A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 24

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The land of the Frozen.
Better known as No Man’s Land.
The Lockheed/Russian Group of 46 stopped over Cordoba, Argentina in the southern portion of South America. The group was waiting for Admiral Wiggins from Hawaii and Nancy and her 100 ships from Omak to catch up. They still had 3,900 miles to go to the South Pole. Two more F-335s joined up from the Navy Seal Team 6. “Admiral Skee, how are you doing?” John asked.

“Just fine Mr. President,” Skee advised. “Has the Vice President advised you on the fact we now have all of the Seal Teams here in South America. We expect to be working Saudi Arabia by February 1st.”

“That is great to hear Skee. It has been a couple of days since the VP and I had a chance to talk.” John laughed. “Skee, we are in the Navy again, call me White Eagle.”

“That I will White Eagle,” Skee answered.

“White Eagle, may I join the conversation? This is Bill.” Admiral Wiggins asked.

“Skee, how many people does that give you?” Bill asked.

“Almost 6,000 of the Seals and support staff,” Skee answered.

“How many are trained to the Black Lanyard Level?” Bill asked.

“About half Sir! We have another 1,000 at the Red Lanyard level.” Skee answered.

“What if I sent you 1,000 at the Black Lanyard level and we standby in case we need to send 2,000 of the lower lanyards to Antarctica in case we need to take over operations?” Bill said then added, “I can also sail the Lincoln to Antarctica for support.”

“Bill where is this coming from?” John asked.

“The last time I heard you tell people to call you White Eagle, was when we just happen to have the biggest air battle in the history of mankind,” Bill answered.

“Okay! I have been seeing an air battle again in my dreams, I was hoping it was a nightmare attached to the past. Maybe it is a premonition attached to the future.” John turned to Kevin, “If it is today, what are we facing, and what can you share that you know?” John asked.

“My Grandfather was the President of Lockheed in the 1970s when we built as a sub-contractor 100 spaceships in Antarctica. Today, we would designate them as 655s. They can carry 40 or more people plus pilots for long periods of time and top out at half a million miles per hour. Their weapons are better than ours but will not be able to penetrate our shields if we are over a mile away. Their AI is about equal to what we have. If they want to fight, I believe we have the advantage.” Kevin thought for a second, “As far as we know they cannot cloak. I do not know who will be piloting these ships. It could be alien reptiles, Nazis or part of the American Mercenary force. The reptiles think it is sissy even if they can cloak, they probably won’t use it. The humans will but may not be able to fire while cloaked. We have learned a lot in the almost 50 years. The problem is we have lost much of our engineering with the earth changes.”

“What do you think Bull Dog?” John asked.

“The two 445’s fly in like we know what we are doing and the F-335s hang back in a cloak.” Mary said, “What do you think Iceman?”

“What I am feeling is we are going to earn our wings today.” Jacob looks around, “Everyone takes a bathroom break then be sure you are fastened to your seats. It may get a little wild later.”

“I agree, bathroom break, everyone does that on this ship too,” Mary said to her passengers. Willy was first out of his seat heading towards the head. (Navy term)

Alien ship. When Lockheed made a copy, it was designated the F-665.

The 162 F-335s were cloaked and the two F-445’s were uncloaked. They approached the South Pole only to come face to face with a flying saucer.

“Halt, you are in a No-Fly Zone. You will be shot down if you do not turn around and leave.”

“This is the President of the United States along with the President of the Russian Federation.” John had hardly gotten that out of his mouth when Fir was rocked with a hit by an energy weapon.

“Lily are you nearby?” John asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m going to transfer that pilot to you. Put a camera on him so we can see who we are dealing with.” John closed his eyes then directed, “Now!” A reptilian showed up in Lily.

“John.” Mary whispered, “Look.” Mary pointed to the radar. There were hundreds of ships and planes coming at their location from three different directions. There had to be over three hundred of them.

“What does long-range look like?”

Mary hit a button and the screen changed

“OMG. There must be five hundred of them.” John looked around at some of his family, he thought “God keep them safe, please.”

Chuck had the pulse cannon controls, teaching himself how to aim.

“Daddy, we okay!” Willy said.

Both the Fir and the Borya got hit from overhead by an energy weapon. The weapon must have had some smarts to it. It had made a hole in the 2” glass canopy big enough for a closed handmade into a fist to go through it. Both Jacob and Mary along with John had been hit hard and passed out. Vid only got his shoulder numbed. Chuck and Beth looked at each other. Beth nodded.

“Fir do a partial corkscrew and go to cloak, Borya too. Borya go to the starboard side of that ship overhead. Use your lazar at mid-section cutting that ship in half. Fir, go to Port and do the same.” Chuck said. The ship overhead was enormous. It had guns and cannons poking out everywhere. It must have been the size of half of a football field. The Two F-445s worked together. Once the cut on both sides was done, Borya took the top and Fir went back to the bottom. In five minutes, the deed was done. “Borya go back and cut the primary structural beams that run bow to stern on the starboard side.”

