If I Were the Last Man Alive
Chapter 30: Jamie

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When I knew Arthea and I were in love, the one thing I re-member was her eyes. I'd looked into her eyes a lot as we dated, but from the moment I knew we were in love, her eyes were new.

Lori's eye, too, had changed and I instantly felt guilty. Not about loving Lori but leaving Arthea. My head and my heart were at war as I parked the car.

Arthea was my past. She was a part of my life forever

Lori is my future. I needed to tuck Arthea's memory where it would not hurt Lori.

After our honeymoon, Arthea and I were just becoming comfortable in marriage. In time, we learned each other's ways and how to fit ourselves into every facet of each other's life. There were things to overcome, such as who got the bathroom first.

Our lives were a union in every sense of the word — as lov-ers, as partners, as friends and as confidants. We knew many of the secret corners in the other's mind.

Since I had done it once, I felt confident that I could again. As long as I stayed aware of her fears, wants and needs, then our love would grow us into a full partnership.

It takes time and work to manage a marriage, but we had advantages Arthea and I never had. Without careers pulling at us, we could forge a new life with no outside pressures. Our day-to-day lives would only include the two of us.

"We're almost home," I said. "When we get there, I'll move the motor home to the neighbor's driveway and get you hooked up to their septic system. You do still want to stay out in the RV, right?"

She nodded. "I want the first time I walk through that door to be as Mrs. Jamie Miller," she answered firmly. "I am so determined to make this right. There's never going to be another wedding for us and I hope I'm not being too selfish, am I?"

I smiled at her. "No. Don't even think about it. My concern is about your comfort. You need to give me time to get things right for you."

The instant I parked the car, Lori hurled herself into my arms, hugging me like there was no tomorrow. It took all my resolve to break our embrace and cool off before we pushed God's barriers aside. The rest of our lives would have to be long enough. We weren't disrespecting this marriage before it began.


We were about to embark on an unknown journey together. We were almost strangers, yet so comfortable that things just seemed to mesh. It would take time to completely know each other, but we had forever with no one and anything to bother us.

We turned into a long driveway that led up to a beautiful, large ranch house with a huge back yard and view of the lake Jamie had mentioned. I couldn't believe we were going to live there. But we were. The people who had lived there were gone like everyone else.

Once the Suburban was parked in the circular drive, Jamie moved the RV into position while I sorted the goods we had brought with us. As fast as I completed that task, Jamie called for me to join him in the RV.

It was not the prettiest motor home ever built. The body looked like slabs of steel welded onto a rock. The tires were huge and the whole thing was so high, you walked up seven steps to get inside. Jamie said it was built to be strong, rugged and safe. When we took trips to search for other survivors, it would keep us safe, and that was why he picked it.

The "living room" was not bad. It had a comfortable looking couch and an eating booth. Jamie showed me how both convert-ed into sleeping beds.

The kitchen was tiny but fully equipped. Jamie had thought-fully kept it partially stocked with bottled water and soft drinks in plastic bottles. I asked about that and Jamie said aluminum cans will leak after a year or so, and drinking out of aluminum cans is a health hazard.

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