Thunder and Lightening
Chapter 21

Copyright© 2020 by Lazlo Zalezac

Jenny looked over to her left at the sight of Jerry driving the pickup truck. She wanted to slide over on the seat to sit closer to him, but that was impossible. On the seat between them was the trophy that had been won by the truck. He was so proud of the trophy and rightfully so. It represented the culmination of a lot of work.

She knew that Jerry tended to think of this truck as an extension of himself. Rebuilding the truck had been therapy, with each improvement of the truck representing an improvement in him. She had witnessed his anger once and it had scared her, but she had seen him come to peace with his strength. The differences between the man that she had met that first day in her restaurant and the one sitting next to her now were very subtle.

At a stoplight, she looked out her window at a car stopped next to them. It was obvious to her the guy was jealous. The envy with which the driver was looking at the truck was written all over his face. A woman in another car was really looking it over as though trying to appraise the owner. It almost made her laugh as she remembered thinking at one time that she was embarrassed at being in the truck because it looked so bad. Now she could see half the men would have traded cars with them in a second. She turned to Jerry and said, “This truck is causing quite a stir.”

“I noticed that,” he replied with a very happy smile. He had seen more value in the truck than anyone else had when he had first gotten it. Now people could see his vision and they liked it. He knew that they liked it and had awarded his vision with a trophy. “Quite a few people have been pointing at us.”

“It was nice of Woody’s parents to take Bill to the movies and dinner this evening,” said Jenny. That had been the luckiest thing that had happened to her and a plan had immediately come to mind when Bill asked if he could go with Woody. Jerry was going to take her home and then she was going to take him to bed, at least that was her plan.

Unaware of her plans for him, Jerry asked, “What do you want to do for dinner?”

Her plans hadn’t included dinner and she scrambled to update them to take that into account. Grasping for straws, she decided that they could stop by the grocery store and get the fixings for a simple meal to cook at her house. She asked, “How about I cook some pork chops, baked potatoes, and corn?”

“Sounds good,” he answered, “but I don’t want to make you go through all that trouble.”

“It’s no trouble,” she countered, “we can stop by the store and pick up the ingredients. I’ll start the potatoes and we can relax for a while.”

It seemed very reasonable to Jerry and he said, “Sounds good to me. I just don’t want you to go to all of that trouble on my behalf.”

Exasperated that his consideration was going to foil her plans, she replied, “It’s no problem.”

Jerry pulled into a shopping center that she pointed out to him and parked the car. He took the time to park a good distance away from all other cars in the lot. The last thing he wanted was for the truck to get dented the first day he was driving it around. He apologized, “I’m sorry about parking so far from the door.”

“I understand,” she replied with a smile. She understood that it would be shame for the truck to get dented on its maiden day in public. She wasn’t about to admit that it killed some of the time that she wanted to use for ‘other purposes.’

Together, they went into the store and walked through the aisles, holding hands and looking for the ingredients for the meal. Jerry carried the basket as Jenny dragged him straight to the aisles where the items she wanted were stocked. It didn’t take long to locate the pork chops, the potatoes, and a large can of kernel sweet corn. She didn’t run, but she did move at a fast pace. In fact, it took longer to pay for the goods than it took to locate them.

The drive back to the house took five minutes and Jenny was very relieved to see that they had made it in such good time. On entering, she turned on the lights despite the fact that it was still light outside and closed the curtains to the living room. She didn’t want the neighbors to see what she was going to be doing in the house this evening.

Jerry stood just inside the door holding the bag of groceries, shifting from foot to foot, uncomfortable at her actions. He recalled the hand job that she had given him the other night. Looking at the closed windows, he wondered if she didn’t want the neighbors to see him and felt hurt at the thought that she might be ashamed of him.

Ignoring his discomfort, Jenny said, “Okay, let’s put those groceries in the kitchen. I’ll start the baked potatoes.”

Jerry put the bag down and handed her the two potatoes from the bag. Grabbing them, she went over to the sink and scrubbed them with fast staccato motions. Jerry noticed her rapid nervous motions and said, “Hey, relax. We have plenty of time to eat before I have to go pick up Bill.”

Searching for an excuse, she said, “I usually work fast when I’m preparing food. Remember that I own a restaurant.”

“Oh, okay.” Jerry looked around the kitchen impressed with its layout. Compared to his kitchen, it was crammed with stuff. He went over and examined the blender wondering what use it was to her.

He turned in time to see Jenny put the potatoes, wrapped in foil, into the oven. Twisting a knob, she turned on the oven by selecting the baking temperature. She smiled and said, “They have to stay there for forty-five minutes or more before they are done. Why don’t you go in the living room while I get into something more comfortable?”

“Sure,” replied Jerry although he was confused about what could be more comfortable than blue jeans and a blouse. Returning to the living room, he looked at the closed curtains feeling certain that she was embarrassed that the neighbors would see them together. Trying to put the thought out of his mind, he sat down on one side of the couch, taking up almost half of it despite the fact that it was intended for three people.

When Jenny returned, his mind shut down at the sight of her. All thoughts that she was ashamed of him to the point that she didn’t want the neighbors to see him fled his mind. She didn’t want the neighbors to see what she was wearing. The robe she wore came down to the middle of her thighs, and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing much, if anything, underneath it. He sat up straight and tried to say something, but his mouth didn’t seem to obey the signals from his brain. All that came out of his mouth was, “ah.”

She smiled at him, enjoying his reaction to her, and asked, “Do you like?”


