A Thousand Years of Peace! Book 2
Chapter 17

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One of the happiest days of my life was getting on a Flying Tiger Airplane GOING HOME from Vietnam.

Back at Fort Bautista in Mexico.

Over the next week, the thirty from up north showed up dragging their rolling cases along behind. Some still had backpacks, some did not. All had seen battles at some level. Some had faced a local drug lord with a handful of men. A few had faced a hundred or more. Brad and Gloria had faced over 11,000. Tony and Willa had faced an army. They all had stories and experiences they would never forget.

On the 28th of November, exactly four weeks from the time the 30 entered Mexico. They were getting ready to go home. All the forces from Poncho’s Army was there at Fort Bautista. John and Jenny were also there along with Sam and Captain Kennady. A few days before God said there was less than 500 that still needed to go into the sun. That had been taken care of. The world looked at a drug-free Mexico. A Mexico free of corruption or even crime. The people were being fed and were being given good free health care. Jobs were opening all over the land. Slowly the people were converting back to a cash-based economy. One that was far fairer than what they had before.

The plan was to transport all the people in groups to God and at Christmas transport all of Mexico.

Poncho stood on a high platform. Gloria was with him, translating what he said into English, “We have won a great victory. We have many awards today to recognize those that risked their lives to give us the tools and courage to face the devil in the eye. You will be the witnesses to those awards being given out. Our friends from up north are each receiving a silver star and a pound of gold.” As Poncho was speaking Colonel Carl and General Jose’ were handing them out to the thirty from up north, shaking hands as they went.

“The next award will be a bronze star given to the people of Chetumal for their participation in the first major battle there.” Colonel Brownie and General Lorenzo started this. The award included 10 oz. of silver coins and two ounces of gold. This second award went to Tony and Willa along with Brad and Gloria. Standing nearby the Fisher Kids along with Demetri and his 5 comrades also received the Chetumal award. Demetri and his comrades had also received the two pistols and leather holster sets for their part in training Poncho’s Army.

“The third award we call the battle of the mission. There were 2,017 souls hiding behind those walls. We sent Tony and Willa to join Peter and Patty along with 98 volunteers from Chetumal. In record time the fighters prepared themselves with new weapons with the aid of President John Taylor. When over 4,000 riders attacked, the mission forces put them all down. Major Bautista and his scouts were also involved in that battle. They also took another 3,000 to God and watched them all go into the west side of the sun.” Poncho allowed the clapping to quiet, “Another ounce of gold and 20 ounces of silver is being handed out. The mothers of the 176 are also receiving this award for their sons and daughters that had ascended.”

Poncho continued, “The next award is what we call the second battle of Chetumal.” There were now fifty-four others helping the four Senior Members distribute the awards, “Colonel Brownie with the assistance of Brad and Gloria went up against the best of the Old Mexican Army. They were outnumbered almost 5 to 1 and yet, they won the day. They will be getting another silver star along with three ounces of gold and ten ounces of silver.” The clapping was loud and thunderous. Poncho had saved the best for last.

“The last major battle for independence. Tony and Willa were major parts to this. A wounded Willa Taylor led the attack after the scouts had been bombarded with artillery, killing 176 of them. Major Jesus Bautista was severely injured, and Tony Taylor had a concussion so server he very likely would have died that day except for my son Jesus was giving Tony a healing while he himself realized he could not command because of his injuries. Under the command of Willa Nation Taylor who could hardly walk, our forces killed or took an estimate of 25,000 of the 1st and 2nd divisions to God. Willa had 123 of our young men and women in her command. I offer Willa Nation Taylor the highest award of this land. It is called the President’s Award. We may have to change that to the Governor’s Award if we join with the US.”

Poncho was watching as the Mother Marries were receiving two things he was going to talk about, “The next award goes to all of the scouts. I asked the question; how many did that leave us? I was thinking 30,000 or more. My second son, First Lieutenant Diego, said, “None sir. We went back and finished the JOB!” The noise was deafening. Many of the Mother Marries now realized just what their sons and daughters had been part of. The impossible had been accomplished.

