Chapter 16

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It was a few hours later when Alan awoke, not opening his eyes he had a warm sensation on his chest. Opening one eye he could just make out the top of Hopix’s head on his chest, and then he felt the dampness. What the hell? What had happened that Hopix had been crying? Then he thought a moment that is if she had been crying he couldn’t always tell with her. Looking around he saw that Merlin was awake and staring at him.

<Can you hear me boy?> Alan heard Merlin in his head.

<Yes, but why are you thought talking?> Alan asked a little curious.

<I thought I might let her sleep she was awake for quite a while tending and watching over you, > came Merlin’s reply.

<Ok, we’ll let her sleep for now, thank you for your consideration.> Alan told Merlin.

<I wanted to ask what you are planning on doing? There are only 30 of the dark mages left before you face the champion. I am quite sure they all have laid a trap for you at one point or another.> Merlin advised Alan.

<Yes, I am well aware of that; then again I am betting that they think I will just walk into them too. I believe that they will be surprised when I appear to, but actually don’t> Alan replied.

Merlin smiled as he nodded he’d seen this young man’s tactics, he was sure Alan had a few surprises up his sleeve. <I also wanted to tell you that I am as high as I can go in the mid-range. It is taking an untold amount of energy each time as you said. By the way I have felt a slight jump in your power as I said it is extremely slow. After the mid-range I am having a difficult time increasing.>

<Just remember it takes a little bit for your body to adjust before you should even think of trying to go further. What I did today was the largest I have ever done, the sleep helped greatly but I don’t think I want to push it like that again for a bit.> Alan explained.

<Yes I know, I have slowed trying to increase, the amount of energy as you said, is enormous. Please Alan be careful these last 30 are the worst of the lot.> Merlin warned.

Alan nodded then reached down and gently kissed Hopix sending shivers up his spine. Withdrawing his lips he could see that Hopix was feeling it as well. “Hello my love feeling better?” Alan asked when her eyes flew open.

Breathing hard Hopix could only nod as she clung to Alan as if her life depended on it.

“We need to get started; I feel it won’t take too many more before the light council will be able to appear on this world. You sure you feel like going with me?” Alan asked a smile on his face as a sudden look of anger crossed Hopix’s face.

“You wouldn’t dare think of leaving without me!” She told him as she playfully slapped his shoulder.

Alan nodded then arose with Hopix’s arms still around him. “I want to finish this as fast as possible but I think that the last 30 are counting on me being reckless.”

“I believe you are right, maybe a calming meditation,” Hopix asked, to which Alan could only stare at her. To him meditation with his wife was when she actually left him alone!

Taking a deep breath Alan sighed, and then shrugged hell it couldn’t hurt to try now could it. Concentrating on Hopix’s face Alan could actually feel the tension leave his body amazing! Then a new idea started to form, hmmm Alan thought a little devious but it might work.

Half an hour later, Alan and Hopix were leaving the sanctuary, Alan feeling for the next mage he was going after. Nodding to Hopix they started to head in that direction as fast as possible. Finally they arrived at a ... tree? Shaking his head Alan knew they were weird guess he should expect it. Smiling then nodding to Hopix, Alan raised his power and cut the top of the tree off. As he expected there was a large amount of screaming before the mage appeared.

“You bastard how dare you destroy my home! I will use your bones in the construction of my next home!” Firing a (here Alan just shook his head) huge fireball at Alan the half bird shaped mage started to laugh. “I know you have a superior defense against fire but this is quite different!”

Alan just nodded he’d felt the more intense heat but it was really nothing to him. Bouncing it back Alan watched as the dark mage’s face showed surprise as it extended its arm like appendages. Suddenly the face twisted into fear and hate as the fire ball didn’t extinguish but built to a higher intensity. Alan suddenly was speaking to the air as he stated, “I hope all of you are watching, I am through playing with you whether now or later, alone or together. I am coming to end each of you do us all a favor and just give up! None of you have a chance, NONE of you!”

Turning away Alan smiled, ‘That ought to do it, ‘ he thought. Looking at the bird creature mage Alan pushed some more, feeling the other lose the fight. Finally amidst an increasing amount of screaming as it died, several more dark mages appeared and started to fire different attacks at Alan. Many of the new arrivals faces twisted into hate as they all tried to end Alan at the same time.

