A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 3

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Going to God!

Day 3, November 2, 2018.

The sun had not come up yet. The town square was full of life and excitement. The plan for today was for Poncho to cook breakfast for his four Omak friends. At 8:00 the entire town would go to God. At 1:00 PM the boys were going to take a break from training and play another baseball game. Lorenzo had a team together to plant the trees into a nursery this afternoon. After the trees, a garden was going to be worked on for the planting of vegetables. This was also planned for this afternoon. The morning was dedicated to training and visiting with God.

Breakfast was great. Poncho made 10” tortillas and filled them, adding sliced green jalapeños peppers. Brad and the girls needed water, but Tony just smiled as he munched away on the delicious burrito.

“I had three of the big fruit boxes brought up to place over near the lanyard box.” Poncho shared, “I’m going to place the guns there in the boxes for all to grab if they are needed.”

“Poncho, why don’t you wear a sidearm?” Brad suggested.

Poncho looked around as he considered his values, “I will.” Poncho got up and headed for the three boxes.

“I’ll come with you.” Brad followed Poncho over to where the firearms had been placed. Four lever action rifles, an AR-15 and five revolvers with holsters. Brad noticed one of the revolvers was a Smith and Western model 929. He picked it up and handed it to Poncho. He picked up the holster. There was an additional cylinder with eight rounds in it on the belt. The belt had an additional 34 slots with two rounds missing. “This is what all of us use. This is a nice setup. You will have a nice easy to use accurate weapon with six loads of eight rounds.” Brad showed Poncho how to replace the cylinders and made sure he knew how to make the gun safe. One of the big boxes was for rifles, the second one was for pistols and holsters and belts. The third box was for any additional ammunition found in the saddlebags. The top opening of the boxes was over three and a half feet off the ground. Ideal for keeping the little people out. There were three plastic boxes in that third box, each having 50 rounds of 9mm. Brad picked them up and handed them to Poncho, “You have enough ammo to practice some shooting.”

“Thanks, Brad.” Poncho put the belt on and made sure it was comfortable. The two men made their way over to their buckets. They talked about families and hopes for the future. At 8:00 AM it appeared everyone in town was in the town square. Gloria stood on two buckets again. The circle was made and those that had been there before started chanting “Go to God!” in Spanish.

“Let’s say the Lord’s Prayer, please?” Gloria asked. The chanting stopped. The prayer was said, “Take a deep breath. Hold onto someone’s hand. Close your eyes! LET’S GO!” Gloria screamed as she stepped down taking the hands of Brad and Willa completing a circle of several thousand.

When they showed up at God, the four jumped around and shouted for joy.

“Why are you celebrating?” Poncho and Jesus both asked the four from Omak.

“We had no idea if we could do that.” Gloria shared, “With your help, we just transported twice our personal best which we did yesterday. It is a personal best for all of us. I think it might be a personal best for you, too?” Gloria laughed.

Poncho looked at his son and started laughing. He was believing these four could do anything. But in reality, they were just a few steps ahead of himself and his oldest son.

Gaia came up to Tony, jumping into his arms, “Hi big brother!”

“How many are here from Mexico?” Tony asked.

“Sixty-two thousand, five hundred and forty-seven.” Gaia announced, “Tony, Brad, Willa, and Gloria. You guys did the best. We have all thirteen teams here now.”

Tony reached his right hand out to Brad for a handshake of congratulations. Willa gave Gloria a hug. The four could lite up a large area on a moonless night with just their smiles.

“Is Lord Jesus here?” Gloria asked still giggling.

“Yes, he is over there by that big dais.” Gaia was pointing to a stand that was six feet off the ground. There was a railing around the top making it seeable above the thousands.

“Is our Father John here?” Tony asked.

“He and mother Jenny are coming now, they should be here in a minute.” Gaia giggled. Gaia turned seeing, “Peter and Patty!”

