Hexploreit: Valley of the Dead King
Chapter 3

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Week 27: Before mounting the dragon, we wish to draw the Dead King out of position. We found another shrine, but will not be able to visit it at this time. We did encounter a wyvern. It is too primitave a dragon to be controlled by the staff. This was another exhausting fight, but it was rewarding. The Dead King is almost on our heels, but we won’t even need to ride the dragon to escape him this time. The Black Market appeared where we fought the wyvern and Bezzelquark still owes us a ride for thawing out his flying contraption.

Week 28: When Bezzelquark dropped us off, we met a shady character who promised to give us information on the location of the Black Market. When we laughed at him, he offered us a discount.

Week 29: We have entered the lair of a noxious slime monster. It was another tiring fight. Almost too tiring. Sabrina was too exhausted to wield the dragon staff, but thankfully Thomas wasn’t. We would have been fighting the Dead King in a sorry state if the fight had taken much more out of us.

Week 30: We ride a dragon! It’s the only way to travel. It might even be a lucky way to travel. We found a lucky rabbit’s foot when we landed, but have nothing else interesting to report. As expected, we covered a huge amount of ground riding on the majestic creature.

Week 31: This week we rode the dragon to one of the shrines we had not yet visited. We purchased another talisman for freeing a city from the influence of the Dead King. Liberating a city, even if the Dead King will sack it again in short order, will still be immensely useful in our efforts to defeat him.

Week 32: We moved West to draw the Dead King out of position. Even with a dragon to serve as a mount avoiding him isn’t necessarily easy. We fought a phase beast, and even though the encounters are becoming more deadly as the Dead King’s influence spreads, this fight was over quickly and not really dangerous to us. Our skills are noticeably improving even if these constants tests are tiring.

Week 33: We flew to the final shrine we had yet to visit and bought the final talisman for freeing a city. We also located the final resting place of a knight revered by that shrine. The Dead King is almost on top of us again, but we were able to rest at the shrine, so we should be able to use the dragon staff comfortably for some time to come.

Week 34: We pushed the dragon to the limits of what even it could do in terms of traveling quickly. We wanted to eliminate another dangerous foe from the land, Klik, the undead goblin emperor. We perhaps spoke to soon about using the dragon staff comfortably. We defeated the foe as planned, but it was another exhausting fight.

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