When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 11

Copyright© 2020 by Kendrom

Ken was wondering why the class got quiet all of a sudden when he felt Hana shaking. He looked at the blackboard too and was dumbstruck.


What the hell is that? Ken was wondering when he received an e-mail from Kai,

“Hana has a father who is a big playboy, he left his wife for someone younger than her, the sad part is her mom cannot move on, feeling sad for Hana :( “, Ken, what the hell is this? Someone forwarded this to me.

He was trying to process what all was happening when Futaro approached him and Hana

“Airi San, what I’m hearing is that true”, he was teasing Hana, “Does your father have multiple girlfriends? If yes, then what a man”, he laughed hysterically.

Ken was about to bash his head but Hana spoke up, “Do you think it’s funny?”, she was shaking furiously now

“Ahhh, no I was just asking”, Futaro was looking scared

“What the hell do you think you are doing? You think this will be pleasing to me and my Mom?”

“No, please forgive”, Futaro was almost cornered

“Think how you will feel if someone says stuff like this about your mom”, Hana had almost lost it

“Hana, cool down if you kick mud nothing will happen to it only your shoes will get dirty”, Ken tried to calm Hana

Futaro was feeling remorse when someone spoke from behind

“Why are you cornering poor Futaro, after all, he is speaking the truth”, it was Shizune

“What the hell do you mean, how do you know any of this is true?”, Ken questioned Shizune

“First of all, I was the one who forwarded that message to all”, Shizune was talking about the e-mail Ken had just received, “And second of all my mom is Airi Chan’s father’s colleague. She saw Airi Chan last time and told me about her situation. My Mom also added that her dad tried to flirt with her too. Shameless. Oh, and you didn’t know about this I thought you two were good friends”, Shizune tried to act sympathetic.

Ken looked at Hana, “Is that true?”

When Hana said nothing and looked away to hide her tears, Ken spoke up, “So what if it’s true? Does it change anything, why should her father’s action affect her image?”, Ken said that to the whole class he turned towards Hana, held her arms and assured her, “Hana don’t worry about stuff like this, these people are immature”

Hana said nothing instead she turned around and ran out of the class, as she ran out, she passed Kuroso Sensei in the hallway, he tried to stop her, “Oie, Hana where are you going, class is about to start”, but Hana didn’t stop.

When he entered class, he was furious after he took a look at the blackboard, “Who the hell wrote that?”

The whole class fell silent.

It was Ken who answered, “I’m pretty sure it’s Hanari”

“On what basis are you saying that?”, questioned Shizune

Ken showed Kuroso Sensei the mail.

“Shizune, meet me in the staffroom now, and rest of you be on your best behaviour you don’t wanna irritate me further”.

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