Eden Virus
Chapter 6

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The moment I stepped through the door, I was greeted with a vile stomach-churning odor that assaulted my senses. A sickening sweet yet noxiously foul smell, like rotting fruits mixed with raw meat. I held my nose, nearly gagging, as my foot touched a wet surface. The place I entered was nothing I had expected, as if I’ve been transported to another world. It was dark, my eyes struggled to adjust to what limited lighting there was. From what little I could make out, I seem to be in an open field full of ... flowers? The sky glowed an unnatural dark red with no moon in sight, dying whatever little that can be made out in its own color. There was no wind. No sounds save for the loud thumping of my beating heart.

“What-, where am I?” I wondered with a mix of fear and excitement in my voice. At that moment, I heard the door behind me close with a click and vanished without a trace.

“No way!” I frantically searched, but there was nothing there. I was trapped, with no way back. There I stood alone, not knowing what to do. My legs were shaking uncontrollably.

“I-IS ANYONE THERE?” I yelled into the darkness against the best of my judgement. No reply. Not even an echo.

I could feel the sweat running down my neck. I was afraid to even move but I know I couldn’t just stand here. Scanning the horizon, I try to find somewhere I could go. My eyes finally made out a very faint silhouette of what looks to be structures in a distance. Slowly, I worked up my courage and step towards that direction. The ground was wet and disgusting, as every step I felt a splash of liquid hitting my legs and my foot would get sucked into what seems like mud yet at the same time felt nothing like it.

As I made my way closer, the silhouettes became more distinct. It was still hard to see but they were buildings. When I finally arrive, I was able to make out what appears to be a ruined city. Street lamps flickered and provided more yet still limited lighting, as I was able to see streets and sidewalks. As my foot finally touched solid ground, I quickly glanced around my surroundings. Rundown buildings and apartments, these are all modern architecture.

Was this place ... a city of some sort?

Curiosity ran through my head as I took a closer look at the rundown ruins. There were hardly any dust, rubble or even vines covering them but oddly they looked as if they were ... melting? What is this place? Was it once a lively city? If so, what could have caused such desolation?

This place was big. The further I moved in, the more lost I got. Without any indication of day or night, I don’t know how long I’ve been walking as I got more and more anxious. I want to get out of here but how? My only source of lighting was those flickering street lamps that littered the area, their dim lights glowing red. How are these things still functioning? Does this mean that there are electricity being generated somewhere? Are there people here? If so, where are they?

“Hello! Is anybody here?” I called out. Silence. This is too much. I don’t know what to do anymore. My mind began running wild with fear. From the shadow, I even thought I saw something move.

“Hello? Is someone there?” I called out again, my voice trembling.

“What do you think of paradise?”

“Waah!” I cried out in shock. I jumped at the sudden sound of a voice. I quickly turned around and there, standing behind me was the strange figure that I was chasing before.

“Hello there.” The person waved to me. Despite the darken world, that person was illuminated, as if lights were emulating from the figure’s body.

The person had a very androgynous look, the body was a slender build that reminded me of a model from a fashion magazine, dressed in a suit that hid any and all hints of their gender. If I can estimate this person’s age, it looked to be in the mid to late 20s. Silvery hair that glowed in the dark flow down the person’s head as it was gathered and tied up into a single braid drooping down the left shoulder. The face was mysteriously good looking. Young, but mature but... , it was also uncanny. Spread across the person’s face was a mysterious smile that was devoid of any and all possible emotion. As if it was drawn across, lacking any facial muscles, that was just downright unsettling. But most of all, were the eyes...

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