Poncho was holding Maria’s hand listening in on the conversation. Maria had Junior in a backpack. Junior was looking around giggling with all the good energy. Gloria and Willa had sat down with Maria and had manifested a few things that would make things a little easier for her in her world. The baby backpack was just one of them.

The four kids with Jesus in the lead had headed in the direction of Lord Jesus.

“Peter! Patty! “How are you guys doing?” Tony yelled and waved his hand.

“We are doing great. But brother what on earth, how many thousands do you have here?” Peter asked after hugs around.

Tony looked at Brad.

“Peter, Patty, today we have brought with us eleven thousand new friends and neighbors. We would like for you to meet Poncho from José María Chetumal.” Brad introduced.

“The future Governor of Mexico. Poncho from José María Chetumal. We have heard of you and are very glad to finally meet you.” Peter shared. “This is my wife Patty.”

“Poncho, Peter is also, like me an adopted son of Father John. He is also a current incarnation of our St. Peter of long ago.” Tony added.

“We are truly glad to meet you. This is my wife Maria and she has Little Poncho on her back.” Poncho shared as Little Poncho giggled. He had a small plastic baby bottle of water that he had been sucking on. He giggled when his dad touched him.

Everyone stopped as a man that looks like Santa Claus and a pregnant woman walked up to the group.

“Dad, we did it.” Tony gushed, “We took what we learned in Russia and only did what was truly needed.”

“Good job sons and well everybody. Gaia, how many are here today?” John asked as he hugged his future daughter.

“Sixty-two thousand, five hundred and forty-seven,” Gaia announced again as she moved to give her future mother Jenny a hug and kiss.

“Dad, this is Poncho and his wife Maria.” Willa introduced, “Poncho and Maria, my father-in-law, John Taylor.”

“Ah, you have learned, you are going to be the Governor of Mexico.” John shook hands with Poncho.

“I do not have enough education for that.” Poncho shared while shaking his head no. Lorenzo was standing behind Poncho.

“Poncho, I felt the same way once. I came here and sat in the Christ Ports every night learning. One day a question came up, I visualized being in the Christ Ports and the answer came loud and clear. At that point, I realized I was doing God’s work. You can do this, it is part of your destiny. We will work with you and help you take back your country and make it a paradise for your people.” John was smiling as he said this last. The thirty that had sat with John only a few days before were gathered around.

One man was not of this group but certainly belonged. He made his way through, “John, my brother. Nice to see you again.” Lord Jesus announced. He was being followed by many of the children including those of Ponchos and Lorenzo’s.

Poncho and Lorenzo with their wives and children realized the circle they had joined. They stood there watching with their mouths open. Gerry tugged on Poncho’s leg until he was lifted up by his future father so he could see.

“Brothers and sisters, boys and girls, let me borrow the Comforter so we can talk in front of the many.” Lord Jesus took John’s arm and led him to the platform. John turned and motioned for Poncho to follow. The three men climbed and stood on the raised dais. Behind them was God and Poncho touched the surface of God, asking what he should tell his people.

Lord Jesus looked around, “You and your families for a hundred generations have followed me through the Piscean Age. I now give you My Beloved John to lead you to the promises made long ago. You will see Heaven on Earth. The males and the females will be balanced during this short time of the Aquarius Age before Heaven descends upon the Earth. Strive to make this so.

You will see a difference in the other planets and stars in the sky. Even your moon will disappear. The Earth will look much different than it does now. Fear not, it will still be the Garden of Eden. Plant your crops, raise your children. Stand up to those who wish to do harm to yourself. Evoke the Golden Rule upon all the people of the Earth. You can do this, you have that power.” Jesus turned to John, “My brother, together we started down this path many Galactic Days ago. I now pass the mantle back to you.” Around John’s neck appeared a simple lanyard made of gold. John turned to the crowd that had now grown to hundreds of thousands. Almost all from Omak and the many surrounding communities were also there. Word had gone out to all within the network. All the Representatives to the New US Congress was here to hear Jesus and John. Jesus slowly disappeared as he waved goodbye.