Poncho continued, “The Mothers of those who have ascended are getting a small flag and a pound of gold. They also get a picture of their son or daughter in his or her uniform. Below the picture has mounted a pistol that all the scouts carry. All the Non-Commission personnel are promoted to First Lieutenant. All Platoon commanders and their assistants are promoted to Captain.” Poncho waited for it to quiet, “Like the US, Mexico has a Purple Heart. The ultimate sacrifice in the time of war.” Poncho again waited for quiet, “My son Major Jesus Bautista has passed onto the 176 mothers a task sent from God. The only Mother we know that had a son ascend, our Lord, was Mother Mary of 2,000 years ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you our MOTHER MARRIES!” Everyone was on their feet making more noise than ever before in appreciation. When it quieted again, “The Mother Marries are tasked with bringing balance to the sexes. Men, we must show patience, love, and encouragement and give time to our mates. No more circles of just men making all the important decisions. We must include our wives to sit next to us and give voice on the matters before us. To have an equal say and vote in the process of decision making.”

When the noise lessened, Poncho started again, “I asked God for assistance in all the awards today. This one took the most thought of our Father. These kids should be playing baseball. Doing what kids do! They all look ten years older than they are. These kids looked the devil in the eye and instead of running, they found a solution and proceeded to eliminate the last threat on OUR LAND. We may be safe for the first time in our LIFETIMES. Growing up, I witnessed my father, mother and 1000’s of our friends and family shot down because they stood up to that DEVIL. We are FREE. For the first time in my life, I can expect to see my grandchildren GROW UP!” The people there stood and screamed their approval. When it quieted, Poncho continued, “God and I, well mostly God suggested a silver star and a written promise to encourage the 143 to go to College anywhere in the world by supporting them with the base wage during the time they are in College. The families that have lost the 176. Your letter will allow the same support for any family member at the same level.”

Tony turned to Willa, “We just got our College paid for.”

“I know,” Willa responded with a big smile.

Seconds later Maria Batista was standing in front of Willa handing her the President’s award. The two hugged. Maria’s girls were with her. More hugs and laughter and crying. Another pound of Gold!

A young lady ran across the parade ground and threw her arms around Jesus and kissed him. “Who is that I wonder?” Tony said to no one.

“That is Julia, the sister to Amos. She has had a crush on Jesus forever.” Anna shared loud enough for many others to hear.

“How do you know this?” Tony asked.

“I’m a woman, we know these things,” Anna answered and giggled.

Tony looked down the line at Brad and Peter. In unity, they rolled their eyes and nodded their heads.

“I bring this to a close. At the west end is refreshments. At the East end is thirty-six spaceships that are open for review. Enjoy, job well done for all!” Poncho yelled, “DISMISSED!”

John was surrounded by the 300 family members and friends of the 30 from up north. The congratulations for putting the Mexican Plan into reality was overwhelming.

John and Jenny were busy giving hugs and handshakes to thousands. Vid Pusin and his lady Maya was standing beside the Taylors also congratulating the people of Mexico in their achievement. Vid had shared with John of another coup attempt on him and his families. They were going to an awards ceremony and dinner just outside of Moscow. Their car had been changed to a newer model under the story that their usual one needed service. On the way, their driver announced that he no longer had control of the vehicle. Vid transported everyone out to the side of the road. He told Maya “Go to God, take the driver and Skut. I will find you. Now GO!” Vid transported back to the Kremlin. He showed up in the hallway outside his office. At the desk where Demetri so often sat was one of the other men that had achieved a black lanyard. He had been shot in the head from behind. Vid pulled the man’s weapon from his shoulder holster. He felt for the second clip in the man’s pocket and found two extras. He paused and sent Demetri a text, ‘Coup going on. I am outside office.’

In 12 seconds came a reply, ‘On the way!’

Demetri appeared still fastening his new belt. He looked like someone from the Wild West. On the belt were two holsters with duel model 929 Smith and Westerns. Eight rounds in each of the cylinders and two extra cylinders in little pouches on the belt along with an additional 24 rounds on the gun belt. On his head was a hat that the New Mexican Military wore.

Vid smiled at Demetri, short pants, a tee shirt that said, “I love Mexico!” and a cowboy get up on his waist. Vid opened the door, Demetri with both guns ready went through first and stepped to the left. Vid followed with the nine-millimeter semi-automatic. Vid was good enough to be able to hit a body within 10 meters. Demetri could hit a 3-inch bullseye at that distance every time. These were the new pistols and belt that had been given to him and the other five Russians by General Batista for their assistance in training. One man went to draw a weapon and Demetri hit him in the shoulder joint. When Poncho had gotten shot in the same place, he was fine until he sat down so the healers could work on his shoulder, it was then he passed out. He said once the adrenalin wore off, the pain went right through the roof.

