When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 3

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After the first period, got over, Hana was preparing for the second period when someone stood in front of her. She looked at her newcomer, she was a girl shorter than her, with big bright baby eyes, blushed cheekbones, with vibrant black chin level hair. She was radiating energy and was full of life.

“This must be what the epitome of cuteness looks like”, thought Hana.

She spoke, “Saichiba Ano’s the name”

When she got no reply from Hana, who was still enchanted by her cuteness, she pulled her cheeks, “Are you deaf?”

“Uh, oh my name is Hana Airi”

“So, Hana chan it is”, she said with a wide grin, “You can call me Saichiba” she extended her hand

“Hai, pleased to meet you Saichiba chan”, Hana shook her hand. Something was comforting about Saichiba’s aura that Hana found assuring and reliable. They spend the first break together talking and knowing each other better. Hana was surprised by how easy it was to talk to Saichiba and to laugh along with her. It felt like she had known her for ages.

The fifth period was sports period, after changing into her gym clothes she met Saichiba. Hana was confused why everyone was going in a different direction when Saichiba cleared her confusion.

“Things are a little different out here, you can play whatever sports you’re in the mood for”, said Saichiba, “So what are you in the mood for?”

“How about running?”

“Huh, Hana chan did just read my mind?”, Saichiba gave her an astonished look, “I was thinking the same thing”

So, both of them made their way to the sports field where soccer was taking place too. She was about to start when she noticed someone familiar in one of the goal post.

“Isn’t that...”

Saichiba looked towards the goal post and said, “Oh that, yeah his name is Takanori, he is the best goalkeeper of our school and therefore he is nicknamed Neuer of Shimizudani”

Hana also noticed that one of the strikers was the guy who was with that annoying guy yesterday.

Hana had to admit as their game went on, it got more and more interesting and soon every eye on the field was on the game. Ken did live up to his nickname, guarding the post with all his might, he did not let a single ball pass through him. Kai too was nothing less, dribbling the ball, passing through the defenders smoothly and making accurate passes and shots. The game ended with Ken and Kai’s team winning with Kai’s single goal.

Hana had a newfound admiration for Ken and decided it was time to return him his handkerchief.

At the start of the fifth period, Ken thought he should go talk to her but quickly gave up the thought, thinking it would be weird to act so frank so soon. So, he changed into his gear and got out into the field.

After the match was over Ken and Kai made their way towards the gallery. Ken was pondering whether he should go talk to her or not when he heard someone call him out


He looked back to find Hana approaching him

“So, you play soccer huh?”

“Oh, yes I find it very enjoyable”

“Here”, she said holding out his handkerchief, “thanks for yesterday”

“Oh, thank you but there was no need to return it”

“Of course not, I don’t keep others favours nor their handkerchief”, she said jokingly.

Ken laughed involuntarily at this.

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