When I Met You in the Summer
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2020 by Kendrom

“Oie, wanna hit the arcade today?”, questioned Kai in his sleepish, pretty boy manner.

“Sure”, was Ken’s vacuous reply to this ever-repetitive question.

Both Ken and Kai were sophomores at Shimizudani high school. Ken was taller than Kai, both were well built for their age. While Kai, a natural red-head, was the heart-throb of their school, Ken was on the cooler side. Both had known each other since they were toddlers and had been like brothers since then.

As usual after the bell had rung for the last period, there was bustle in the class, everyone excited now that school was over for the day, making plans with their friends, the usual.

Ken and Kai made their way out of the school and moved towards the arcade, one of their favourite getaways. After reaching the arcade both started to blow their pocket money on whichever game they could lay their hands on. After three hours of intense gaming, Kai asked, “Hey Ken, say let’s visit our base”.

“Sure, after this much hard work we deserve a break”.

Their base was an abandoned pasture with a single apple tree. No one knew why it had only one apple tree, or why did the pasture exist at all, but something about it was so captivating that it had been Ken and Kai’s base for many years now. It was located in the edge of the city where population was less. Whenever they needed a place to relax they would crash there.

As they reached the pasture, Kai gave a discontented grunt, “Huh, who’s that, this is supposed to be our base.”

Ken looked towards where Kai was looking, and that happened. He had seen it happening in anime and movies and had always found it cliche and cringe, but it still happened. Time stood still, Kai’s voice drained out, his focus was only on the girl seated on the bench under the apple tree in front of him. She had long brown hair blowing in the wind, big pearl like eyes, nose with a fine line, and lips which Kai would define as “lush”, and long slender legs. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a jean mini skirt with a pair of leather sandal.

“Damn”, thought Ken, “She’s straight out of a manga”.

She was shaking silently, apparently, she was sobbing.

“Great, she is crying too”, grunted an irritated Kai.

Ken didn’t know why he did what he did next, but his legs had taken automatic control of themselves and he was moving towards the girl. Without giving his actions a second thought he called out to her, “Excuse me”, no response, “Excuse Me”, he said a little louder this time.

“Huh”, she looked up and finding Ken staring at her intently, she hurriedly wiped her tears and looked away.

“Are you all right?”, Ken asked offering her his handkerchief

“I’m fine, thank you”, she answered with clear annoyance

“Your state tells otherwise”, added Ken

She gave him a look that said “Are you serious right now”.

“I’m Takanori by the way, Ken Takanori”, he said offering her his hand next.

She looked at him with a puzzled air, whether to shake his hand or to ask him if he is in the right state of mind or not.

When Ken was, adamant and didn’t take his hand away, she said in an almost inaudible tone, “My name’s Airi, Hana Airi”.


It was then Ken realized that Kai was barking at him from behind. “Oie, Ken I’ve been calling out your name for the last few minutes, are we going or not.”

He turned towards Hana and placed his handkerchief near her on the bench, “I guess I’ll leave now!, I’m pretty sure you can use that, don’t worry its clean” and he flashed her a smile.

After that he turned towards Kai and approached him, Kai was even more worked up, “You gon deaf or what?”

“Fine, fine whatever”

They started leaving the pasture when Ken turned around and looked at her one last time. She had stopped crying and was looking at his handkerchief.

There was spring in his steps for the rest of the day.

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