World War: Campaign for Besland
Chapter 1

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In a rather rare display of diplomatic courtesy, Pen Ocival actually made an appointment to meet with the Prime Minister of Engle, to discuss the surrender of Engle to the Jade Empire. She had been told by the charming sounding secretary that it was a 10:55 appointment, and had been given the admonition that she shouldn’t be late since he had to meet with Parliament at 11:00. She felt that Engle’s surrender should probably take a bit more than five minutes, but she was willing to give the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt.

Thinking that it would be the height of rudeness to be late, she arrived nine hours early. She chose to use the area above the false ceiling in the office of the Prime Minister’s secretary as a waiting room. That way, at 10:55, she could just ‘drop in.’ The false ceiling was interesting. The only way into it was through the tiles of the false ceiling. It created a space that was six feet high in a room with a true ceiling that was sixteen feet high. She had plenty of room to hang a hammock on which to rest while waiting.

She was pretty sure that they wouldn’t have been very happy to know the kinds of things she had heard discussed in the rooms below her, particularly the derogatory things they said about ‘the bitch from the Jade Empire.’ She did notice four very large muscular men with guns entered the Prime Minister’s office at 10:30. By 10:50 they hadn’t left yet.

The secretary was busy looking through a stack of papers. Her head was down and she was concentrating on her work. Pen Ocival lifted a panel of the false ceiling and silently dropped down behind the secretary. Startling the secretary, she said, “I’m here for my 10:55 appointment with the Prime Minister.”

Recovering from her startlement, the secretary said, “Go right in. He’s expecting you.”

“Thank you,” Pen Ocival said.

“I wonder where she came from?,” the secretary muttered and went back to her work.

She entered the Prime Minister’s office startling everyone in it. She recalled them saying something earlier, about expecting a warning from security when she entered the building. It appeared that no one told them that she had arrived last night. Oh, well ... too bad. It appeared that they had arranged positions for greeting her, and her surprise entry caught them a little out position. The four large men scrambled to take positions around her.

“I am Pen Ocival. I am the Ambassador for the Jade Empire representing Empress Jana. I am here under diplomatic credentials, as arranged previously with your State Department. I’ve brought the contract for surrender for you to sign, Mr. Prime Minister.”

The Prime Minister was a man of medium height with a stomach that had seen too many rich meals. He was dressed in an expensive suit that screamed, “I’m rich and important.” The implied, “and you’re not.” was conveyed by the expression on his face.

He glared at her and, in a bellicose voice, said, “Who do you think you are?”

“I know who I am. I am Pen Ocival. I’m the Ambassador for the Jade Empire representing Empress Jana. I’m here under diplomatic credentials, as arranged previously with your State Department.”

In an arrogant and a dismissive tone of voice that reeked of condescension, he said, “Engle does not recognized the Jade Empire, so you have no standing as a diplomat.”

Pen Ocival exhaled loudly and then said, “Are you sure you want to go down this road?”

“Grab her.”

Eight very large and strong hands grabbed her arms. She looked at the four men as if they were idiots. Maybe they were unaware that with how they were holding her, she could take out the knees on two of them and then put a foot in the crotches of the other two.

She said, “All of this muscle just to hold little ol’ me? Wow, I’m impressed.”

“I am placing you under arrest as a war criminal.”

“Clearly, a parliamentary system isn’t working here. I look forward to the return of the King.”

With a red face, he ordered, “Take her weapons. Strip her, and make sure that she doesn’t have any more weapons hidden on - or in - her body.”

Her weapons were taken from her by two of the men, while the others held her. Her armor was removed although it took them a minute or so to figure out how to remove all of the pieces. She was now down to her undergarments. Her undergarments were not sexy kinds of things but a functional pullover shirt and tight shorts to protect the body from chafing on the armor. They were removed in a none too gentle a fashion. She stood there looking unconcerned throughout the procedure.

The two men holding her arms forced her to bend over. One of the other men started a body cavity search. She didn’t struggle or resist in any way. She did stare directly at the Prime Minister the whole time. He found her lack of reaction unnerving. She should have been struggling, or at least protesting her treatment.

In what was almost a conversational tone of voice, she asked, “Why are you doing this?”

In an angry voice, he shouted, “Who do you think you are coming into my office and demanding me to surrender Engle to a band of outlaws? Engle is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Misera is a piss hole of a country. Engle will never surrender to Misera.”

