A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 21

Copyright© 2016 by A Carpenter's Son

The Battle for the rights of mankind to LIVE, on Earth. Time to ring the bell again! Call up the Minute Men and Women!

On New Year’s Day in front of family, friends, and God, Mary Elizabeth Kennady got her star. Her grandfather pinned them onto her collars. Her parents were standing by watching, “Girl, you have done a hell of a lot more than you said you were going too. Now you have some babies while you teach this new crop of men and women how to really fly. And when those babies can walk, you bring them here and I will set them on my knee and teach them our traditions, and what is expected of them.”

Sam was standing beside Mary. John had given him the task of letting Mary know what was going to happen today. It had been a most interesting night. Mary had woken up several times during the night. She would giggle, then laugh and cry happy tears while hugging Sam. Sam woke up in the morning holding tight to his Mary. She looked at him and giggled. Sam said, “I wouldn’t trade you for all of the gold in John’s vault.”

“Is there a lot of gold there?” Mary asked.

“Enough to get the world going again.” Sam laughed, “We are building a bigger vault, twenty times bigger.”

“What time is it?” Mary asked.

“It’s half past five.”

“Oh good, I’ve got to be with Lily at oh seven hundred. She’s getting an upgrade in her programming today. We will be able to stay cloaked longer and use less energy doing it. Then this afternoon we go see God and I get my star.” Mary cried. This was her wildest fantasy in life. She had held this crazy idea since she was thirteen, “Hold me, Sam, please tell me this is real.”

“It’s very, very real Mary. I love you.” Sam kissed Mary’s tears away.

“I got to get ready and go. Thank you, honey!” Mary kissed Sam one more time. Then she got up to shower and face the day.

Sam made some toast and scrambled four eggs, heated up some pre-cooked ham and built sandwiches on two plates with slices of tomatoes covering the top of the ham. A generous amount of mayo on the toast with a slice of pickle besides the sandwich. Coffee was done as he set the plates on the table then poured two cups of coffee. Sam sat down just as Mary came in still drying her short but stylish hair, “What have you done this morning?”

“I call it the Sam special!” Sam smiled as Mary bit into her sandwich.

“Mmmmmm. We could go into business with this. Thank you!” Mary washed it down with the coffee.

The Planning Continues.

At Johnny’s house. The sun would not be up for hours yet. Johnny and Bill along with their wives were working on the last bits and pieces of the plan. The four of them would put in over 400 hours combined to make sure every aspect would be covered. They had shared a glass of Champaign at midnight then went to God and asked many questions. They had different colored pieces of paper all over the table with post-it notes for each person.

They had been working non-stop since the Quest meeting was held here. They would take a break and watch Mary get her star at 1:00 PM Omak time.

Bill and Nancy had temporally moved into Johnny and Teresa’s spare bedroom. Today the four were working on two assignments. Mary’s sending out 24 of the F-335’s to watch over the Moon Peoples Castle in Montreal. Peter would assign four Minute Men or Women volunteers in each spacecraft. The craft was being prepared for this assignment. A small portable Potty was also being attached to each one. The type was on the recommendations by the manufacture of the ships. They had tried six different potties and five got the thumbs down for the confined space of the ships. Twenty-four hours later a second group would be there to replace the first group. 24 hours on, 24 hours off plus flight time. The F-335’s were working like a dream. The only complaint was no bathroom. The replicators were tested out making everything from popcorn to gourmet meals.

The first day two of the ships peeled off and followed a delivery van back to its source. It disappeared inside a tunnel on one of the four-lane roads heading east out of Montreal. Surveillance made simple was to have an AI on board with all the resources of the ship available. Other vans and trucks seemed to go into the same tunnel from both directions and disappear for a while. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes days.

More ships followed other trucks and vans. Soon the 24 ships turned into 48 as the time came closer to the full moon. This was a big operation and it was spread out over many of the new states.

Back in Omak!

Johnny was sitting at the bank giving his dad an update when Dave Hendricks came in.

“Hi Dave, have a seat.” The two men had stood and shaken hands with the “Telephone Guy” as he had become known by. Johnny went to leave, “Son, you will be very interested in this.” Johnny sat back down, “What have you found out about our phasors?” John asked.

