When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 14

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Ken and Kai had been following them for quite some time now, and Ken’s suspicion was growing by the minute. They visited the mall. First of all, they visited an accessory shop, where Hana tried on a piece of ornament and asked him (Ken’s nemesis) his opinion. Next, they visited a showroom, and the guy purchased a cap (cool choice Ken thought). Finally, they visited a book store, where Hana bought the newest serialization of “Bright-Sided Love” (Ken took note of that). After they exited the mall, they started moving towards the main traffic point where they took a sudden turn, Ken and Kai lost them. Ken was looking around trying to locate them when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

“Have you not followed us long enough?”, it was the guy who was with Hana

“Ken Kai, what are you two doing here?”, Hana questioned

“Oh, so you know them”

“OH, Hana Chan what a coincidence”, Kai said confidently

“Crrrrrazy meeting ... You heeere...”, Ken stuttered

“Hana, won’t you introduce them to me?”, the guy enquired

“Oh yeah right, guys this is Nakashi Oda, Naka Kun they are Ken and Kai, my friends”

Nakashi held out his hand, “Pleasure meeting you”

Both shook his hand, “Same here”, said Kai, Ken said nothing.

“How do you know each other?”, Ken asked

“Oh, Hana San and I have known each for quite long”, said Nakashi

“We go back quite a lot, huh?”, Hana punched his arm

“That is not what I meant to ask”, Ken had clenched his fist in frustration

“So, are you two seeing each other?”, Kai cut to the chase

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that but we do share a special bond”, Nakashi said

“Kai Kun, why were you following us?”, Hana

Fuh, “I thought I had diverted her attention”, Kai thought, “We were worried something shady could happen”

Nakashi laughed, “Do I look that creepy?”

“Oh no, we were worried about you knowing Hana...”, Kai could barely complete his sentence when Hana’s fist barraged his skull. Nakashi had a heartier laughter.

“Why don’t we all go and have lunch together?”, Nakashi suggested, and so all of them visited the nearest McDonalds. After a satisfying meal, they all visited the river bank as Hana felt like to. Before reaching there, Kai pulled Ken aside and said, “I’ll distract Hana, you clear your doubt with that guy”, Ken nodded. Kai knew Ken would have many sleepless nights if the doubt wasn’t clear and indirectly it would affect him too because he was sure Ken would call him midnight, as he always did whenever he was in a fix.

“Hey Hana Chan, come out here there’s something important I have to tell you”, Kai called out to her.

Once the guy and Ken were alone, Ken gathered his courage and asked him, “Do you and Hana like each other?”

Nakashi looked at him and answered, “Yeah”

Ken was broken

“But not in the way you’re thinking”, Nakashi added, “I like her as a friend and vice versa”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m gay”


“Yup the kind who likes guys, so you don’t have to worry”

“Hahaha ... why why should I ... worry?”

“Common even I can tell you like her”

“Is it that obvious?”, Ken asked curiously


“So how come she doesn’t realize?”

“She is thick, don’t worry it’ll take her some time but she will”


There was a moment of awkward silence before Nakashi asked him, “Why didn’t you react when I said I’m gay?”

“Oh, sorry should I have reacted?”, asked Ken with confusion

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