“You can’t win Vid.” One of the men informed, “There is a complete division surrounding this building. No way in or out!”

“Mika here.” Whispered behind Demetri and Pusin, “We have 1,000 BLs (Black Lanyards) throughout the building.”

Pusin said just loud enough, “Whale 3.” Signifying a complete grab of personnel within the area.

Ten seconds later, “Ready sir.”

“On three.” Pusin called, “One, two, THREE!”

Over 21,000 men landed on the scaffold on the west side of the sun. They watched as a dozen or, so power hungry men went towards the sun and explode. Many Colonels and Majors made their way to President Pusin and shook hands with him.

“Sir, the common thought was we were going to have millions of Russians die from starvation and cold this winter. Those people out there are the parents and loved ones of a lot of these men. You changed that, these men love you, sir.” Demetri shared, “You have saved their families! They will follow you anywhere.”

Vid was chocked up just a bit, “Let’s go to God!” The transport happened.

They found the man that had been shot in the head. He was sitting up and drinking water talking to the three young ladies and the young man that had done the healing on him. Vid gave him his gun back. Vid was more than a little disappointed because the coup happened the day after he had come back from the rail blockage in NE Russia.

There had been a section in NE Russia that was cut off. It was a community that produced a large volume of natural gas. About 37,000 souls in total were cut off from food and supplies. President Pusin led the charge to get the last major blockage removed from the Russian Rail lines. He used the TV to get additional volunteers to the site. After a marathon of 30 hours, the rails were re-laid, and a freight train was able to get through to the blocked community. There on the National TV for Russia, President Pusin was seen working side by side with workers and doing healings on two of the men that had been hurt. His guard was also there shoveling rocks and dirt. In one of the two-minute interviews President Pusin gave over three days, “Yes, we are airlifting food to them. Yes, we can continue to do that. But they have a major outlet of natural gas that is needed to keep this part of our Mother Russia warm. That effects over a million of our fellow countrymen.”

When it was over, the TV reporter was there, “President Pusin, what is the next step?”

“To bring in a trainload of tankers, fill them and plug them back into the system down the line. Give our pipeline people time to fix the pipe. They have promised a temporary line, set up in a few days with the main line done in a month. We will keep the tankers running until the main pipeline is fixed.” Vid responded.

“How about you sir?”

“A good meal, a good bath, and a good bed. Yes, the major rail lines are all open. There are still hundreds of things to do for our other rail lines. We will start on that list in the spring. For now, we eat, and we stay warm.” Vid smiled and waved to the TV audience, “Thank God and thank you to all of the people that have contributed to getting us to this point. More to do, we will get it done.” Vid had shared this and the first day back was the coup.

John shared his x-wife’s attempt at killing him. When she came into the bank, John did not recognize her. He was busy finishing a loan package and asked her to be seated and help yourself to some coffee. She got herself a cup of coffee and sat quietly. John knew his intuition was going wild. He finished the loan package, sat back in his chair and looked at the women. His intuition said this was Liz. His mind said this could not be Liz. He counted the years since he had last seen her, as he got himself some coffee. Twice maybe since 1995. John thought that can’t be Liz.

“You don’t remember me?” Liz asked.

The voice was the same, “You’ve changed a lot.” John shared. He hit send on his phone for a prepared message to Jenny, “Come if not busy.” John looked up, “You look well!”

“The little pregnant girl across the street is a good healer.” Liz shared, “She healed many things.”

“Are you going to join our healthcare?” John thought anybody with an ND (Naturopathy Doctor) after their name might feel at home in the new Health Cure System.

“No John, not unless you put me in charge,” Liz stated.

“Not going to happen Liz. I don’t run the Health Cure System. This little pregnant girl does.” John stood. Jenny had transported to the back lobby and came towards them. With two feet of snow still on the ground, transport was a much warmer way to travel.

“Hi Liz, I see you have met my husband.” Jenny shared.

“OH no! Oh, Jenny, I’m so very sorry for you.” Liz snarled at John.

“Jenny, Liz was my second wife. She is a control freak. We were married for five years and were separated five times for a month or more each time. I gave it my all to make it work. It felt like I was pushing the car with Liz having both feet on the brake.”

“Typical man blames the women.” Liz looked at Jenny to agree.

“I believe him, Liz. I have supported him to be who he really is.” Jenny shook her head “No” to Liz’s Comment, “I bet that is something you could never do.”

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