Mary opened her eyes and shook her head, “What happened?”

“You got hit with an energy weapon. So did ... dad.” Beth said as she fired the pulse cannon at the ship overhead helping to blow the structural beams apart.

“Why are we shooting at that ship?” Mary asked.

“That is the ship that shot at us and put you out,” Chuck said as it bracks apart into two pieces. He too was firing the pulse cannon at targets on the falling ship, “Look at our canopy.”

“There is another one over there just like it. Fir, Borya, look toward the sun, there are another one of these big cruisers. Let’s go take it out. Same orders. Cut the beams as you find them.” Chuck said.

Vid had been letting Borya fly by himself. He had also been using the pulse cannon on the beams. Maya and another were working on Jacob. Vid had been hit but for some reason, it had not put him out. He just couldn’t use his right arm.

“What happen?” Jacob asked.

“It appears the energy beam took out the pilots and also hit the presidents,” Mary answered.

“What are we doing?” Jacob asked.

“Returning the favor!” Vid answered, “Look at our glass top.”

“Who’s running the ship?” Jacob asked.

“Borya and Fir by Chuck’s directions.” Vid fired again at a spacecraft that was leaving one of the openings. The little ship blew up causing another to do the same causing a bigger explosion, “Back up Borya. Back up Fir. She’s blowing up.”

“10-4” came back over the radio.

As they turned back to the little ships, they saw dull metallic green and dull metallic brown ships fighting with the silver and white ships.

“The enemy of our enemy becomes our friends. Do not fire at the brown and green ships unless they fire at you.” John said over the radio.

Kevin was busy working his cell phone, “There, let’s see if that works.” The whitish color ships were disengaging from the battle, “Backdoor, I told all of the ships we built to go to standby.”

“Do not fire at the white ships. They have been disabled.” John spoke over the radio.

While this had been going on, both Fir and Borya had been dancing as energy weapons fired in the direction of the blasts from their own weapons. The silver ships were taking a beating. All over the ground below the ice fields was covered with wreckage from the many spaceships. Suddenly it got quiet again.

“How many ships have we lost?” John asked.

“Three sir.” Fir communicated.

“Any personnel?” John asked again

“No sir, we got them out,” Fir reported.

“Kevin, can you tell that bunch to return to base?” John asked.

“And we follow them home?” Kevin was already sending a text to the one hundred Lockheed made white ships.

“When we are done today, let’s have them follow us home.” John said, “Mary and Jacob, can you two give us a rough report as to what just happened?” John then thought, “Let me give you two a few minutes to figure some of that out.”

“Okay White Eagle.” Mary and Jacob answered together.

“Mother Bear are you and your people okay?” John asked.

“We are fine White Eagle. A few of us got burned. We did get a hole in our glass canopy. My engineers love the F-445.” Vid responded with a chuckle.

“Thanks, Mother Bear, Mr. Lincoln are you okay?”

“We’re fine White Eagle. A few of us also got burned. Getting healed now.” Bill Wiggins responded.

“Thank you, Mr. Lincoln. Lady Omak are you there?” John called out.

“White Eagle, this is the FBI guy. I am the current pilot of the lead ship.” John’s aid Sam responded, “No deaths to report. We got hit hard. It appears we are very traceable when we fire and don’t move. Nancy will be fine; your lady is working on her now. M&M is pissed as all get out and is kicking up a storm. Sir William of Omak is trying to settle them both down a bit. We lost four ships and we have all learned a great deal about using cloak ships in battle.” Sam reported.

“Thank you #1 US Marshall.” John was looking at Mary Kennady as she bit her lip. He nodded.

“This is Bull Dog, it is good to hear my #1 US Marshall. See you soon?”

“Absolutely!” Sam responded, “Same here my love!”

Mary had written down some hi points. She handed these to John. “Friends and Family. We have knocked down 385 ships that are big enough to carry 30 to 40 people over long distances. Top speed is estimated at half a million miles per hour for these ships. My newest son, named Chuck tied the two F-445s together and cut those two Battle Cruisers in half. I awoke from getting hit by an energy weapon to see the first one fall out of the sky. Still, in a daze, I then watched how it was done, then watched the second one also fall out of the sky. Well done everyone. We are seeing an opening and the human fleet has all but entered. We are going to follow them in. Mr. Lock and Mother Bear have both been here before and say this is the entrance. Everyone grab your coats, it is going to be cold. See you soon.” John talked from his heart.

John turned to Mary, “Thank you, Admiral, for your notes.”

“You’re welcome Mr. President,” Mary said.

“Mary, you had better stick with White Eagle, I don’t know if we are retired from fighting yet.” John smiled.

‘Yes, sir!”

“What does everybody think of that?” “White Eagle that hole is big enough to float my carrier through.” Admiral Bill said.

“That it is. Where are we at Bull Dog?”

“Five miles from the South Pole,” Mary answered.

“Is anybody listening? Over.” John asked.

“This is General Hansen. You need to turn around and go back home then apply through proper channels.”