“You won’t believe this, but they are made in Georgia by a two-man operation.” Dave had set a box down beside his chair, “I bought 20 for an ounce of gold. Can I be reimbursed?” Dave handed John a phasor and a receipt. He handed Johnny a phasor, “Careful, these are charged up. They have another thousand ready to sell. Something about selling them to the CIA. These things can go through airport security and have for the last few years. They make a great assassin’s tool, autopsies tend to be defined as dying from natural causes.”

“Dave, I don’t understand. Isn’t this alien technology?” Johnny asked.

“Yeah, but so is the microwave and what we call digital computers, cell phones and many of the things we needed to get men to the moon.” Dave answered, “Also Replicators.”

“Have these phasors been used in an assassin?” John asked.

“Yes, that Supreme Court Chief Justice a few years ago,” Dave answered.

“Why did they kill him?” Johnny asked.

“Many of the members of the Supreme Court were sitting around one day and the Chief Justice said he would like to put the “Open for Business” sign out again. They all agreed with him.” Dave said.

“So, the Patriot Act would have been declared Un-Constitutional.” John shared.

“It didn’t make us safer did it?” Johnny asked.

“We have all sworn to uphold our Constitution against our enemies, foreign and domestic. A lot of Americans did not realize we had been taken over from the inside by a very corrupt family that would do anything including 911 and the Oklahoma Federal Building in 1995.” John added, “Kill one president and shoot another.”

“And the proof of that is the Gold under the Denver Airport.” Johnny had put 2 plus 2 together, “The Patriot Act was just part of their plan.”

“It made it safer for them and allowed a centralization of intelligence. Much easier to control.” John said, “By killing the Chief Justice, it sent the message to the court that is was NOT open for business.”

“Dave, how many of these have the Aliens purchased?” John asked.

“Dave smiled, “A lot. Over 4,000 of them.”

“Johnny, I’m getting the feeling that this little grab and run is not going to be simple. When did the aliens buy the phasors?” John asked.

“Most of them within the last year. In the last few days they have put in an order for more, but...”

“But, what Dave?” John asked.

“They didn’t have a way to buy them. All they had was some old Canadian Bills.” Dave answered.

“So, I think this tells us their main supply of phasors are on the moon. They may have a few, but obviously, they wanted more. So, they see this as something more than a monthly dinner.” John was thinking out of the box.

John got up and went to get 55 gold coins. When he got back, “Dave I would like to give you a 10% commission on doing this.” John offered.

“No thank you. I’m having the time of my life. I have a girlfriend, we are going to get married and buy a house and raise some wine grapes and kids. I’m already getting paid and I am pleased to say we are cleaning up this planet for a better life for us and our children. That is more than enough payment.” Dave laughed.

The Full Moon Gala Event. January 21, 2019

John and Jenny lead the possession into the great hall. Behind him was Johnny and Teresa, then Tony and Willa followed by all their children except for Sally. Peter and Patty, then General Frank with his wife Beth on his arm. Little Henry Frank had Bobby Roths on his arm. Every one of King Arthur’s Knights except for his father followed Johnny and Teresa. Sam and Mary Kennady were following Bill and Nancy completing the Taylor party. Next came Vid Pusin with Lady Maya on his arm. His son Mesha had a young lady on his arm. Mesha had just received his black lanyard. Behind him came Demetri with Sally Taylor on his arm. Sally was all smiles. She was dressed up looking like a princess and Demetri kept stealing glances at her with a big smile on his face. Jenny had gotten 4” lifts on her feet with just a slight lift of her heels making her 5’6” tall. Both the American and the Russian parties had eaten just prior to dressing for the Gala. They had landed their F-335’s in the Courtyard.

The horns sounded, then they were announced as they entered the great hall, “Ladies and gentlemen we announce the President and First Lady of the United States.” The man doing the announcing must have been 11’ tall. A young human girl bowed, “Mr. President I am Tia, I will show you and your party to your tables. Tia was dressed up as an angel. Many of the guests were already in their seats and stood and bowed as the President and First lady walked by. John recognized a General that had a look of concern on his face when the two men’s eyes met. John also thought he knew the names of many others as his intuition picked up their names. He had not met them, but he knew of them.

