Stranded in a Foreign Land

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Josh (Joshua) Evens: 19-year-old college student helping out of his family's ranch during the summer, despite his reservations about doing so.

Melissa Evens: Josh's 40-year-old mother, who owns and runs the family ranch.

Francis Evens: Josh's older 21-year-old sister, a senior in college studying to become an electrical engineer, although she plans to remain at the family ranch.

Janet Evens: Josh's younger sister, who is currently in high school while studying to become a vet.


Alicia: Local woman who discovers an already dead alien and then calls the local TV station hoping to garner some publicity.

Col. Adams: Alias used by CIA agent who interviews Josh. Sargent Bill: Police Sargent assigned to guard Josh while in police custody.

Anton Anthony: Latest teen pop-icon, which President Atkinson uses as cover for his actions.

President Alan Atkinson: President of the United States, currently in the late end of the first year of his second term.

Detective Andrews: Police Detective who ties to weasel information out of Josh before the Government takes him away.

Bethany Sanders: A 37-year-old housewife with orange hair, wife of Emmanuel and mother of Tammy.

Betsy McCreary: Josh's ex-girlfriend, who despite being friends and neighbors or most of their lives, cheated on him then dumped him, yet still blamed him for their troubles.

Cynthia Taylor: One of Josh's long time neighbor friends. A tomboy who, despite hanging out with the guys, isn't interested in any of them romantically.

Emmanuel Sanders: An office executive with a nice older house in the country who rescued their own alien, but then called for help when it resisted their efforts to help it.

Fred Wolf: Josh's childhood friend, a Navajo-American originally from the nearby reservation.

Jeffery Rutgers: A slightly older army veteran who takes over the lead role among the three discharged soldiers now helping Josh.

John Bates: Agent of an unidentified Government agency, acting in the role of the 'military' in babysitting the police search for aliens.

Jonathon McCreary: Betsy's father, a no-nonsense retired army Colonel that Josh turns to for assistance, despite his complex relationship with his daughter.

Natalie Romanus: TV reporter at a small local TV station.

General McGinn: 53-year-old four-star General currently serving as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Molly Brown: Army veteran previously assigned to Afghanistan for two tours. Picked by Col. Jonathan McCreary as a likely candidate to assist Josh in whatever he had planned.

Peter Wyans: Josh's neighborhood friend from high school.

Phillip Rosenthal: Tall, quiet and brooding army veteran picked by Col. Jonathon McCreary as a potential asset for Josh in whatever he was trying to accomplish.

Oxborn Cathers: A linguistics professor at UAF.

Robert Towers: Head of the CIA.

Samuel White: The White House Chief of Staff serving under President Atkinson.

Tammy Sanders: The 16-year-old daughter of Bethany and Emmanuel.

Tom Rogers: Head of the NSA.

Wanda Myers: Owner of a property far off the normal roads who'd discovered another ship but was afraid to either rescue them herself or call for help.

Uncle Joseph Whitetail: Fred's uncle, who owns a remote repair junkyard on the Indian Reservation in the mountains.

Corporal Whitacre: The head of the CIA's secret government installation.

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