When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 10

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Shizune Hanari. She was what they called ‘A Queen Bee’ of Ken’s class. She always carried an air of pride around her and was on the highest tier of their class’s hierarchy. She was always followed by a bunch of girls who weren’t her friend but her followers. Ken and Kai had always hated people who took too much pride in themselves so, they naturally disliked Shizune. Once when a boy had mustered his courage to confess his feelings to her via a letter, she simply took the letter from him, spat the chewing gum she was chewing in it and threw it in the dustbin, her only response was, “A guy like you, don’t even dream about it”. The guy had been the laughing stock of the class for an entire week before he changed schools. Both Ken and Kai sympathized with the guy and felt disgusted with Shizune.

But Shizune had other thought. Shizune had seen Kai playing soccer and had since he was attractive had shown interest in him. When she approached him, “Mizuki Kun I’ll let you have coffee with me”

Kai with his full dosage of Kainess said, “Yeah, sure in your dreams”

Shizune was red with embarrassment, no guy no matter how handsome had rejected her. Therefore, this being her first rejection she was furious, “Did you just reject me? I’ll make your life miserable; I’ll leave you with no friends”, she shouted

Kai coolly said, “I think you are just a simple frail girl inside; you’re trying to armour that with that forced air of pride, be yourself then think about going on a date with me”

Shizune was about to say something but Kai cut her off, “Oh, and you’ll leave me friendless? That’s impossible”

When Kai made this statement, Ken hugged him from behind and challenged Shizune, “You’ll make me unfriend him, how exactly?”, when they got no response from her, they high-fived each other and left.

Shizune knew she had to feel angry but strangely she didn’t instead she found admiration for Kai.

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