“You keep asking who I think I am. I am Pen Ocival. I’m a Jade Warrior. Never forget that.”

The man who had performed the cavity search said, “Jade Warrior, my ass. They aren’t as tough as everyone thinks. The bitch just stood there like a lamb when I searched her. Maybe I’ll use my cock on her for her next body cavity search.”

“Are you saying that the only way you can get laid is by raping someone?”

He reached over and twisted a nipple. She didn’t flinch. She turned her head to look him in the eye.

She said, “You can do stupid things that will get a laugh. You can do stupid things that will convince people you’re stupid. Then you can do stupid things that will kill you. You just signed your death warrant.”

She made a whistling sound like a bomb falling in a movie.

“Take her away.”

When she reached the point in her whistle where she should have said boom, there was a huge explosion that shook the room. The noise startled the two men holding her. In a flash, she turned from meek naked little captive into a whirlwind of death. All of the men were dying of crushed larynxes by the second explosion. The two explosions were only the first two of five.

The Prime Minister was staring open mouthed at her. He couldn’t believe how fast she had moved. She picked up her sword and held the point to the Prime Minister’s throat. Wide eyed, he stood frozen listening to the last of the explosions.

Looking at the Prime Minister, she said, “In case you’re wondering, that was the Parliament building that got hit. As I said, your parliamentary system isn’t working. It can’t work with jerks like you in power.”

He managed to get out a question, “How?”

“We knew that we couldn’t fly any planes anywhere near here. You’ve got really good air defenses. But, everyone forgot that Chen had cruise missiles on the ships we stole. We never really had a chance to use them until now. The moment you said ‘grab her,’ we judged you guilty of breaking international law, and we launched.”

“Oh my God,” he said. “We are supposed to be meeting in there.”

“Not anymore. I figure we got most of you out of the way.”

“You destroyed a historic building.”

“I do feel bad about that, but it was kind of unavoidable. If you’re going to shoot fish in a barrel, then you have to shoot the barrel.”

The sound of sirens from outside the building could be heard. There were a lot of them. It was obvious the police, fire department, and ambulances were arriving. It would be a while before they were organized down there.

“This is outrageous. You’ve destroyed a national landmark.”

“Speaking of outrageous, I want you to take your clothes off, while I put mine on,” Pen Ocival said.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“It’s that old ‘I show you and then you show me.’ You decided how this was going to play out.”

“You can’t be serious.”

With a little jab of her sword she made a nice little hole that started to bleed quite nicely. It was just a scratch.

She said, “I’m very serious. If you won’t remove your clothes, I’ll use my sword to do it for you.”

She dressed while he undressed. She put on the shorts, but wasn’t able to put on the undershirt since they had cut it off of her. It was going to be very uncomfortable wearing her armor. She put it on being careful to arrange herself within the top piece.

He was a bit slower in getting undressed. She decided to help him by cutting his underwear off using her sword. He didn’t enjoy that at all.

She looked at him and said, “Empty mind, full belly, big ego, medium height, and small dick. I should have known you’d play games like this. In fact, I did know. That’s why Pens never travel without a Shield.”

The Prime Minister started to say something, but a false ceiling panel shifted and Shield Wong dropped into the office. The Prime Minister looked like he was about to faint.

In a conversational tone of voice, Shield Wong said, “All you had to say was one word, and I’d have killed them all. There was no need to suffer a search.”

“I wanted to see what they would do,” Pen Ocival said. “I was somewhat disappointed in their bullying tactics. It was all rather predictable. Strip the woman so she feels vulnerable, violate her, make crude comments, and twist a nipple.”

“There are much better ways to intimidate someone,” Shield Wong said and reached over to tap the Prime Minister on the nose.

Pen Ocival said, “Why do they have false ceilings?”

“Heating. This is an old building with high ceilings. Most of the rooms used to have fireplaces to heat them. High ceilings helps with smoke. With radiators, all of the heat goes up and the room stays cold. You put in a false ceiling to trap the heat. It works, but it’s a security hole. People can hide up in them,” Shield Wong said. He held up a small electronic device and added, “Plus it makes a great place to hide bugs.”

“Is that one of ours?”

“No. Someone else has been listening in on the discussions, here.”

The number of sirens that could be heard was dying down. It seemed like everyone who was coming to this party had already arrived.