“You don’t like?” She teased him by turning in place, giving a view of her from all angles. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide. He rubbed his hands on his pant legs to remove the sweat from his palms. His face was flushed, not from anger but from desire.

“Uh,” answered Jerry with his heart beating, the pulses of blood pounding in his ears. His mouth still wasn’t working correctly. It was amazing how difficult it was for him to say yes.

“Is it too much?” She lifted the hem of the robe up a couple of inches.

“Uh,” replied the big man.

“Do you think I should take it off?” asked Jenny enjoying his reaction. She had never had such an effect on a man before.

“Ah,” he squeaked. His forehead broke out in a sweat as his lips went numb and throat dried up.

“You do think I should take it off?” She played with the small tie that held the robe closed.

“Please...” It took some effort, but he was able to get out the first word of his response. He wasn’t able to get out the rest of the sentence. He had wanted to say, ‘Please, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.’ What he had said reflected what he desired more than what he had intended to say.

As she dropped the robe. She watched his hands shake and could see that he was in pain down below. She suggested, “You might want to get out of your clothes.”

With his mind on idle, he stood and started to remove his clothes knowing that he would do anything that she asked. She watched him strip amazed at his body. It was almost completely covered by a coat of hair. She could see the muscles moving under the skin, particularly on his back where he was tense.

She took his hand and kissed his calluses, knowing the effect that her actions had on him. He hated his hands and to accept his hands was to accept the worst about him.

She smiled and said, “Follow me to my bedroom.”

Walking with stiff movements, as though he were a robot, he followed her to the bedroom. She lay down on the bed and looked up at him with obvious nervousness.

In a whispered voice, she pleaded, “Make love to me.”

He collapsed on the bed beside her, knowing that his weight would crush her if he were to do otherwise. Pulling her close, he held her as though he never wanted to let go. She enjoyed the cuddle. Looking up at his face, afraid that she would find that he had gone to sleep, she saw tears were running down his cheeks. Never had she seen such a reaction from a man in bed before.

Jerry felt like a thirty-five year old virgin. He had never experienced sex like that before in his life. She actually spoke to him, encouraged him, and moved with him in bed. That was nothing he had ever experienced before. In a soft voice, he said, “I can die happy now. I have never experienced such bliss in my life before this moment.”

‘Wow!’ His words ripped through her mind like a miniature tornado. She had wondered what he would say and hoped with desperation that it wouldn’t be to ask if he was good in bed. Instead, he had given her the best after sex compliment that she had ever heard delivered anywhere, including the movies. She purred, “That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.”

He held her wondering how he had been so lucky to find a woman that actually liked sex. As far as he knew, it was unheard of for a woman to enjoy it. His ex-wife had never allowed him to see her body and she would lie on the bed motionless complaining the entire time that he was on top of her. Her idea of encouragement was to ask if he was done yet. He hugged Jenny again and said, “How was I so lucky to find you?”

Jenny loved being held in his embrace. His strength reassured her and made her feel protected, comforted, and secure. She answered, “I’m the lucky one.”

As much as she loved cuddling after sex, she knew it was time to prepare dinner so that he could pick up his son on time. Sitting up, she said, “Let’s take a shower together.”

He stared at her in surprise, thinking to himself, ‘What a marvelous woman.’ He answered, “I would love that.”

In the shower, they took turns washing each other.

Jerry carefully dried her using a big fluffy bath towel. She dried him without as much attention to his body, but with more attention to the man inside.

Once they were done, Jenny led him out of the bedroom. When he paused to get his clothes, she asked, “What are you doing?”

“I was going to get dressed,” he replied thinking that she must be disgusted with his body by now.

“I want to see you like this.”

“You want to see me naked? Don’t you think I’m ugly?” he asked convinced that she would want him to cover himself.

“Ugly? Not at all,” she answered. Not for the first time, she asked herself, ‘What could that bitch of an ex-wife have done to him to cause him to act in this fashion?’ To make her point, she added, “I like looking at your body.”

“Oh. I just thought...” he replied without knowing how to finish the sentence. He had assumed that she would want him to cover his body as quickly as possible.

In the kitchen, Jenny donned an apron and started cooking the rest of the meal. The baked potatoes had been in the oven for a lot longer than she had intended. She had not expected him to take over an hour pleasing her. In her experience, first times were usually the worst and lasted thirty minutes, tops. If this was the worst that he had to offer, then things were going to get a lot better. The idea made her weak at the knees.

Jerry sat in a chair watching her cook. The apron was tantalizing as it left her back bare, but covered most of the good bits in the front. Her legs were proportioned well for her height. Others might find them a little thick, but they were solid.

He didn’t know how many times in the past that he had wished to see a woman walking around the house naked. This was so different from anything he had experienced with his wife, that it was hard to convince himself that it was real.

She caught him gazing upon her and asked, “Do you like the view?”

“I love it,” he replied. Hanging his head, he confessed, “I’ve never seen a naked woman before except in pictures.”

She returned to cooking wondering how a married man could possibly not have ever seen naked women except in pictures. It was obvious that he wasn’t lying to her. She shook her head and turned over the pork chops to cook on the other side. The corn was done, so she spent the next few minutes putting it into a serving bowl. Jerry came over to carry it to the table.

It was a scene of domestic tranquility as Jenny cooked and Jerry set the table. Removing the pork chops from the frying pan and piling them on a plate, she turned off the stove.

Over dinner they talked about Bill and the other kids. Jenny said, “I really liked Sandy. She’s a very mature and aware young lady.”

“Bill really likes her. I don’t mean that in a boyfriend girlfriend type of way, but as friends.”

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