The crowd yelled and screamed their approval then started a chant of “JOHN, JOHN, JOHN...”

John waved his hands at the crowd. Jenny and his kids appeared by his side. Gaia in his arms. Next to Poncho, hugging him was Maria with his boys and girls. Maria still had Junior on her back. They appeared next to Poncho, Gerry tugging on his pant leg wanting to be lifted again. After several minutes John raised his hands. “My brothers and sisters. We have taken a giant step for mankind. We heard that fifty years ago from a man on the moon. Only this time we are taking that step on the Earth and we are not done, we have just begun to make changes in the lives of everyone on earth. To connect all of mankind to our Father.” John looked at Poncho, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls we have asked our Father, who is to become the next leader of Mexico. God, our Father gave us Poncho Bautista of José María Chetumal. He is the chosen leader of God of what is left of that great community.”

Eleven thousand from José María Chetumal raised their voices in agreement for their Poncho to be the leader for all of Mexico. Soon it included all the voices in agreement from the hundreds of thousands that were present. All the ones from Mexico and many from the New United States.

“The door is open for you Poncho.” John knew exactly what Poncho was facing, “Do you want this?”

“No!” Poncho shared.

“Poncho, you can do this.” Maria smiled at her husband.

“Yeah, Poncho, we will help you,” Gerry whispered.

Poncho looked at his children. He looked to God and heard, ‘Take care of my children.’ He nodded, “For the record, I hate politics.”

John laughed, “You are the third person I have heard that from. I was first!” John and Poncho laughed.

Poncho turned to the crowd, “Did you ever in your entire life believe we would be standing here next to God our Father?” Even though Poncho was speaking in Mexican Spanish, those that understood English only heard English. The true act of speaking in tongues.

The sound of the crowd was an absolute “NO!”

“I am not an educated man. I will ask for God’s help in all decisions and in all actions.” Poncho was also hearing Gerry’s “Yes!” Poncho held up his left hand that was holding onto Maria’s hand, “This is my wife Maria and the love of my life. She keeps me on the straight and narrow. You husbands out there, you know what I am talking about.” There were much agreement and laughter.

“Many things come to mind that needs to be addressed NOW. We need to stand up to the Drug Lords and tell them NO MORE!”

The sound of the crowd was an absolute “YES!”

“They are cancer upon our Society and our world and that needs to be changed once and for all.” Poncho heard total agreement from the crowd.

“We need to replace our buildings that we have lost. As we start down that road, let’s define a livable wage in agreement with what is happening in the New United States. St. John has established one ounce of Silver valuing it at $20 for an eight-hour day of work and have a value enough for us to raise our children and live in a home and hold our heads up. I have been told by God, that we will see others come to Mexico because they can earn good money. We have the best weather in the world. Now let’s make it the paradise that it truly is! Poncho turned to God, “Thank you, Father.” The crowd followed Poncho’s lead only many times louder, “THANK YOU, FATHER!”

The people of Mexico spent three and a half hours with God before any of them started back to earth. When the people of José María Chetumal got back, lunch was number one on every bodies’ mind, “Brad and Tony bring your wives and eat lunch with us, please?” Poncho offered.

When they entered Poncho’s house, they realized there were only two chairs. There were buckets now. Enough for everyone to have a bucket to sit on. Some were empty, some were full. The family was happy, talking, and sharing what they had experienced. When the children had met Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus had told Jesus that he was part of the same soul. Jesus Bautista was born to help his neighbors, his countryman, and his father. His brother Diego was to support his brother. Together they would accomplish 100’s of times the things they could do alone and separate. Sister Teresa also carried a famous name. In this life, she would be a healer of others. Anna would be the teacher of John’s lessons to those future generations. Junior would grow up and show his big brother how to pitch. Gerry would show up later to support his father in all things.

Poncho was cooking as Maria fed Junior. Jesus and Teresa were serving. Diego was making sure he had enough buckets for all to sit on. Anna was handing everyone a paper napkin.