Pen Ocival asked, “Do you think the press is here?”

“The Press?” the Prime Minister asked looking down at his naked body. The last thing his political career could use was to be paraded in public naked. It appeared that he was only now realizing the seriousness of this situation.

Shield Wong said, “Yes, but they probably haven’t been rounded up and put in a common location where they can be controlled. I’m sure that Sword Borya can convince the police to get things organized.”

“You’re right.”

There is nothing like the destruction of a primary government building to draw every emergency responder, law enforcement and intelligence agency to one spot. Each thinks that it should be in charge whether it is putting out the fire, rescuing the injured, controlling the area, investigating the crime, and looking for suspicious figures in the area. At the moment, there was a large crowd of important looking men standing around shouting at each other. The argument came to an abrupt end with the sound of a pistol being fired in their presence. All eyes turned towards the source.

“I hate to tell you this, but I’m in the one charge, here,” said Sword Borya.

“Where did you come from?”

Pointing to a fireman’s coat on the ground behind him, he answered, “Nobody checks the firemen.”

Several of the men glanced up at the sky at the military helicopters that were circling overhead. They were part of a security detachment that was supposed to provide air support in the event of a terrorist attack. This was clearly a terrorist attack. The men smiled knowing that the men aboard them would start killing any Jade Warriors in the area including the one standing in front of them.

Pointing up in the air, Sword Borya said, “We know all about those attack helicopters up there. They’re supposed to keep bad people away from the area in the event of an emergency. I’m afraid to say that the army folks who are supposed to be flying them, are ‘all tied up,’ at the moment.”


“Now that we’ve established that I’m really in charge, here, let’s get down to business.

“Mr. Fireman, get your men over there and start putting out the fire. You might be able to save some of the building. Mr. Policeman, get your men to round up the reporters and put them over by the parliament office building. Mr. Detective and Mr. Intelligence Guy, you can now tell everyone that you know who blew up the building. If you need a hint, it was us. Did I miss anyone?”

Looking a little sheepish, a guy said, “EMS.”

“Start treating the injured and burying the dead.”

Everyone stood there staring at him.

He said, “Don’t just stand there staring at me. Get on your radios and start giving orders. The sooner we get done here, the sooner I can go home.”

“Why did you do this?”

“We’re at war, or did you forget that?”

There were the sounds of small explosions in the distance. Everyone started getting excited again.

Waving a hand dismissively, Sword Borya said, “Don’t worry about those explosions. We are just disabling some of the missile systems guarding the airspace around the capital.”

“How did you find them?”

“Your security really sucks. Ah ... I see that the reporters have all been rounded up. Why don’t we all go over there in a group?”

There was a lot of grumbling. Men tried to position themselves to take out the Jade Warrior, but he seemed to know exactly what they were trying to do. There was some bumping and jostling. One of the law enforcement men reached for his back up pistol only to find that someone had lifted it. He looked around only to find it on the ground where they had been standing along with three others. He looked at Sword Borya who winked at him.

“I’m rated a master level in pickpocketing. It’s a useful skill for disarming someone without them knowing it,” he said with a smile.

“You all seem to be a step ahead, but things change. Don’t get too cocky. You’re alone out here, and there are hundreds of us.”

The sight of a Jade Warrior at the scene of a disaster like this had the same effect on the press as massive quantities of amphetamines. They went wild trying to out shout each other in asking questions.

“Ah ... Here comes Pen Ocival and the Prime Minister. I wonder what they have to say,” Sword Borya said with a nasty little smile.

The men from the various intelligence agencies turned and blanched. One of them couldn’t resist stating the obvious. “Oh, my, God. He’s naked.”

The sight of the Prime Minister, naked, being pushed along by a female Jade Warrior shut down the questions from the press like magic. There were a few guffaws from the men and a couple of titters from the women, but the most common reaction was stunned silence.

Pen Ocival pushed the Prime Minister down on his knees. Shield Wong took a position behind him. Looking at Pen Ocival, he said, “Give your testimony.”

Standing off to the side, she said, “My name is Pen Ocival. I am the Ambassador from the Jade Empire representing Empress Jana. I came here on diplomatic credentials, to request the surrender of Engle to the Jade Empire.

