When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 12

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Ken couldn’t concentrate on school throughout the day. He was concerned for Hana, and couldn’t wait for school to get over. His anxiety was getting the best of him. At around the sixth period, Kai received a mail, it was from Shizune, she had asked him to meet her behind the school building, once their school was over. Kai decided it was a time to end this façade. Once the last period’s bell went off, Ken, Kai, and Saichiba met for a meeting.

“I’ll go to Hana Chan’s house”, said Saichiba

“I’ll check around the school, also I have something to deal with”, said Kai

“And I’ll stay behind, in case she decides to come back here, also I have something to do”, Ken added

Once everything was decided, the two moved out. Ken opened their class’s cupboard and took out a bucket and scrubber.

Hana had spent the entire day behind their school’s gym, she wanted to cry but couldn’t. She kept remembering the scene this morning. The reason she ran away wasn’t because she was ashamed that her secret was out. She didn’t care whether people knew about her father or not. The reason she ran was because she was overwhelmed. She decided it was time to return home and that her friends must be worried about her, though she wasn’t sure whether she could still call them her friend. She was sure she had offended Ken, even though he was acting supportive. She slowly made her way back to the classroom. When she reached behind their school building, she saw Kai and Shizune. She quickly hid behind the bush, but still, their tone was audible.

“Mizuki Kun, I don’t like to beat around the bush, so let me tell you straight away, I love you”, Shizune said without hesitation

“Fuuuuuu...”, Kai let out a deep sigh, “Hanari I’ve already told you before I’m not interested in someone like you, I told you didn’t I, first be yourself then think about me”, Kai said with no emotion

“Why? Mizuki Kun, why? It’s because of that bitch Hana, right? What does she have that I don’t?”, Shizune was on the verge of breaking down

“Excuse me? I think you have a misunderstanding, I’m not interested in Hana”, Kai said, “Alright, I’ll tell you my secret, the person I’m interested in is Saichiba”

Shizune was stunned, same was Hana’s state.

“Why, why, what does she have?”

“It’s not something you’ll understand”, Kai said sternly, “You who will go any length for your desire. Let me tell you why I like, no why I love Saichiba. It’s because she is free-spirited. She doesn’t put on a fake air like you do, she will accept you the way you are and in return will want you to accept her the way she is. Being true to yourself, being one hundred that is what’s perfect to me. Saichiba is perfect to me”, Shizune kept quiet

“And how dare you do what you did to Hana”, he was glaring at her, “you think it’s easy? Huh, why don’t you try putting yourself in her shoes, then will you find how brave she is. Your act hurt Saichiba too and I’ll never forgive you for that, but most importantly, Hana’s an important friend of mine too. And making her your enemy means making me your enemy”.

Shizune broke down completely, one because she had lost Kai and secondly because she realized her foolishness.

Kai gaze soften abruptly, “Hanari, I know you’ve liked me for a long time, I chose to ignore your feelings so that you won’t get any hopes. I didn’t want to hurt you. And please try to be yourself, you’re more attractive that way. Forget about me, I’m pretty sure there are better guys than me for you out there”, he offered her his hand.

Shizune wiped her tears, and took some time to calm herself before shaking his hand, “I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done. I’ll apologize to Hana too. Thank you, Mizuki and best of luck”, she quickly turned away and left. She didn’t want him to see her crying anymore. She had given up on him.

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