A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 19: Christmas Day with God!

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Two days before Christmas John and Sam were working on mortgages. John had made the process simple and the total agreement was twenty pages with the application another ten. No background checks or credit reports. If these people were okay with God, then John was going to get them into a home. A man came in. He was one of the Chemistry Professors at the nearby Omak Community College. His name was Prince Abbey.

“Hi Professor, what can I do for you today?” John asked.

“Can I have a few minutes of your time?” Professor Abbey asked, “And a cup of your world-famous coffee?”

“Are we talking about what my ex-wife did after I offered her a cup of my coffee?” John laughed

“Sir, maybe I should frisk him to see if he is carrying anything dangerous?” Sam suggested.

“Help yourself and have a seat, Professor, what can I do for you today?” John laughed.

The Professor sat, setting his coffee down on the desk then reached into his bag and gave both Sam and John a two-liter bottle of water, “Have you ever heard of Carbon-60?

“I have. It tends to show up with people that live long healthy lives.” Sam said, “In its natural form it is called Shungite.”

Professor Abbey smiled, “In the Himalayan Mountains there are a few glaciers that emit a black goo. The locals know of this black goo as a giver of long and healthy life. Another spot-on earth is in Siberia where it is mined and sold to the public. I have just discovered another source, or may I say I have just discovered why the Sockeye love our “Gaia’s Promise.” This water comes from the Dry River. It has the ideal properties to cleanse your body of all of its toxins.”

This was a Monday and John’s body was still sore from running two miles on Sunday. The first mile was great at 7 minutes, but the second mile was over 9 minutes, “Is it okay to drink?” John asked then moaned as he moved into his office chair.

“I heard about the two miles yesterday.” Professor Abbey said, “Yes, in fact, I suggest drinking the entire amount over this next week.”

John tasted the water. He then took a long drink. After a minute, there was a feeling of wellbeing starting in his gut and spreading throughout his body.

Professor Abbey continued, “If your body is full of toxins, it will have a prolonged period where it will process them, sir.”

“Excuse me, gentlemen.” John headed for the back room. He appeared to be trying out a new form of running.

“What do you suggest Professor in the drinking of the ‘Gaia’s Water of Life’?” Sam asked.

“A few sips each day. Perhaps I should bottle it in smaller bottles, to begin with?” The professor looked in the direction John had run off to. Sam and the Professor laughed.

John returned from the facilities in the back of the bank. After he sat down, “Did your water do that?”

“I’m afraid so sir.” The Professor said, “It has started cleansing every cell in your body.”

“If I have the Immortality Gene turned on, what is the benefit of this Carbon – 60?” John asked.

“I believe the Carbon – 60 molecules will clean the lint, garbage, and toxins at the cell level from the body. The Immortality gene then has a clean environment to recreate a cell from the original blueprint. I understand you are also a “carpenter.” In doing a project, do you not clean an area prior to starting on that project?” The professor smiled, “Sam even named it ‘Gaia’s Water of Life’.”

“Yes, I understand. What is it, you want to do?” John asked.

“I want to build a filtering and bottling plant on this piece of property.” The Professor laid out a map on John’s desk.

“Who owns the property?” John asked.

“You do!” The Professor said.

“How many employees will you have working in your plant?” John asked.

“Ten people in the beginning, then we will ramp up to twenty then maxing out at thirty to forty.”

“What is your price point on the product?” John asked, “How much working capital will you need?”.

“I don’t know what a price point is.” The Professor said, “What is working capital?”

John turned to Sam, “You want a fun job?”

“What do you have in mind, sir?” Sam asked.

“For you to use that Degree in Accounting and create a business plan for our Professor.” John suggested, “Maybe even some legal things called contracts drawn up. Sam, calculate a rent for 2.5% of gross sales. We will build the building.”

Sam smiled big, “I would like that Mr. President.”

John reached into the recycling bin and pulled out a used fruit drink container, “What would you say the cost of Gaia’s Water in a container like this would retail for?”

Sam and the professor both looked at the 6.75 Fluid Oz used orange juice bottle, “I don’t know Mr. President.” The Professor replied.

“Isn’t that close to the amount of what a person should drink every day?” John asked.

The Professor nodded his head, “Yes.”

“Sam, see if the numbers make sense at ten cents for a single, $ .50 for a package of six and $4.00 for a case of 48. I would think the ideal place to start selling this is in every Health Cure Unit in the United States.”