“The Prime Minister violated international law concerning diplomatic immunity. Despite my credentials, which had been established with the Engle State Department, he told me that I was under arrest. He had four men grab me, strip me, and perform a body cavity search. He told the men to take me away while I was still naked.”

Looking down at the Prime Minister, he said, “Do you deny those charges?”

“She’s a criminal.”

Shield Wong said, “I am a Jade Warrior. We live and die by the contract! We are judge, jury, and executioner.

“In witnessing this crime against Pen Ocival, I found Parliament guilty of violating a contract that has been held sacred since the Great Khung destroyed Palarma, for harming his ambassador. The Great Khung killed every man, woman, and child in that country. He then salted the earth so that nothing would grow for a century. I was more lenient in my sentence. I only sentenced Parliament to death.

“For his criminal acts upon the body of Pen Ocival, I sentence the Prime Minister to death,” he said.

A swing of his sword and the execution was done. The reporters looked at the grisly scene in horror. It had been streamed out over live television.

Pen Ocival said, “If the King wishes to discuss terms of surrender, he may send an ambassador to the Jade Citadel. I assure you that the ambassador will be treated far better than I have been on this official diplomatic visit.

“Until then, we remain in a state of war.”

She and the other two Jade Warriors turned. They walked to a parking lot where an Engle Army helicopter swooped down and hovered. One at a time, they each took off at a quick run and then leaped onto a car and into the open door of the helicopter. The helicopter along with three others headed away at a high speed.

King Leopold III, watched the video from the Prime Minister’s office for the third time. It made him even angrier, this time.

He turned to his wife, the very popular and beloved Queen Regina, and asked, “What do you think?”

With uncharacteristic anger in her normally controlled voice, Queen Regina answered, “Speaking as a woman, he definitely got the punishment he deserved. Speaking as a Queen, I wish I had the power to deliver a punishment like that to a man like that. What a disgusting worm!”

“I agree with Pen Ocival that our parliamentary system isn’t working if those idiots could put him in charge of Parliament. He never listened to a single thing I said,” King Leopold said. “He embarrassed this, my country.”

“You’re King and ruler of this country.”

“I know that the ultimate formal executive authority over the government is still by my royal prerogative, but I may only use those powers according to laws enacted in Parliament and custom. I don’t mind violating custom, but those bastards passed laws that tie my hands.”

Queen Regina pointed out, “At the moment there isn’t a Parliament.”

“A couple Members of Parliament survived.”

“You heard him. He sentenced them to death. Jade Warriors live and die by the contract. He made a legal judgment. They won’t live long. In fact, I’d be surprised if any of them are alive at the moment. You’re free to act.”

“As far as I know, the ones in the hospital are still alive.”

“For now.”

King Leopold was silent while thinking about what his wife had said. “They live and die by the contract.” There was something nagging at him about what that meant. Pen Ocival had mentioned something about the return of the King. He wasn’t gone, so where was he to return from? Inspiration hit!

Sitting up straight, he said, “He didn’t sentence the Members of Parliament to death. He sentenced the Prime Minister, and Parliament itself to death.”

“What does that mean?”

“He explicitly sentenced the Prime Minister to death. What he also said, is that he sentenced ‘Parliament’ to death. He wasn’t talking about the Members of Parliament. He was talking about the institution that is Parliament. Any time it meets, they will kill it, so that it remains dead.”

“Oh, my! That changes everything.”

King Leopold said, “I think we need a family meeting. Where are the kids?”

With his crown upon his head, a royal robe around his shoulders, a medallion of office around his neck, and the royal scepter in his hand; King Leopold, in full military uniform, sat on the Royal Throne of Engle. To his left sat Queen Regina in her full royal regalia. Together, they presented the image of true royalty. They were the King and Queen of Engle.

Facing the camera, King Leopold said, “Lords, Ladies, and Loyal Subjects. I address you tonight as your sovereign king, to speak of matters of great national importance.

“Today has borne witness to events unparalleled in this nation’s history. Late this morning, the Parliament Building was hit with five cruise missiles launched by the Jade Empire. The loss of life was appalling. More members of Parliament died in the attack, than survived. All who survived the explosions suffered significant life-threatening injuries.

“Then, on national television, the Prime Minister of Engle was paraded naked in front of the press by Jade Warriors. It was an act that stripped a leader of a government of all his dignity. Then the country witnessed his execution by beheading.

