Eden Virus
Chapter 11

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It was overwhelming. The smell, the taste and the feeling of pain, all suddenly returned to Kenjirou at once. It was horrible. The stench of decay of this nightmarish world hit him so hard, he immediately lost control of his stomach contents, mixing it with the rancid taste of blood in his mouth. Every wound in his body throbbed violently. It was driving him insane. But most of all, there was an explosive surge of power running wild inside him, threatening to consume him entirely.

“Argh!! Ma ... yu ... Aaahhh!! AAAAHHH!!” He screamed in agony as he desperately fought against the familiar influence of his corrupted body’s assault on his weakening mind. “No ... not again! I will not allow it!!”

He could hear the horrible screams of his two friends, as he looked to see them suffering just the same.

Takuya was going mad. He was rolling on the ground while covering his ears, shrieking.

“SHUT UP!! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! AAAHHH!!” He clawed at his ears, trying to stop the head splitting noises that was blasting in his once quiet world. It was as if someone had suddenly turned the volume up to max right after getting used to the silence. He could hear every little thing; every tremor, every footstep and every heartbeat. But out of all that, the one thing that was the loudest was something that truly drove him insane. It was the sound of laughing. Amusement of their suffering, mocking them from afar. The sound was so unbearable, it felt like it was drilling into his skull.

“SHUT UP!!!” He cried out in anger as veins burst out from his body with a sickening splat. His headphones melted away and grafted into his skin as the veins attached themselves to his head.

“AAAAHHHH!!” Takuya screamed in excruciating pain. He could feel something being injected into him. It hurt so badly yet there was also a strange sense of pleasure, as a sudden surge of energy began to flow within him. His vision turned red and anger flooded his mind as he turned his gaze towards the surrounding monsters.

He stared at the metal pipe in his hand, before suddenly digging his teeth into his arm and tore out a chunk of his flesh. Blood gushed out and dripped down his arm and into his hands, covering his weapon in a disgusting dark red liquid. The blood thickened as the metal pipe slowly began to transform into the shape of a giant mallet. He slammed his weapon on to the ground, sending out a blast that shattered the environment around him. The veins from his body shot out and attached to its handle, powering it up, and causing the weapon to hum.

Letting out a bloodcurdling scream, he charged toward his enemies with his new weapon in hand. In a single swing, he brought it down on a monster and smashed it to the ground. The horrific sound of flesh and blood being splattered sent shockwaves throughout the air, causing the surrounding monsters to be thrown back.


“DIE! DIE! DIE!!” He screamed as he continuously smashed the monster until there remained nothing but a disgusting paste. Then, laughing like a madman, he mercilessly turned his sights on anything that moved.

“HIDEYOSHI!!” Kenjirou called out as his underclassmen went insane.

“AAH! Help me!!”

He quickly turned to Juntaro screaming for help. Veins shot out from the cellphone Juntaro was in and was reaching through the screen.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! NO! HELP!” He cried out in horror as they wrapped around him and began to pull him out.

“MITSUHIDE!!” Kenjirou tried to stand but his leg betrayed him and gave out, causing him to fall to the ground hard. He watched as his friend was dragged out and thrown into the ground. His eyes widen when he saw Juntaro’s sudden corporeal body.

“You ... you have a body?!”

“What!?” Juntaro quickly moved his arm around and felt himself. It was true, he has an actual physical body.

“H-but how?!” He sat completely dazed at this new revelation as he heard the growls from behind him. Monsters surrounded him and was readying to attack.

“WAH! G-WHAT THE HELL!?” He shrieked as they pounced upon him. He threw his arms out to defend himself for the inevitable strike. But nothing came. He peeked out from his fingers and saw the monsters being held back by a mysterious electrical barrier, emulating from the cellphone floating in front of him. The monsters snarled and clawed at him but could not reach him.

“Ha ... ha ... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” He found himself laughing. He looked at his hand and saw streams of data running through them, slightly glitching. He had a body, but he was still electronic data. Like a living 3D computer generated image. He moved his hands, and the barrier responded to him, immediately blowing back the monsters.

Veins burst out of the phone again as it moved toward him and pierced his skin. Juntaro felt a ping of pain but he did not fight it. Slowly, the phone embedded itself onto his body as he watched it shatter and swirled around him. A sharp poke occurred on the back of his head as one of the veins connected to him and began injecting something into his brain. Feeling a sudden rush of energy running through his body, he let out a shout as a wave of electricity burst out and ran through the area.

Information started flowing into his head. Everything the wave had ran through was scanned, analyzed and compiled, rushing back to him in a form of raw data. His brain felt as if it was going to explode from the overload, but;

“This ... this. IS. AMAZING!!” He felt so much power. It was as if he had become ... a god!

He looked around and saw the insignificant grounds that laid before him. This entire land is now his playground, waiting to be bent to his will. He turned to the monsters, as they barred their teeth and snarled at him yet was cautiously staying away. He beamed with excitement, the desire to testing his new power washed over him.

Slowly he floated off the ground and stretched out his arms. The surrounding metal and debris flew towards him and transformed into weapons that hovered over him like drones. They coiled around his outstretched arms and began gathering energy.

“MITSUHIDE STOP!!” Kenjirou called out desperately.

But Juntaro did not hear him. Intoxicated in power, he fired a high-power laser at the monsters.


The laser shot forth at blinding speed and the moment it made contact with a monster it immediately disintegrated its target, leaving nothing but a puddle of steaming goo.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAA!” He let out a maniacal laugh as he watched them cower before him. His vision turned red as he locked on to every monster within his sights and began indiscriminately raining down destruction.

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