If I Were the Last Man Alive
Chapter 7

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On the eighth day, the instant I opened my eyes I knew that the day would be humid, hot and sticky. I dressed in shorts and a tee shirt then laid out my tools, hoses and pumps to build a water delivery system for the house.

It took a couple of hours to pipe my way out to the spring. As soon as the pipe was positioned just right, I hooked up the pump, wired it to the exterior outlet on the house and spliced that outlet to one of the generators. When I fired up the generator, water immediately rushed through the pipes and into the y-valve I installed into the house plumbing. The spring offered slight, positive water pressure, meaning the water pushed out into the pipes and towards the house without the need of a motor.

To have significant water pressure for things like washing and lawn irrigation, I needed a water pump. The natural positive water pressure wouldn't be able to push up sprinkler heads, much less offer sufficient water for showering or cleaning tasks.

At the hardware store I picked up all the makings for a water pump system. I needed a tank, motor, pressure valve and an assortment of this and that. The hardware manager thoughtfully kept it all in stock, so I completed the task without too much trouble.

Once I had water, I turned off the generator and set about plumbing in the solar hot water panel and tank. In just a little while I had it hooked into the system. Later I would install a set of windmills to pump without electricity, but in the meantime I could use the generator and backup solar system to provide household power.

Once the sun heated the hot water, it was dumped into a 60-gallon tank and plumbed right into the master bedroom shower, bypassing the rest of the system. I figured that was all I needed for a hot shower. Then I installed four rain barrels where the gutters came down to catch rainwater. I might need it for a garden, when I planted one, as well as for cleaning chores.

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