When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 15

Copyright© 2020 by Kendrom

Now that everything was back to normal, the class had something to look forward to. It was the last week of August and the event the entire class had been looking forward to was finally arriving. Two weeks were left for the school’s annual cultural festival. A battleground for the entire school, where united classes fought, with other classes. The class with the most brilliant idea and the highest revenue got crowned as the “Brilliant Class”, of the year. Of course, if it were merely for the title, no class would be too pumped up, but the top three classes would get a paid vacation to Okinawa Islands. Now that was something to look forward to. So, the class representative, Sugawara San had asked everybody to stay back after school for a group meeting, to discuss what they will be presenting this year.

“So, guys what have we decided, what will we be doing this year?”

“MAID CAFEEEEE”, shouted Futaro

Every girl in the class turned towards Futaro and flatly denied, “Go rot in hell”

Futaro clutched his chest and dramatically fell on the floor, “But getting rejected by such beauties isn’t all that bad”

“The girls are correct, Maid Cafe won’t do, it’s too overrated”, added Sugawara

“Then what should we do?”, asked one of the boys

“Yeah we need that Okinawa trip”, added another girl

“Yeah we do need that trip”, said Futaro drooling

Again, all of the girls gave Futaro a sharp look, “PERVERT”

“How about a haunted house?”, suggested Kai

“To cliché”, said Ken. Apparently, Ken had to deny everything Kai says and vice versa

“So why don’t you suggest something?”

“How about a play?”, Ken countered Kai

“Boooooring”, Kai fired back. Both had locked eyes and an imaginary spark flew off when Hana said something absentmindedly,

“A short drama shown through a dance could do the trick. It’s a new idea. Plus, we can put the element of café, by providing our viewers with food service”

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