When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 13

Copyright© 2020 by Kendrom

It was a Sunday afternoon. Ken and Kai were at the arcade. They had decided to spend the weekend together for old times’ sake. This week had been especially hectic and messy, with all the incidents. After the incident on Monday with Hana, Shizune had skipped school for four days before returning. After she returned, the first thing she did was apologize to Hana in front of the entire class. It looked like she had been crying non-stop for four days but she seemed to be at peace. She went ahead and even apologized to Kuroso Sensei. Ken noticed that Shizune had given up her haughtiness and acted like a normal girl. He took in the figure of her properly for the first time, and he realized that she was indeed attractive.

Kai was sipping an apple juice when he looked up at Ken from the screen, “Oye, how many hours has it been?”

“Don’t know maybe three or four? Not sure”

“My bum’s sored”

“Mine too”

“Let’s go take a walk”

“Yeah that’ll be good for our bum”

They left the arcade and started moving towards the main street.

“Say, Kai, are you interested in anyone?”, Ken suddenly felt the urge to ask this question

“Yes, there is”

“Oh, I guess so ... Huh, what?”, Ken was caught off guard, he never expected Kai to answer him seriously, “Who?”

“Saichiba Ano”

“Oh her”


“WHAAAATTTT!”, Ken had a dumbstruck look

“Baka, why are shouting?”

“You’re not joking right?”

“I never lie”

Ken was in deep thought, “Why?”

“Why do you like Hana?”, Kai answered Ken’s question with a question

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