“We can market this through the centers that teach St. John’s Methods along with the Health Cure Units...” Sam realized the potential, “We will run the numbers, Sir.” Sam picked up the little bottle and realized the market could easily be two to three hundred million bottles per day just within the North American Continent.

John went back to reviewing a loan package. He noticed through the windows that it was snowing again. He also noticed a group of men with red robes around another man that was dressed in white. The men entered the bank and approached John. Sam and the professor were over at Sam’s desk writing up an outline of the Marketing Plan.

One of the men dressed in red approached as the others stood back and watched, “Are you, Taylor?” The man demanded.

The hair on the back of John’s neck stood up. He had had a better feeling with his ex-wife and she had tried to kill him. These were supposed to be men of God, why did he feel he was in the presence of the Devil. John looked over at Sam. When their eyes met John looked up telling Sam he was taking their guests to God, “Yes, I am President Taylor. What can I do for you gentlemen?”

“We are here to save your soul!” The man said in a commanding voice.

“Have you been to God?” John asked in a very gentle and loving voice.

“We are one with God.” The man must stand 6’3’ which was a good three inches taller than John.

John got the sense he was wearing lifts to improve his presence, “Would you like to sit down?”

“No!” The man said with force, then smiled as he thought John may be uncomfortable.

“What is your name?” John asked.

“I AM Cardinal Rickets.” The man said, “We are here today with Pope Peter the Roman!”

“Petrus Romanus! That’s nice. The last Pope of the Catholic Church.” John turned to Sam, “I’ll be back.” With that, the transport happened. John wondered how many times he had been to the west side of the sun. He watched as the very pompous men went through the railing and floated towards the sun. When the last one exploded he looked and realized there were three men in red robes with their red hats on. They were frozen in place, probably in shock. The three moved towards John with fear written on their faces.

“What are you going to do to us?” The one on the left asked.

“I will take you to God, so you may have a personal relationship with him yourself. Remember this time, for, from this point forward, this is what I want you to do for mankind. You take your flocks to God and teach every man, woman, and child how to develop a relationship with God. Are there other Cardinals in the world?”

“No Sire!”

“Which one of you will be the Pope?”

The three men looked at each other for a few seconds. Then two of the Cardinals bowed to the one in the center, “So I am the last Pope of the Catholic Church and the decision is made in Hell!” The man looked at the sun. “Saint John, please take us to God.”

“What is your surname sir?” John asked, “And where do you come from?”

“I was born in Virginia and my parents moved to Italy when I was a boy of six. My name St. John is James Walker Taylor. I understand I am named after one of my ancestors, who was born in Virginia in the 1600’s.”

John shook as he heard these words. He took a deep breath, “My 6th Great Grand Father was born in Virginia in 1674.” John took a swallow, “He was Col. James Walker Taylor. I grew up hearing that the Taylor Family had James as the family name. Would you be interested in being Pope James I?”

The man was near John’s age. The man kneeled in front of John. He looked around and, in a flash, John transported the four to God. The man was still kneeling, “Rise Pope James. You do not serve me, you are to serve God as I do. Come with me gentlemen.” John took the three men over to the Christ Ports, “Have a seat and ask any question. God will answer.” John looked at his cell phone, “I will be back in two hours. I will make reservations at the hotel for you three.” John turned and opened his arms for Gaia, “Hi honey.” John hugged his future daughter.

“I will get them back to you dad,” Gaia said.

“How are you today sweetheart?” John asked.

“I’m well dad!” Gaia laughed.

“Not Good?” John asked.

“Not good, I’m well.” Gaia laughed some more.

“Let me know when they are ready. Love you, daughter.”

“Thank you, Dad!”

John returned to the bank. Sam and the Professor gave John questioning looks, “We have a new Pope. His name is Pope James Walker Taylor.”

Sam’s eyes grew big as he realized the possibilities, “Is a DNA test still possible?”

“Why a DNA Test?” The Professor asked.

“One of John’s Great Grand Fathers is named James Walker Taylor.” Sam shared.

“Oh. Family?” The Professor looked back and forth from Sam to John then back to Sam.

“Possibly a distance cousin. Maybe a sixth or seventh cousin.” John kept looking up to God. In the last few weeks, he had learned after ten years of looking that he was related to Kings on both sides of his parents. “What was this all about?”

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