Santa III

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John was sweating profusely, the dream he’d bolted awake from had seemed more real than not. Shaking John got out of bed walking to the kitchen area to get something to drink. Dear god he thought he could still smell the sweat and grime where the woman was. Closing his eyes he still couldn’t see her face, almost everything else he could though.

Sitting at the table still trembling, John eyes spied the mirror he’d left next to the chair when he’d shown it to Torran and Triance. Rising he unsteadily walked over and lifted it. Strange he thought the surface was murkier than mirror like. Shaking his head he remembered Mother Nature telling him that it would help him for now. That what needed to be done would be shown. Also that it would be confusing at first.

Shaking his head again John thought, ‘I just want to know where she is that’s all.’ With a slight warming sensation the mirror hummed and a huge myriad of images started to flash. The images came with ever increasing speed ‘til they blurred, then the surface was again murky.

I see what she meant now John thought, concentrating, he again thought of his question. Again the mirror hummed with a warming sensation then the images started to flash quicker and quicker. Then just as suddenly the images were gone and the surface was murky again. Perhaps I am going about this wrong John thought.

Laying the mirror flat on the table John again posed a question. Where is the woman Mercy at this moment? The mirror hummed but the image remained murky. ‘What?!’ John thought, and then he remembered he was out of time she as of yet wasn’t. So at this moment where he was she didn’t exist. Then shrugging John thought, where he was really nothing existed at this moment. So I see he thought I have to be very specific with my questions.

John thought for several minutes, he had to ask for exactly what he wanted. It was that or he’d never get anywhere with it. He’d thought he’d formulated his question several times but had to rethink it after a few questions popped up. Finally a few hours later John turned to the mirror.

“I wish to see the woman Mercy at the moment she called for help and I heard her. I wish to know what year it is where she is.” John asked. This time the mirror hummed differently as the surfaced cleared. John saw a very dark place then he heard the moans of several people in the background. He saw that Mercy was chained to a wall as were several elfin people. Suddenly a series of words flashed in front of the surface then were gone.

John’s mouth dropped open, those were elfin words! Why couldn’t he read them? He thought he’d already learned all of Alfheim! He’d have to call Triance since it appeared that Torran was still out. <Triance? I am sorry to intrude, but could you come to my building please? I have seen some words in Alfheim I believe, that I cannot understand.>

<Yes sir, I will be there soon.> Triance thought back.

A few moments later Triance appeared at the entrance to his building. “I’m here sir, how can I help?”

“I was just starting to understand exactly how to use the mirror. I asked my questions and got answers though I am afraid that I can’t read the words that appeared. I was hoping that you could tell me what they were.” John related.

“Yes sir, whatever I can to do to help.” Triance happily told him.

John put the mirror on the table and again asked his questions as before the same images appeared. Then the words appeared, and then were gone. “There did you see them?” John asked.

Triance only shook her head, “I am afraid that the mirror only works for your eyes sir. Can you remember what the words were?” Came her reply.

John thought of what he’d seen a moment then the words [To Tusen Fem Alfheim før} appeared in the air between them. John’s mouth hung agape as he pointed, “Yes that’s it!”

“Ah! Good! You have learned to thought write also very good sir! That is year 2005 Alfheim before.” Triance told him.

“Uh, ok I’m not all that much up on your way of telling time and years.” A now more confused John said.

Triance smiled and nodded, “I’m sorry sir I had forgotten. I’d say it was roughly 4010 or 11 B.C. in your time and years.

John was nodding, so it appeared that he had more than just her to save in that time. I am going to have to increase what I can if I am ever going to try and save her and them. “Thank you Triance. I am going to have to practice more if I am going to even have a chance to do anything. As of now I can thought walk, talk and write not much else if only I could project...”

In front of John and Triance a five foot opening appeared. Smiling John walked to it and motioned Triance with him. Stepping through, they were on the other side of the town! Looking back John saw that there was nothing where he’d just walked out of! Hmm so, one way, interesting a possible escape route if they needed it.

Granle walked up a huge smile on his face. “Very good young one! I haven’t seen a step through for some time. You are the first I have seen use one in a very long time. Your friend was the last to do it long ago when we elders were small children.”

John nodded that was all well and good but could he do that when he needed to? Plus there were a few others things he needed to be able to do before he could try. Sighing he decided it was going to take more work if he had a chance.

“Thank you Granle, I am working on everything that I can. I have to get stronger before I can do anything. I just hope that I don’t end up letting anyone down.” John replied.

“Seriously sir, Santa, I don’t think you could ever let anyone down.” Granle told him with a wide smile. Triance walked to Granle and bowed then whispered in his ear. A look of astonishment made the elder’s eyes go wide. “Is it true you have visited Mother Nature? Already you have gained her favor as she has gifted you with the knowledge mirror!”