“Where did you get paper napkins, Anna?” Gloria asked.

“From God. He gave me a square bucket of them.” Anna pointed to a bucket that was indeed square, “Mommy likes them. We can use them today and tomorrow start the fire with them.”

The corn tortillas had many green speaks in it, “What are the green specks?” Tony asked.

“A farmer from over the mountain in another village traded a wagon full of vegetables yesterday for two buckets of shredded chicken and two buckets of shredded beef. He said he would be back with ten wagons full of vegetables today.” Poncho shared, “We need to take him to God!”

Tony looked at Brad and Gloria and got a nod from each of them. He looked at Willa and got a smile, “Poncho and family we were assigned here because of the success that Willa and I had with President Pusin of Russia. Someday I will be the Treasurer of the world and we will be working closely with you to make this land a paradise. Brad, Gloria, Willa and I will be working with the leaders of the world to keep our people alive and happy and prosperous.”

Poncho shared with Maria what Tony had said, then they talked about it.

When they finished Tony continued, “I have an ability to see gold and silver hidden by many feet of earth or buildings. There is something in the church. It looks like a large chunk of many chunks of silver. There is a large deposit in a nearby hill. Who owns the hill to the south-west?”

“We’ve been up there as children. My brothers and I many years ago. Jesus, have you been on the hill?” Poncho asked.

“A long time ago papa!” Jesus shared.

“Maria said something, and Poncho’s face turned red.”

“Maria said that Poncho proposed on that hill.” Gloria shared very quietly, not repeating exactly what Maria had implied.

“Please tell me. Does everyone that goes to God meet Lord Jesus?” Poncho asked, changing the subject.

The four looked at each other for a second, “No Poncho. We have heard of Buddha, Mohamad, and many others doing what Lord Jesus did today. The Masters of the Earth has brought us to the door. It is up to us to step through and become the masters bringing love, truth, and respect to our paradise. The Garden of Eden! The promise of Christ returning is not an individual. It is the five billion left standing in about thirty years. We are moving as fast as we can to raise that number.” Gloria had been speaking in Spanish, she repeated in English for all to understand what she had shared.

Poncho looked to his family and allowed his gaze to settle on his wife Maria, “I have followed Lord Jesus all my life. I will need to think more, but it is plain with what he told us long ago about following him. With what we have learned, if a person in need came and knocked on the door, we would be able to help them. The things we call miracles are no different than what Lord Jesus did. I have heard several times since I have met you to say the Lord’s Prayer. That it is a key to open the body to allow God to work through us. By doing that I have helped create tons of food for our neighbors. I have been healed and have seen others also healed. I believe we are doing what we were meant to do.” Poncho smiled, “What are your plans? How long were you in Russia?”

“We were there for fifteen days. We got many to the red lanyard level and two to the black lanyard. They now have hundreds on the black lanyard. Dad started teaching in Seattle, last summer, there is over two thousand with black lanyards. Peter, who you met is the unofficial leader of our Minutemen.” Tony pulled out his phone, “I can send a “help” text and have a hundred men and women with black lanyards in the town square within minutes.” Tony smiled, “When we leave here, you will have that ability too.”

“You have abilities different than others?” Poncho asked.

“Yes. We do not know of anybody else that has created food in buckets. You have been in on that Poncho!” Brad shared, “We are all different including you.” Brad looked at Jesus, “Some of us find certain things easy, and for others, the same things may seem impossible.” Gloria translated, also looking at the two boys. Brad continued, “Tony and Jesus can fill buckets with water. I have not been able to, yet. Tony can see underwater at night much like a fish. I can see in the dark. For me, it is almost like walking under a full moon even when there is none.”

“Can you teach us how to transport from one place to another?” Maria asked Poncho translated.

Gloria answered, “Si, Maria.” Gloria continued in Spanish, “Let’s help you clean up then practice in the Town Square.”

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