Eden Virus
Chapter 8

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The last monster squirmed and squealed beneath my foot. Blood soaked my entire body as I stood triumphant, a satisfied grin spread across my face. I mercilessly stomped on the monster until it stopped moving, while laughing like a lunatic.

“Already finished?” I sneered.

As if waiting for the right moment, the monster sprung back to life and launched itself towards me. With fangs barred, it bit into my left shoulder blades. I giggled as it latched on, furiously attempting to eat me. Its foolish attack didn’t so much as tickle.

Amused, I began to widen my jaw. Like a wild animal, I sunk my teeth into the monster and ripped into its disgusting silvery body.


Letting out a shriek of pain, it was helpless as I tore a giant chunk of flesh from it. The taste of raw meat and blood filled my mouth.

It was a sweet taste, almost like honey.

The monster cowered back from me as I spat out the piece with a cruel smirk.


Blood dripped down my chin and seeped down to my chest.

“Come on now, aren’t you having fun?”

Howling in anger, its body begin to bubble as its right arm transformed and formed large scythe-like claws. With a roar, it strike again. Its massive claw came toward me at blinding speed, posed to rend through my body.

But I only stood there and giggled. How useless. In an instant, my blade moved and cut apart its right arm before it could even touch me, shredding it like paper. It let out a whimper as blood gushed out. And in another I cut off its left arm. The monster cried out in pain and frustration before I sliced off its legs and grabbed it by the throat.

“Shhh ... it’ll be over soon.”


I threw it on the ground again and again with monstrous force, before tossing it helplessly into the air. As it fell, in a blink of an eye, my blade flew and finished it off. Without even the chance to touch the ground, I ripped it apart. Blood came down like raindrops, further splattering across my soaked body and added to the massive pool that laid beneath my feet.

I threw my head back and let out a blood curdling laugh. It felt amazing! So much power! So much fun! I felt I could do so much more! No, I can do more. I want more!

A slow clap suddenly came from behind.

“Very nicely done, Takatora Ryuuko! My, my, I am very impressed.” Alma mockingly congratulated. “You’ve passed the test with flying colors!”

I turned my head and glared at Alma.

“I’m so very proud of you.” Alma said with a smirk.

A sudden flash of rage came over me. This person ... everything ... everything was this person’s fault. I clutched my blade as I slowly walked towards Alma, my teeth barred.

An intense feeling of hatred overcame me. This person ... most of all this person ... I want to kill.

“I want to kill. I want to kill. I WANT TO KILL THIS BASTARD!!!” My entire body screamed as I lunged toward them, posed to strike.

Alma did not flinch. Instead, they only grinned and slowly closed their eyes. It made me even madder. In a single bound I leapt into the air and roared as I brought my blade down. I placed all my strength into my attack, ready to rip them apart.

But just as my blade was about to make contact, everything stopped. As if by some invisible force, my blade froze in midair along with the rest of my body. I could not move.

Alma slowly opened their eyes and looked at me. The soul-less eyes stared into mine as all of a sudden, the familiar feeling of terror came rushing back to me.

“Now then, shall we move on?”

Alma calmly placed a finger on my forehead. An intense force that sent shockwaves throughout every corner of my body hit me. Falling to my knees, I felt every ounce of strength left my body as I finally passed out.

“Looks like she’s finally calmed down. My, my... , “ Alma chuckled. “You’ve really exceeded my every expectation, Takatora Ryuuko. But ... we still have ways to go.”

Alma’s grin got wider. Finally, after so long, Alma has found it. The weapon that will tip the scale in this long struggle. The one thing that will bring about their long-desired goal.

“Now, how shall we proceed?”

“Alma!!” Suddenly called a voiced from behind.

“Tch.” Alma clicked their tongue. The nuisance is here, much earlier than expected.

“My, I am flattered! For the great savior to grace the area with their presence!” Alma announced mockingly. “How have you been?”

Behind Alma appeared a young man, still in his late teens. Adorned in a breathtakingly beautiful robe, every small movement of his radiated light. He illuminated the dark world as a heavenly glow shone where he floated, his golden hair flowing down and almost reaching his feet. Surrounding his head was a strange halo like crown made of light, floating without touching him, with the appearance of 6 wings fashioned tightly around it.

The young man looked upon the carnage that had occurred. The entire area was devastated, with blood and body pieces of the monsters scattered about.

“The Anti-bodies... ! Alma, what have you done?” He demanded, a mix of anger and sadness in his voice.

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