“As a result of these events, there have been demands that Engle declare war on the Jade Empire. It is the national feeling that such an outrage can not pass unpunished. Such a sentiment is understandable.”

King Leopold looked directly at the camera as if he could see each and every person watching him. Looking every inch the king, he commanded, not demanded, their attention.

He continued, “It falls upon me to serve as a voice of reason in this time of crisis. There is a problem with the demand that we go to war with the Jade Empire. The nation of Engle is already at war with the Jade Empire.

“Let Us remind everyone of the origins and history of this war, before We speak of the consequences of today’s actions by the Jade Empire.

“This is not a war that We declared. It was not a war of which We gave Our approval. It wasn’t a war declared by Engle on the Jade Empire. It was war that was declared through a vote on a resolution in the International Federation of Nations. The Engle Ambassador to the IFN voted to go along with this war and committed Our military to this action without Our approval. In fact, Parliament, throughout this entire matter, has acted in a manner contrary to Our will.

“Having voted for the war, Engle was committed to providing troops to fight. Several battalions were sent to Walford. We remember the battle in San Troph with dismay that so many of the casualties were our young men. It was an epic defeat for the coalition. It was shocking to discover that Jade Force could defeat an army representing the whole world. Not long after that battle, Jade Force ruled over almost an entire continent and became an Empire.

“Having been pushed off the continent, more troops were sent to Ulamb for the sole purpose of mounting an invasion of the continent of Surprise. Instead, the Jade Empire invaded Ulamb. In the invasion, the coalition suffered another defeat that was even worse than the one in San Troph. More of Our brave young men met their deaths.

“More troops were sent to Ulamb to push the Jade Empire off of the continent of Eastland. That force met with defeat. More of Our young men perished.

“More troops were sent to Hamasada. They were then sent into Ulamb to replace those lost in the previous defeat. The coalition again suffered a great defeat. More of Our young men died.

“Once again, more troops were sent to support the coalition. This time they went to Termal in a plan to invade Surprise. They were defeated without even having fired a shot. Fortunately, this time, none of Our young men were injured or died.

“While many might focus exclusively on the deaths of Our brave young soldiers, I would like to remind everyone of something else that the Jade Empire has done, during this war that was declared upon it. It sent every prisoner of war back to his home country within a week of capture. In each battle, more of Our men were returned, than were killed. Over thirty thousand soldiers are at home with their families right now, rather than rotting away in a prisoner of war camp.

“To Our shame, the coalition has not returned a single prisoner of war to the Jade Empire. The justification is that the war is not over. It is to Our disgrace that the enemy treats our young men and women better than we treat theirs.

“With this last defeat, members of the coalition have refused to send any more troops to fight the Jade Empire. As far as the world is concerned, the IFN was defeated by the Jade Empire. Nations of the coalition, and We, must include Engle in that list, chose to declare the war over. The rationale was that our soldiers weren’t going to fight anymore, so the war was over.

“It isn’t over!

“The Jade Empire hasn’t surrendered. We did not surrender, nor sign a peace treaty with the Jade Empire. One side that has lost every battle with the enemy can’t just declare a war over. It doesn’t work that way. Both sides have to agree that a war is over, before a war is officially ended. The Jade Empire hasn’t agreed that the war is over.

“This morning Pen Ocival came to visit the Prime Minister on a diplomatic mission, representing the Empress Jana of the Jade Empire to discuss a cessation to the war. The Queen and I watched a video of her visit, taken by security cameras in the office of the Prime Minister. We watched it several times, trying to find anything that could serve as mitigating circumstances that might justify the treatment given Pen Ocival. She did nothing whatsoever that was wrong.

“As is expected of an Ambassador, Pen Ocival presented herself to the Prime Minister, and clearly attempted to establish her diplomatic credentials. She stated the purpose of her mission, and that she was there as a representative of Empress Jana. The Prime Minister denied the legality of her mission. He then denied the legality of her diplomatic credentials, which the government had explicitly accepted. He then violated her diplomatic immunity by arresting her. The Queen and I agree that a crime was perpetrated against the Jade Empire by our government. It is a serious crime!

“The Prime Minister then compounded his crime, by having four men physically restrain Pen Ocival, despite no resistance on her part. Two of the men then stripped her naked while the other two kept her restrained. They had to tear her clothes to remove them. They bent her over, and a man - not a woman as required by law in this county - performed a body cavity search on her. They intentionally degraded her. After the search, one of them threatened her with rape, and then committed an act of assault on her breast. An order to escort her to jail was given, with the expectation that she would taken there naked.