There were several gasps as almost all assembled bowed to John. Slightly embarrassed John told them, “Please I am no god to bow to. As I said I have much to accomplish before I can properly lead you. I hope to soon as we have your kinsmen to save.”

Most of those there nodded and volunteered to assist him in any way that they could. “We of the council will also lend our help sir.” Granle told him.

John nodded then looked at the spot in front of him. Again a five foot opening appeared and he stepped through. This time he ended up on the opposite side of the town! ‘Well, ‘ John thought, ‘I can make it now I just have to learn how to direct it.’

For the next five days John worked on moving, getting the time quicker and quicker. Finally John took a deep breath as Torran and Triance wished him good luck then he thought of his resort home. His vision blurred for a few seconds then he was there! Finally John thought, at least now I know that I am strong enough. Now all I need is a way to direct exactly where I am going.

John was thinking this as suddenly his vision blurred for a few minutes. Then he was standing outside of a tall tower. Great John thought now where am I? Standing there John was startled a moment as massive strikes of lightning started to strike around the tower. I better get under cover before I get hit John thought and was suddenly inside the front door of the tower.

“I was wondering when you were going to come in.” A deep voice bellowed from the back of the room. “It’s awful dangerous to remain outside during the storms. Well come on boy! Let’s have a look at you!”

John nodded then felt foolish as he stepped forward heading toward the voice. Rounding a corner John came face to face with a small impish man not much taller than Torran or Triance. “Hello sir.” John said trying to hide his shock.

“Ah! I see, not exactly what you were expecting huh? Don’t worry you aren’t what I was either!” Then the impish man let out a deep barrel laugh. “Been waiting for you a long time now. Slow you are! Have everything that you need.”

With that the man pulled out a large crystal, a red spandex type of suit, a large empty sack, and finally another large sack of corn.

John could only look on with a curious look as the man piled everything at his feet. “What...” John started.

Sighing the man looked at John. “I’d forgot you are the new man. Alright this,” the man lifted the crystal, “is the Tid stopp krystall. This” the man indicated the suit, “will protect you from almost anything. The empty sack you can link to where ever you want. You just reach in and what you think is there, will be there if you have made it. This last sack of corn, you’ll need to plant a little and grow more. I know you are strong but thought walking everywhere will exhaust you.”

“You seem to know an awful lot about me,” John said. “Just who are you?”

“Oh! Where are my manners! I have a number of names though when we meet, I will be going by Olaf. I owe you much my dear fellow. I knew you’d come to me one day, so I have been preparing. These things will help you greatly and remember the effects of the corn only last a day. Now then I have much to do so be gone with you! I will see you for the first time soon my friend ‘til then think home in the rift.”

“Home in the rift?” John said as his vision blurred for perhaps a minute and a half then he was standing in the main room! Looking around John saw that the crystal, the suit, the empty sack, and the sack of corn were there also.

A wide eyed Torran and Triance walked in a moment later. “By the creator!” He was almost whispering in awe. “The Tid stopp krystall! I thought to never see it!”

John looked at the large crystal a moment wondering what all the fuss was about. “Obviously this is important but I still have no idea of what it is or it does!” John told a still in shock Torran and Triance.

“Sir, from what the oldest of our kind have said this is what YOU created the rift with! It stores energy from you, already it has started. The simple fact that you had it with you when you thought walked has started it growing. It is attuned to you sir, the stronger you are the stronger it gets.” Triance explained.

John could only shake his head this was starting to get more and more complicated! “I think I am going to have a headache! I have to create the rift in the past but the rift is out of time. One of the oldest of your kind was there with me when I did this. I will lead you all to this rift but I have to make the rift with all of you as children?!”

John sat with a thud as his head started to throb from the possibilities that were flowing through his mind. “Sir, are you alright?” Torran asked a worried look on his face.

“If being confused about what I am to do next and where I am to go then sure I am.” John said a little sarcastically.

When Torran nodded his agreement John could only throw his arms up feeling like he was getting nowhere fast. “Sir as we told you, there is all the time you need. You made sure of that when you placed the Tid stopp krystall. It won’t take long sir you’ll see.” Triance told him with a wide smile.

‘Why do I feel that she is making fun of me, ‘ John thought. I swear everything is a paradox here!

“We will leave you to practice sir. We will be back in a few days to assist you. Triance will make sure you eat in the mean time.” Torran said as he and Triance left the building.

For the next 10 days John practiced noticing his thought walking ability growing very strong. Five days into the ten John discovered a new ability quite by mistake. Triance had just come by with a tray of food, and John commented that she looked tired. “No sir, we don’t require as much rest as you think we...”

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