Smiling Alan had felt the approach of the ten that were now striking at his shields. Alan had depended on the fact that most of them were conceited about their power, good he thought as he slowly increased his shields and then started to push back. Hmmm Alan thought as he felt the familiar presence of the dark council’s champion. Turning his attention back to the new arrivals, Alan made several different cutting motions as four of the new mages fell bleeding from gashes on their throats and necks.

Several of those left started to push harder growling out their hatred of Alan. Increasing his power even more Alan was almost as high as he’d been before pushing back hard as another two screamed. Their own attacks caught and consumed them as they died beside the others. Ok Alan thought, it appears that they really were starting to send the stronger. ‘It was about time, ‘ he thought, ‘this would definitely be a challenge!’

Still the first that Alan had engaged was trying to escape, again waggling his finger at him Alan thought I ought to try something different. Concentrating Alan could feel the ground beneath him and the dark mages; smiling he reached down and a moment later three of the four left, screamed. Several roots erupted from the ground and ripped them apart, the last only smiled as he pointed a stubby finger like appendage at Alan.

“So mage Alan you can learn! Good it will make this victory over you that much sweeter!” With that the last mage faded to a mist that floated toward Alan, an evil cackling emitting from it. “You can stop most attacks but not this one! Remember how brave you thought you were when you feel your lungs on fire and you blood boiling out of your body!”

Alan could only smile he’d seen something like this before and awaited the approach of the dark mage. As it drew closer Alan’s grin got bigger making the mist falter a moment; that was all Alan needed as a freezing wave of cold erupted from Alan. Screaming the mist tried to avoid the cold and almost made it.

“I would say it had been a good fight but you were rather easy,” Alan told the half frozen mist. “It’s a shame you have been the most original yet, oh well.” Stepping forward Alan brought a foot down on the frozen section of the mist effectively shattering it into thousands of pieces. Screaming the dark mage cursed at Alan then stopped as it died.

Turning back to the first of the dark mages Alan got a curious grin on his face. The first of Alan’s assailants eyes got wide then it looked behind Alan and started to grin.

“I see that my true help is here!” Quite confident the first dark mage started to laugh at Alan. “Soon you will be dead and we all will profit handsomely!”

Behind Alan a now familiar voice broke the air, “I know you aren’t talking about me! You are a stupid and pathetic fool to think I would help a weak idiot like you in fact.” Suddenly there was a massive build up of power then a rushing release that shot out and engulfed the creature. Screaming it was gone quicker than Alan thought it would be. “I cannot stand the weak and sniveling fools the council has working for them. That though, is their business I could care less.”

“Huh and here I thought you had no honor.” Alan told the dark council’s champion.

“Oh rest assured I do not! Though when it comes to you who can know? You are mine to kill, the sooner these impossible wastes are gone, the sooner I can feast on your soul!” The powerful dark mage said. “I won’t kill them; that is your job as is dying at the appointed hour by my hand. So do us all a favor, kill them quickly I thirst for an actual battle against a real mage not here.” HE kicked what was left of the first dark mages body. “These wastes of space.” Laughing evilly the creature disappeared.

Alan shook his head then sat to rest a few minutes, he could already feel a huge multitude coming this way. There had to be a way to speed up the process. “Hopix, do you think there is an easier way to complete the clearing of these people?”

Sitting next to him her chin on her hand she also started to think, a few minutes later she looked at Alan excited. “Alan, do they have to be awake for you to actually do this? I have seen that the more they struggle before you actually stop working on them, the more energy you use. Perhaps it would be simpler to just put them asleep?”

Alan sat there mulling over what she’d said, maybe she was right it took a lot more energy to fight them trying to open them up awake then when they were asleep. The last group he’d worked on had been this way hell it was worth a shot! Wiping out the home of the first dark mage Alan set about making a major city comparable to one that he’d seen in the minds of many of the Lobrits. He’d just finished when he felt the overly large throng of Lobrits as they drew close.

“I know that most of you are confused, I have created a city for you, but first I need you to sleep.” At this all that were there dropped to the ground in slumber. Alan started on the first few thousand finding it three times easier than he thought it would have been. Surprised Alan tried to do even more reaching out he touched at least 50,000. Smiling he found it was a hell of a lot easier plus he hardly felt the strain that he had before.

An hour later, Alan could only guess that he’d had well over 200,000 there though this time he was surprised that only about 10,000 didn’t want to be free. Shaking his head he sent all that were free now into the city and set up all the protection. Sighing he still couldn’t believe that many chose to remain with their dark mage masters.

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