Salvaged Records
Chapter 3

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Diary entry of Father Zhang Yen, 04/28/2004

I should have never doubted the holy war the Church has declared on other religions. Last week I received an email from the main Chinese branch saying that there was a renegade cult fleeing past Southern China but I did nothing. I foolishly thought it unlikely that they will stop at my small parish. God forgive me, I was wrong.

I was in bed when I heard someone knocking on my door past midnight. It was a young girl in her underwear, obviously distraught and crying, my first thought was that she was raped. It took me five minutes to get the story from her for she couldn't stop crying and talked incoherently about demons. I contacted our local enforcement arm along with the police while I dropped the girl off at a hospital. When everyone was in place we headed to the abandoned warehouse and the sight of it!

What I saw has burned into my mind and will haunt my dreams for as long as I live. Blood. Blood, blood everywhere, so much blood. Dead were the occultists but worst, we saw something not of this world. In the middle of a circle was an inhuman hand, definite proof that demons exist. When the enforcement team picked it up and placed it inside a biohazard container, I swear there was an eye staring at me and it blinked. It blinked and peered into my soul, judging me for all my faults, my sins, and doubts.

We forced the police to conclude their investigations and proceeded to burn down the warehouse. That property is now stained with the stench of death and is marked by the devil. We learned from the police that there should be two more bodies judging from the blood trails and eye witness accounts. One witness mentioned seeing a monk, but it is inconclusive due to circumstances. Once the ordeal was completed, I returned home as the sun was shining and immediately washed my bo

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