Megan Enraged - Book 2 of Wizard - a Love Story

Copyright© 2013 by Misguided Child

Good day to you, my friend. I thank you for reading this story because it gives me purpose, and makes my efforts not seem so futile. I have been tasked with telling you about a man's life. Unfortunately, I have also been directed to 'change the names to protect the innocent'. Because of that instruction, I must write this story as fiction.

I am an author of historical studies. I write high school text books on historical events. I don't do 'change the names' and I do not write fiction. But, a man to whom I owe everything, including my life and the lives of my family, asked me to write it in this manner.

Therefore, I have 'changed the names'. I can't change the locations where the story takes place because too much of the fauna, plant life and terrain in the locations are integral to the story. Because of that, you may recognize the man that I'm writing about or his family. The man that I'm writing this for is a very private person. So, if you recognize the people that I'm telling you about, please don't pester them. He and his family have endured enough for the sake of humanity.

Much effort has been expended down through history to hide the reality and existence of Wizards. All reference to Wizards or Warlocks have been couched in the realm of fiction or cults of delusional people. My benefactor believes that needs to change and he has the power to make it so.

This is book two of a story about a Wizard, or as some call him, Mage. The Wizards or Magi should not be confused with the Brujos or Warlocks of the world. They are both beings with similar powers but they exercise their powers differently and are on opposite sides of the war for humanities soul. I will explain what a person must possess to be considered a person of power.

Wizards are born on the summer solstice, and Brujos are born on the winter solstice. Both Wizards and Brujos have multiple talents that have combined in such a way to give them mental control over some aspect of the physical world around us. Everyone has known someone with a talent for singing, or painting, or carving. Every human has a talent for something. The talent may be weak but everyone has one. A talent, in whatever field or endeavor, is simply a part of the brain that works more efficiently than other parts of the brain. Some talents require multiple sub talents. An example is musical talents. It requires a sub talent for rhythm and another sub talent for mathematics plus air control if the talent leans towards singing.

Visualize for a moment with me. A singing talent means there is a portion of the brain that is particularly efficient when applied to all the skills needed for singing. Now, visualize adding another talent to that brain and another area of efficiency for example, a 'green thumb'. Then add another talent. Stack enough of talents, and enough areas of higher efficiency, and something happens to the brain. It suddenly has the ability interface with the physical world in ways the rest of humanity isn't born to. The strength and combination of talents determines what abilities the Wizard or Brujo is able to access. Wizards and Brujos are cognizant from their first breath, and they start learning immediately. They are more proficient at assimilating information so that information quickly becomes usable knowledge.

Powers are grouped into five areas. They are Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. Western world views and teachings only address the five powers in a peripheral fashion. Oriental thought has acknowledged and studied the five powers for thousands of years. The oriental names are Stone - Chi, Water - Sui, Fire - Ka, Wind - Fu, and Spirit - Ku.

No one knows the role of the summer and winter solstices in the determination of birth of Wizards or Brujos. Many have pointed out that moon cycles have effected mankind since we first left our cave. Moon cycles cause the tides to wash our shores like a Petri dish in a science experiment being rocked so maybe the moons influence dates back to long before we left our caves. How much greater would the impact of the sun be on men and how far back would that influence go?

Wizards and Brujos continue to grow in power until they have reached their full growth. Their power growth slows and stops as their bodies quit developing. For all practical purposes, they quit aging then, too. There are no records of Wizards or Brujos dying of old age. They almost always die in battle or in an accident.

Sean David Kilpatrick Flynn is the name of our Wizard in this story. He and his family live in the Bradshaw Mountains northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. However, the organization that Sean was born into, spans the world. That worldwide organization suddenly became focused on Sean, after he battled two Brujos to protect his family, and the birth of a new Wizard, or Sorceress. Sean won the battle, but not without cost. The use of so much power changed him in subtle ways that made him uncomfortable.

Sean's mentor, an Apache Shaman, assured Sean that Wizards were completely human. Sean wasn't so sure about the definition of what, 'being human, ' meant. Questions to other members of his 'family, ' gave him other clues as to what it meant to be human, but they added confusion, too. Except for genetics, Lightning, (his dog) was human by some definitions. He might be a powerful Wizard but Sean was still a one year old boy-child and he still had a lot to learn.

Sean's life story would not be complete without including the love of his life, Megan. I ended the last book when Sean was one year old, and Megan had just been born. Megan had been as aware from her first breath, as Sean had been. Everything around them was considered data input that was understood at levels grown adults seldom achieve.

Sean was born amidst death and destruction. His father died in the car wreck that nearly killed his mother on the way to the hospital. His mother died giving birth to Sean. Megan was born during a battle with Brujos who were trying to kill her and her family. Sean wasn't about to allow that to happen to Megan.

As I said, I am writing this story for Sean. He thought that it was important for normal people to know about the unknown battle being waged in their names. He also hoped that if the general population were more knowledgeable about Wizards, it would help future Wizards be accepted and welcomed rather than feared and ostracized. I will be as accurate as possible. You must remember that I am writing this from interviews, as most of the events happened over sixty years ago. Many of the people I interviewed were very advanced in age and parts of their memory could have been faulty. I have tried to cross check events as much as possible to be as accurate as possible. Thank you for reading.

The source of this story is Finestories

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