“Unbeknownst to the Prime Minister and his four henchman, the entire scene was witnessed by another Jade Warrior by the name of Shield Wong. For security reasons, We will not state how it was that he was in the same room with those five men, and none of them knew he was there. The security camera shows that he was clearly in a position to observe everything that happened.

“Jade Warriors state they ‘live and die by the contract.’ If either party of a contract violates it, they will enforce the penalty clauses of the contract. They’ve killed entire towns for violating a contract between them and the town. They killed an entire town watch of their own soldiers, for having violated a contract between them and the town. They crucified one of their own soldiers, for committing a sexual assault on a woman who was under his protection.

“The Prime Minister was acting as an agent of the government of Engle, this morning. His actions meant that Engle violated a contract between our government and every other government in the world.”

Leaning forward, with fire in his eyes, the King said, “Because of him, Engle has been shamed.”

The King leaned back and in a regal voice continued, “Shield Wong found the Parliament of Engle guilty of violating International Law, and the Prime Minister guilty of crimes against the person of Pen Ocival. In the Prime minister’s office, he passed a death sentence on Parliament, and on the Prime Minister. It was only after he passed the death sentence on Parliament, that the Jade Empire launched the cruise missiles that hit the Parliament Building. After a suitable witness was found, he announced his findings, his verdict, and executed the Prime Minister. His suitable witness was the entire nation, and that’s why the execution was on television.

“I know that many of Our loyal subjects feel that the destruction of the Parliament Building and the deaths of so many Members of Parliament was wrong. I’m here to tell you that Shield Wong was lenient in his sentence. He mentioned that in the past, this crime was punished by killing every single person in an entire nation. In this, he is quite correct. The Great Khung did kill everyone in Palarma when his Ambassadors were tortured and killed. Countries have gone to war over this.

“That the Jade Empire could destroy this country is questionable, but not outside the realm of possibility. They methodically destroyed the country of Venu in basically twenty four hours. They’ve demonstrated the willingness and ability to destroy large urban areas.

“It is also obvious that few in this country actually understand the sentence Shield Wong handed down on Engle. When he said that he ‘placed a death sentence on Parliament,’ he wasn’t talking about killing the Members of Parliament. The sentence was the death of the Engle Government, as manifested by Parliament.

“For generations, the Kings of Engle have delegated the governance of Engle to Parliament. By custom, not by law, has the Crown allowed Parliament to run the government with little to no Royal limitations. They have ruled in the name of the Crown which actually means that they have ruled on behalf of the King.

“What has been done in the name of the Crown has not been consistent with the desires of the King, for decades. Yet, law and custom have held back the hand of the King. The death of Parliament changes things. The authority that was delegated to Parliament, has now returned to the King.

“The Kingdom of Engle remains strong. The Ministries that perform the day to day operations of providing services to the people remain intact, and shall continue to provide those services. The military is still available to defend this nation against all who mean it ill. Your civil rights remain unfettered.

“Consistent with the contract between King and Country, signed eight hundred years ago, a new governance body shall be established. Authorities shall be delegated, but not full authority. ‘King’ shall no longer be a ceremonial position!

“Before that can happen, peace must be made with the Jade Empire. Towards that end, We have sent an Ambassador to the Jade Citadel. We are fully confident that the Prince shall be treated far better than the Prime Minister treated their Ambassador.

“The government may have fallen, but the nation survives. Have confidence in your Kingdom! The King of Engle has returned.

“May God bless Engle, and her people.”

In a pub, a retired Colonel of the Engle Army watched the broadcast of the King. Once it was over, he rose slowly from his chair. His injuries, received one evening in Ulamb, made standing difficult. Well recognized in this pub as a character, the noise died and people turned to look at him.

He picked up his mug of ale and shouted, “Laddies and Lassies! I have served in His Majesties Service for most of my adult life. Not once did I raise a mug with the toast of ‘To Parliament and Country’ on my lips. I welcome the return of the King!”

He lifted is mug of ale in the air and shouted, “To King and Country!”

In a loud roar, the room echoed his toast.

Sitting down, he muttered, “It’s about damn time that phrase actually meant something.”

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