When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 16

Copyright© 2020 by Kendrom

“Everyone, are we ready?”, Hana questioned loudly

“HAIIIIII”, answered the entire class

It was the first day of their preparation, and the whole class had stayed back for practice.

The day before, when Sugawara had asked Hana what they’ll be doing Hana replied, “We’re gonna enact a short play, 45 minutes long, mostly through dancing, and some through drama. It’ll be a simple fairy tale. There is a prince and a simple village girl. Both fall in love. But unlike most fairy tales, instead of the girl, the prince is captured by an evil lord, and the girl with the help of a magical being goes to rescue the guy”

“I see”, said Sugawara with some thought, “Yeah it’ll work”

“Oh, Ichi Kun, you submitted our form, right?”

“Yeah that’s the first thing I did”, assured Sugawara.

During the festival, each class had to fill up a form, stating what they’ll be presenting and which area of the school they would be needing. To avoid disputes amongst classes, they had to fill up the time, when they submitted the form to a member of the student council. So, if two classes opted for the same location, the one who submitted their form earlier, would get it.

“Okay then”, Hana had an announcement to make, “Is it fine if I assign the role for the act?”

“Sure”, Sugawara said, and the whole class agreed

“Fine then, I’ll be playing the role of the magical being who’ll support the girl. Saichiba Chan will play the girl’s role”, everyone shook their head

“Huh, wait I cannot do it”, Saichiba was red with embarrassment

“Ano Chan, it’s fine you have a cute face but you even have the gaze of a warrior, you’re perfect for the role”, Sugawara deducted

“Moving On”, Hana continued ignoring Saichiba’s protest, “The prince will be Kai”, every girl agreed, the guys to had to admit he was fit for the role

“Wait a minute...”, Kai glared at Hana

Ken simply put his hands-on Kai’s shoulder, “There is no point in protesting. Just give up”, he had a smug look

Hana gave Kai a thumb’s up, “Now, Ichi Kun will play the role of Saichiba’s comrade, as his father had been killed by the evil lord”

Sugawara nodded

“Now for the antagonist”, Hana smirked, “Ken will be the evil lord”

“Wait a minute...”, Ken was flustered

Kai simply put his hands-on Ken’s shoulder, “There is no point in protesting. Just give up”, he had a smug look

“I see”, Sugawara, “It’s because of Ken’s eyes, it looks like he has been stoned. Especially when he is about to dose off”

Everyone laughed.

“Ah... , I cannot do it”, Ken said

Hana looked at Ken with puppy eyes, “Please Ken, for me?”

Ken stuttered, “Fine...”

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