John thought I wonder how many people here tonight are compromised. I guess we will let God figure it out. John was looking at hundreds of men dressed in their finest Tuxes and Ladies in their most beautiful ball gowns. John’s family and friends had all gone to God to get their beautiful fashions. He was pleased to know they were equals to the best if not the best dressed tonight. His thought was shattered as he spotted what was still on the tables. His stomach jumped, and his dinner was in his mouth as he looked at things that could only be body parts of human beings. As they were walking the horns sounded again as the President of the Russian Federation was announced behind them.

“Mr. President and First Lady, may I introduce to you The Emperor Stirrup and Empress Marjamine, your hosts for this evening.” Tia bowed then went to seat the President’s Party at the head table.

It started with the handshake. Stirrup’s hand was almost twice the size of John’s without the shield on. So, it was not unexpected when Stirrup tried to break every bone in John’s hand. John had practiced putting a ½” thick glove type of shield over his hand. His practice paid off when he could take a new tennis ball and pop it. Stirrup tightened his hand during the handshake. The Giant of a man, well over 11’ tall had a big smile on his face. So, John returned the favor smiling back. As he tightened his hand using his TK and the glove shield he heard something break. Stirrup shook as John released the big hand. Stirrup had a very concerned look on his face. He got out, “Please sit at our table for a bit and talk.”

John and Jenny sat at the small table. There were only four seats, “I take it, you have fixed your transporter?” John asked.

John and Jenny saw two plates that were quickly removed. On one was what looked to be a cooked portion of a human forearm? All that was left was the two bones connected to the wrist and elbow joints.

Stirrup was moving his right hand in pain, “Yes, it only took twenty years for your technology to catch up to ours.”

“You needed our technology to fix your transporter?” John asked. He looked to Jenny, “Are you okay?”

“Oh, it will pass, I’m sure.” Jenny gave a fake smile and blushed. She too had seen the body parts and was having trouble with her judgments.

“When I was pregnant, the last few months were the worse. I couldn’t even eat humans!” Mary shared.

“What did you eat?” John asked, thinking he was being polite.

“I had a craving for brains,” Mary said.

“Forgive me, this conversation is not helping my condition. Please excuse me.” Jenny got up and moved to the other table with the family.

“Please forgive my First Lady, she has a very sensitive stomach. We have even heard it may be twins.” John said with his eyes wide open in a wild expression as he sold the lie. Then he wondered, where in the hell did that idea come from. He couldn’t remember the last time he had ever lied to anyone.

“I’m glad I couldn’t get pregnant.” Stirrup said.

“Well, he came down from the moon yesterday and he spent all night trying to get me pregnant.” Mary shared, “Twice he has risked coming here during a full moon and we now have two children. You must get to know them.” Mary got up, “Please excuse me, and I’ll be right back Stirrup.”

“Oh yes, we do not have the technicians capable of fixing our equipment. So, we hire humans. When the humans complained that the problem was beyond their abilities, my staff would eat them. Word got around and we couldn’t get anyone to even look at it for many years.” Stirrup reached into his pocket and pulled out a phasor, “The two guys that make these, fixed it, but demanded a pound of gold.” Stirrup looked at his hand, then at the phasor. He was thinking of using it on John now, then thought later, “What did you come in?”

“I have a spaceship. It is limited to our solar system. But it is another step into space.” John smiled.

“Have humans been to the moon again?” Stirrup asked.

“Yes, many times. Venus, Mars and one of the ships went to Pluto and back.” John shared, “It was a big surprise to find out our old government has a colony on Mars with over ten thousand people living there.”

Mary, Empress Marjamine returned. John stood as she sat down again. It gave him an opportunity to pull his phasor out of his pocket. He also set it on the table. He noticed Stirrup’s eyes open very wide.

Stirrup started speaking to Mary in a language like none on earth. Mary spoke quickly back at Stirrup.

Stirrup turned to John projecting his thoughts, ‘My wife says you can read my thoughts?’

John smiled and as he put his hand over his phasor on the table and projected his thought, ‘Yes!’

“You people seem to be changing in the twenty years I have been gone and you are now full of surprises.” Stirrup looked at his hand and wondered if humans might be becoming dangerous.

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