the rest of The Circle, come on in.” There is grumbling from the line. The doorman Bradley gives them a quick ferocious look and they quiet down.

As they are going into the club, one by one they give their thanks to Bradley, but of course Lisa stops and kisses him on the cheek by stretching up on her tip-toes. That is the sweetheart who is Lisa.

As they are going inside, Eric hangs back and then turns to Bradley and says, “I’m running solo tonight. Think you can get away for a bit?”

Bradley smiles because Eric and he always hook up with the finest ladies. “I’ll definitely try!” They both smile wolfishly.

They come into the club and are standing on the landing looking down upon a sea of swaying people. The older dance music is loud, but you can still hear yourself think. They do a quick survey of the room and then Lisa spots a waving hand and taps Derek on the arm and points to the VIP area where a man is waving to them. It is their old high school friend Tommy. The VIP area is a line of four very fine booths that set off to the left under some saffron glow lighting that lends it a secluded atmosphere.

They all start making their way toward the far left side. As they are going along many people greet them and many more ladies greet and smile at Eric and Derek. Of course the spunky little beauty Brandi in her elegant red dress is getting a lot of attention from her would-be-suitors.

The men are wearing fine exquisite suits that are suitable to dance in and the ladies are decked out in high fashion dresses that both accentuate the beautiful fit female form and allow them to sway to the music.

At last they battle their way to the back left corner, the best and biggest of the four VIP booths, Derek says, “Tommy, things are looking up my man!”

“Ah, Derek, it is like this every night we are open. Please have a seat. Your every wish shall be yours!”

“Thanks, my friend,” says Derek, patting Tommy on the back.

Derek’s date Angela is wide-eyed and mystified as she says, “Wow, the VIP area! I’ve never been able to get into this place since it redesigned and reopened as Hunter’s Moon.”

Brandi explains, “Our old high school friend Tommy, the owner, was having financial problems a while back, so Derek invested into the place, and Lisa and me helped redecorate it.”

“Wow, you are the owner?” asks Angela, turning to Derek.

“Half owner. Please let’s sit and get some drinks.” Derek directs everybody into the large reddish-tint leather half-moon booth. Of course Derek and Angela sit next to each other.

Soon they all find out that Angela likes to talk, a lot! “I’m a receptionist at a dentist office, what do you do, Derek?”

“Well, Angela, I deal in investments and high finances. Enough about work, want to dance?”

“Yeah!” she says, smiling. As Derek takes her hand so she can get out of the booth in her tight little black dress, Derek thinks to himself, “Um, this girl has legs that run from Heaven to Hell.”

As they are going out to the dance floor, Derek sees Lisa turn down another drink. They make eye contact and Lisa smiles shyly. As Derek takes Angela in his arms he swings her around so he can get another look at Lisa, Lisa smiles and nods. Derek smiles back.

As they are dancing Angela snuggles into Derek as they are now dancing to a slow Dean Martin song, That’s Amore.

When they get back to the table, Eric is gone on one of his patrols, and he sees a waitress trying to give Lisa a drink. “Actually, she cant’s she’s...” just then Lisa stomps on his foot and looks at him with pleading eyes. Without skipping a beat he finishes, “ ... Is driving tonight.

They take their seat and after a few more sips Derek asks, “Care for a dance, my dear?” But this time he is talking to Lisa in her beautiful blue dress. As soon as they get out to the dance floor he says, “Okay, spill it.”

“Yes, I’m pregnant, but I haven’t told David yet.”


“I just found out before we came here. I’ll tell him tonight.” They smile as they go spinning off into the crowd.

It is obvious to the circle of friends that Eric is making headway for he has yet to return, but the rest are sitting at their booth talking with each other and people watching.

And as always seems to happen the beginning of the end begins. Angela is asking, “So you guys have been friends since high school, huh? That’s cool! It’s always been you guys, huh?”

“We had another friend Robert, but he died while serving in the Army.”

“I just don’t understand why anybody would want to serve in the military.” As one large collective the whole group sighs. Confused Angela asks, “What?”

It is Brandi who answers. “Derek served in the Army, also.”

“Oh!” Now she understands the mistake of her weak point of view.

“Well, Angela, it has been nice meeting you, but I think our date is over.”

“Oh, okay,” she says in a way that makes you think she is sorrier for having to leave this dance club than Derek.

Derek stands up and hands her forty bucks, “Here, take a cab.” Without waiting for an answer, Derek motions to one of the bouncers. “Please escort this lady outside.”

“Yes sir.”

Now you can tell Angela is sorrier for having to leave this place and the money associated with it as she is looking around the place like a child longs for a lost toy.

When Derek sits down he notices the white rose left on the table and he sighs, and then Brandi says, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I know my beautiful friend only wants the best for me.” They all smile.

Just then Eric comes up and says, “Oh, man, you should have seen this one girl. Wow!”

“What happened?” asks Lisa.

“Oh, her date showed back up. Hey! Where did what’s her name go?”

“She had to leave,” says Derek.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“Good, now you can be my wing man.”

“Absolutely, my friend, but first!” Derek stands up and puts his hand out to Brandi, “May I have this dance, milady?”

When Brandi smiles adoringly a man’s heart skips a beat.

What a way to continue an evening with friends.

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