When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 8

Copyright© 2020 by Kendrom

A soft breeze blew by the four-figure basking in the sun. Ken, Kai, Hana, and Saichiba were in their base. They had decided to spent a day in their base before their summer break was over.

“Only one week of summer vacation left”, Saichiba

“Yeah, time flew by in the wink of an eye”, added Kai

“Now we are in our final term”, Ken

“Soon we will be giving our finals”, Saichiba

“Then we will be in our second year”, Kai

“After that, we will be having our graduation ceremony”

“Aren’t you guys fast-forwarding a little?”, said Hana

“Hana chan don’t be sad even after our school’s over, we will still be friends”, said Saichiba

“Of-course”, Hana

“Ano chan wanna catch ladybugs with me?”, questioned Kai with a childish face

“Hai, let’s go”, Saichiba seemed to be more excited. They took off to their little adventure of capturing lady-bugs in the grass fields.

Ken was looking up to the sky, he seemed to be busy thinking about something

“What are you looking at?”, asked Hana

“Oh, nothing”, Ken was distracted, “I remembered something my Dad used to say, he always used to tell me that if I miss someone, I’ll just have to look up to the clouds and I will find them looking down at me from heaven”

“I’m sorry, I heard about your father”

“You were there at the cemetery last time, right?”

“Mizuki Kun told you?”


“Sorry I didn’t come to meet you”

“No problem, I reckon you were busy”

“No, I thought you needed space

“Very considerate of you”.

Both of them were again quiet, they could hear Saichiba screaming gleefully while Kai chased her. They were a perfect match, both were childish at times.

“Say Airi chan do you have a dream?”

“Where is that coming from?”

“Nah, I was just curious”

“Nothing that special. I just want to grow up to become someone who can support myself as well as my mom”

“That’s a good dream. Simple but complete. Perfectly defines you”

Hana had never looked at it that way. She was impressed by Ken’s deduction, “So, what’s your dream, wait let me guess, a professional goalkeeper?”

“No, Goalkeeping is my passion I don’t wanna make it my career. My dream is to study Information technology in Titech and graduate from there and then to join a large software engineering firm”

“They do say never judge a book by its cover”

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