Salvaged Records
Chapter 4

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Meeting now starting! [Infinity] h8ers: Everyone's on, I am the chairman for today. I propose we discuss what CNN claimed in the evening news; unemployment is now at 35% according to the US Department of Labor.

[AltSec] freedom4ever: could we trust the stats? I thought the report hasn't been published.

[Alone] Sia: it doesn't matter about the report. I'm in Boston and every time I commute pass Wallstreet, I see crowds rioting outside the major players there. Last week police resorted to tear gas to disburse the crowd so that they can escort the executives through. Rumors are tanks and APC's are on the way to deal with the rising gun related casualties they're taking.

[SOL] RaD: so what are we suggesting here, we should resort to violence? They'll label us as terrorist and we'll lose any public support once authorities find out.

[Alone] light: who are we kidding here fellas? We consider ourselves vigilantes but big brother considers us terrorist. Any time we are mentioned on the news, that's how we are treated as.

[AltSec] plancker69: Who cares? We shouldn't deal with bomb makers or munitions experts, why can't we handle this like Gandhi? Public non-violent demonstrations will gain us more sympathy.

[Alone] Sia: you f*cking stupid? The protests began as rallies and look where that got them!

[Infinity] h8ers: take a chill pill Sia, any more of that and we'll kick you out the meeting.

[Alone] Xvert: about bombs and munitions, I can get us some if anyone asks.

[SOL] RaD: no, we go down that path and my group will dissociate itself with Public Defender.

8 users have left the channel [Alone] Sia: LOL [Infinity] Knight: instead of blowing shit up, why don't we go after their way of living?

[SOL] Rawr: you're talking about their money?

[Infinity] Knight: Yes, we can be what we claim to be: Vigilantes. Let's be Robin Hood and take back what they stole from the people.

[AltSec] freedom4ever: who will we rob?

[Infinity] Knight: all the banks, basically everyone on wallstreet but credit unions.

[AltSec] freedom4ever: I'm sure not all banks there are crooked. We should do our research and compile a list who we know for sure is guilty.

[SOL] RaD: still, this is a major undertaking. We don't have the resources to pull this off without some of us going to jail.

[Infinity] h8ers: my group has a super cluster available for this specific use:, standard ssh to access and create account.

[Alone] Sia: WhoIs services is having trouble reading that address.

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