Salvaged Records
Chapter 2

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From: Amedeo Fermi
To: Heads of Research
Subject: that head
Date: May 6, 2012


I would like to remind you gentlemen that while my team works under God's guidance, we are not miracle workers ourselves, merely scientists. The head that Moreau dropped by is a mess. My team along with medical examiners has performed a thorough autopsy by doing a surface analysis followed by dissection, the whole bloody (literally) thing shows no abnormality but one. The eyes' irises are white, which typically indicates that the subject went blind years ago. I managed to glean through conversations with members of the security team sent out that day and I find it unbelievable that a blind person could hold off our assault. The rest of the eyes were damaged as blood vessels were ruptured. The same goes for the rest of the head, as there were extensive burns throughout the skin and dried blood out of all the orifices. And I am sorry to say that we could not see anything different from the brain compared to the common man. If you gents want better results, tell Moreau that next time he is to deliver the entire body.

A. Fermi
Research Molecular Geneticist
Systems Biology Division
Office #: x-xxx-xxx-xxx

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