“General Hansen, you now answer to me. I am your boss. I am John Taylor the elected President of the United States. I define myself as one of those proper channels. We just had a major battle out here. So, forgive me if I do not have any patience left. You will open that door and treat us as your most respected quests. Understood?” John was a bit angry. Mary turned around and looked at him and smiled. John closed his eyes and shook his head. He didn’t want to start laughing. He knew in sales the first one to speak always lost.

“Yes, Mr. President. We are working to accommodate you and your party sir. Proceed at your own speed.”

“Lily, do you still have our guest?” John asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you mind leading the parade through that opening?” John asked.

“Will be proud to sir.” Lily uncloaked and moved ahead and through the opening.

“Mary uncloak and please proceed.” John whispered, “You too Jacob.”

“Aye, aye sir.” Mary followed behind and to the right of Lily about 50’.

“Aye, aye sir.” Jacob brought in Borya to Lily’s left and about 50’ behind also.

It took a bit, but this is part of what everyone got to see inside of the cave. There was an enormous cavern with many tunnels going off in different directions. John left the ship and waited for Jenny and the rest of his family to catch up. Two individuals approached John. They looked human, except for minor differences and they both had uniforms on. Different in color and style, “Are you the leader of the Earthlings?” The tall one asked.

John was about to answer when Vid spoke, “In the very near future John Taylor will be recognized as the leader of the planet. For now, he represents directly close to 2 billion souls. I am Vid Pusin the President of the Russian Federation. Together, we represent 5 of the seven continents of the planet.”

“We are the leaders of the people that fought with you today. We come from different planets in the Pleiades system. From here the center of our system appears to have seven bright stars. Your planet and sun are also part of our constellation and we consider you our little brothers and sisters. That was a very good battle. One that will be presented to the Solar Council Command on Saturn. We both work for that Council. The Lizard People have been here for thousands of years and usually hide when we come near. It is good to give them a complete beating.”

How many losses did you have?”

“We lost four ships. No men or women.” John answered, “Dozens injured including myself and President Pusin here.

“You appear to be fine?” The second man asked.

“We are healers, and everyone is now fine,” John answered.

The two looked alarmed, “Please give us a moment.” The two men talked in their own language or at least a common language.

Jenny walked up, and the two men stopped their conversation and bowed to Jenny, “Mother Earth.”

“It is not me, but I am carrying Mother Earth. Jenny said as she took John’s hand. She was going to kiss John and he shook his head no, then looked in the direction of the two aliens.

“You two are mates! You fill the void for hundreds of feet with energy.” The two talked again in that common language. The shorter one asked, “This is unusual, is something different going to happen on Earth?”

“The planet is advancing, it is moving from the third to the fourth dimension.” John shared.

“It is starting this transition?” The tall one asked.

“No, it is completing the transition in 28 days.” John shared, “When the moon is full again, it will happen.”

Both aliens looked shocked. One had inhaled quickly making a noise.

The General had arrived.

“If the lizards come back, they will be wiped out when the planet changes dimension. They are third-dimensional pests. The technology they have, they have stolen.”

“We have captured one of the lizards,” John said.

“We will take your lizard and put him on a backward planet to live out his days with others of his kind. We must tell the Solar Council your exciting news. There will be much celebration. We must leave, and if someone can show us where this lizard is?”

Mary and Sam were standing there listening, “I’ll show them, Mr. President.”

“Thank you, Admiral Kennady,” John said with his arms around Jenny giving her a hug.

“Mr. President, I am General Hansen, it is my pleasure to meet you.” The General stood at Attention and saluted John. When John returned the salute the two men shook hands, “Sir, can you tell me what is going on in East Texas? Have they had another Hurricane or something?”

“General, it’s gone. We lost over one hundred million Americans to Earth Changes.” John shared, “Most of East Texas is gone.”

“Who won?” The General asked.

“The people won. John has restored the Republic, we now have a Constitutional Government again.” Kevin smiled, “John got more votes for President than any other president in our history.”

“Good! Then let me show you around sir.” General Hansen said, “I call this the President’s Tour!”

The general moved off in the direction of the main door. “This is tunnel # 1. This tunnel will lead us to several mountains of coal, big enough to power the world for 200 years.” General Hansen picked up one of a dozen buckets of black rocks showing everyone, what coal looked like. When everyone had their hands dirty, he said, “Shall we go to tunnel #2?” The consensus was yes. When they got there the General lead everyone down a long path. “We have people searching this entire complex. The theory is; man was here before at the level of development that we are today. Our carbon dating tells us this is hundreds of thousands of years old. It may have been used as late as 12,000 years ago.”

As they neared tunnel #3 Kevin asked, “General can I go with my engineers to the spacecraft room. Russian Engineers too!”

“Yes, it is tunnel #5 and you have been there before.” The General said.

Kevin looked at John, the two men were out of hearing range from John, “He doesn’t have a clue. Be careful with him, he really is a good man.”

“What will be, will be!” The General said.

“You seemed to be at peace with it?” Kevin asked.

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