A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 25: The last Battle on Earth

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

John was in the new F-665 that Kevin had put together for them. The date was February 15, 2019. The F-665 was fifty feet across. It truly looked like a flying saucer. The ship could hold forty individuals comfortable. It looked very much like what they had been fighting in Antarctica. The twenty-ton machine could go a million miles per hour and had some very serious teeth if it needed. The shields again were much better and could take some very serious hits with no damage. Since the trip to Antarctica eighteen days ago everybody in the southern half of Saudi Arabia had been taken to God. The Israelis had gotten word of what was going on and all hell on earth was about to break loose. They had gone on full alert and was ready to start Armageddon. Three of the new Russian F-335s had been shot down with some sort of ground-based enormous energy weapon over Israel. Even so, they now had 215 F-335s, 6 F-445s, and this F-665 on station along with close to 50,000 men and women in the three commands. John’s White Dragon family had put together a force of 10,000. They had taken over Saudi Arabia and hoped to finish it today. Russia had 20,000 men split into two groups, one in Iraq and the other in Egypt. The American command was split into three primary teams, Johnny and Bill were running the 6,000 Seals and Tony, Brad and their wives and best friend Jesus was a subset of 4,000 Spanish Speaking black lanyards. Peter and Petri together had another 10,000. General Mika Kozlov with Demetri as his temporary aid was running the 20,000 Russians. A General named Kim was running the Chinese. Most of Africa was done except for Egypt. John had called the leaders together to figure out if it was possible to keep the Armageddon that everyone including St. John the Beloved had predicted long ago from happening.

“Dad, you know best to keep things simple. Let’s go in there and just take everyone to God.” Tony suggested.

“Tony, between Israel and Palestine we are dealing with 14 to 15 million people.” John shared, “Plus they hate each other with a passion and have 71 years of current history and thousands of years of hatred. Both sides are at fault.”

“What if we did this:” Johnny drew a circle around Israel and Palestine, “Put the two aircraft Carriers off the coast by ten miles and make a partial ring with our 6,000 Seals and 4,000 Scouts in the north and complete the southern portion with the 10,000 Minutemen and women from Omak and Montreal and fill in the voids with the F-335s.”

“What is the trigger?” Willa asked.

“Have all of the ships un-cloak to trigger the transport,” Jesus said.

“Johnny and Bill, you have experience with transporting millions.” John stated, “What do you think?”

“With twenty thousand in somewhat of a circle with the vast majority of them black lanyards, we have a chance to take them all to God!” Johnny said, “That would be nice to do without firing a shot. I say it is worth the trying.”

Peter leads the “I agree!” around the table.

A day later the four thousand with Major Jesus Batista at the lead along with Tony, Willa, Brad, and Gloria are moving into place along the Northwest border of Israel. They would be given a text message that would give everyone one minute to form up and clasp hands. When they spotted one or more of the spaceships they were to transport to God.

That morning Tony had started off the day with a burrito and a cup of coffee. Jesus looked at his friend as he ate a buffalo steak and egg sandwich. Willa was also there eating a steak and egg sandwich. It seemed like every minute one or two close friends or family members walked up and joined Tony, Willa and Jesus. When there was all the family and close to a hundred friends and other leaders of the expedition, Peter watched Tony eat the last of his big fat burrito. He then asked, “How’d you sleep last night?”

Before Tony could answer, Willa, did, “He slept like a baby.”

“No premonitions this morning?” Peter asked.

“No, I feel great!” Tony looked around as everyone was nodding their head and walking away. He looked at the smiling faces of his family, including his father John and big brother Johnny.

“Everyone get ready, we leave in twenty minutes,” Johnny shouted.

“What in the Hell?” Tony demanded, but when he giggled everyone laughed.

“Tony, everyone knows when things are about to go to s__t, you don’t eat, and you have nightmares.” Jesus was laughing.

Twenty minutes later the transport happened. Everyone knew where they were going. They formed a loose circle around all of Israel and the Palestine occupied lands. This would be a transport of almost fifteen million men, women, and children of God. It was still early in the morning, just before 7 AM local time. Tony, Willa, and Jesus were close together. They were in an area with no concealment. They stuck out like sore thumbs. They had all agreed to leave their weapons in their bunks this morning. The belief was these people were not corrupted, but Children of God.

After the transport. The twenty thousand Americans were exposed in mostly desert, “It feels like they are all around us.” Willa said.

“Me too,” Jesus added.

The phones all buzzed to signify a text message arriving. Everyone read their message, “One minute!”

Tony noted the time and at 30 seconds from the message, stood up.

“Tony, what are you doing?” Willa whispered as she asked looking at Jesus to see him also moving to stand. For the first time in her life, Willa could see the mother snake about to strike and her without any weapons. Willa realized she loved her Tony so much if she lived, they would have a baby. God Willing! She stood up and took Tony’s hand then the hand of Jesus.

“I’m ending this, NOW!” Tony said. Thousands of Americans begun to also stand once they saw Tony and the others standing.

The thousands of Israeli shoulders in front of them and the thousands of the armed Palestine People behind paused for just enough time for all the 20,000 Americans to stand. They were totally defenseless and watched as spacecraft appeared. The phones beeped, and the transport happened as both sides found a target in the American lines. The guns fired in the presence of God. Tony felt many thumps on his chest and back. Willa and Jesus felt the same thumps along with all the 20,000 Americans. The firing continued until there were no more bullets in the guns. Any extra rounds or magazines were gone. They were left on Earth, not making the transport. The quiet was such where all could hear thoughts of those around them. Willa was still holding the hands of Tony and Jesus. Tony and Jesus looked at each other as Jesus felt his body, finding no holes or blood, he smiled.

“Shall we sit down?” Tony asked his wife and Jesus, one of his best friends. As his dad had said several times, share a foxhole with someone and they become your best friend for life.

“How did we survive that?” Willa asked.

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