Santa II

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John Timberland was getting frustrated no matter how calm or at peace he was still nothing happened. Sighing again John tried to move the toy that was in front of him with his mind. A small smile lit up his face when it started to slightly vibrate, then nothing.

The elder from ... John was starting to lose track of time so far he’d seen the? He guessed it was a sun set twice that meant according to them that two years had passed already on the outside. So far the only magic he could do well was the thought talking to the elders and a few others. Sitting John tried to go through everything the elder elf Granle had told him.

Another failed attempt later there was a knock at his door, “I thought you might want something to eat and drink. You have been at it for over two days now.” Triance said as she put the tray down on the table. “If I may say sir,” Triance asked to which John nodded. “I think that you are just trying too hard. Eat and rest a bit, and then try again, I imagine that it will help. Please remember that you have much time to accomplish what you need sir.”

John looked at Triance with wide eyes. Could it really be that simple? No, there was no way that was the answer! “Alright I’ll give it a try. Perhaps you’re right and I am trying too hard.” John told the elfin woman who smiled at him then nodded.

Sitting at the table John tentatively took his first bite. When his eyes flew wide at the rich delicious taste, Triance knew she’d done very well. “Remember sir, one can’t think well when your stomach is demanding attention. Many here find that most problems can be easily solved after a satisfying meal!”

Triance started to leave when John stopped her a moment, “I wanted to thank you before you go Triance. I have been at this for a while. Thank you for reminding me to rest.”

Triance blushed; she still was having a hard time with the praise that a human was giving her. “Though you don’t have to, I an honored to help sir!” John nodded taking another bite as he watched Triance exit in a hurry. Wolfing the meal down he had to admit it was rather excellent filling his stomach.

Pushing his plate aside John sat back and thought of everything that had happened. Torran and Triance, and the things that Granle the elder had tried to show him. John smiled the elf was very kind he wondered what Granle was doing? His vision blurred for a second the he was standing outside a large round building next to Granle!

“What!? I’m sorry Granle I didn’t mean to, I was thinking about you and I was here!” A worried John said.

“Ah! I see you used the thought walk for the first time! Very good sir! Judging by how fast you appeared it was a normal move.” Granle said with a wide smile. “Remember each time you use it makes it stronger. Plus it will be easier to do also.”

John looked at the elf as if he’d lost his mind. Easier? Stronger? “Granle I have no Idea how I did that! It just happened! I thought of you and poof! Here I was!”

“Ah! So you are finally starting to get the concept of the magic! Very good for one so young! You should discover the others very quickly now!” The elder elf told him. “Try again to move home.”

Nodding his head John thought of home appearing back in his house behind the lodge! What?! According to the clock in the living room he’d only been gone a few hours. Sitting down John started to write with a furry. Calling his Lawyer he made arrangements and put all the documents in the mail. Sitting down with a sigh he nodded, that should take care of things. Thinking of the house where Triance and her sisters had taken him, his vision blurred again though this time it seemed a very long time before he appeared in the outer room.

Torran and several others were there a moment later each with a worried look on their faces. “Thank goodness sir! We’d thought you gone for good! All of us felt you as you thought walked back. It was so slow we weren’t sure if you were going to make it! Thank the creator you were strong enough!”

“I have to agree!” Came a voice from the back of the crowd, they parted revealing the elder Granle. “Traversing the rift is hard enough, almost impossible physically. You used the magic to cross, though it took a bit, you made it. I apologize about earlier I had meant this home not your old one. It is joyful that you are indeed as strong as you are! Well done sir!”

“I forgot to concentrate I just thought of this building. I guess that I tried a little too hard. That might explain why it took so long.” John stated.

The elder looked at John with a curious look, “Perhaps, you will discover why and how soon, Santa. As I stated before you are advancing very well for one so young.”

John bowed to the elder and thanked him drawing a round of gasps from all those present. Looking around John could only shake his head; this was just meant as respect that was all.

“Thank you young one,” the elder told him. “The fact that you show respect speaks much about you.”

“It is only the way I think everyone should be. I apologize again to all here if it embarrasses them.” John replied. This was again met with several more gasps.

“Yes well, it may take some time for them to get used to. All humans before now have been rude and unaccommodating.” Granle told John.

“That’s really a shame as your people are very decent.” John replied.

For a third time there were gasps from the now growing crowd at the doorway. Torran and Triance both were blushing as they appeared at the front of the ever growing crowd. “Now that many have met him, I expect that we will be able to continue? I know that many were anxious to meet him and therefore there has been a stoppage.”

John stepped forward, “I apologize if my presence has caused worry amongst you.” Bowing to all assembled to a fourth round of gasping John continued. “If as Torran said I am to lead you, then I will do the best that I can for you and me.”

There was a moment of confusion at the back of the crowd again as they parted again. A much older elf stepped forward staring straight at John. “At last you are here! I have held on as long as I could. I knew you’d make it sir, I just...” John ran forward catching the aged elf before he hit the floor. “I saved what I could sir. I have lost some but there is still much there,” this last spoken in a whisper.

The old elf reached out his hand out touching John’s head. John’s eyes flew open, and then with a jolt was pushed back against the wall. “Handral, old friend!” John said as he ran back to the older elf.

“I have waited far longer than I thought I could sir. I thank the creator that he allowed me to see you once again!” Handral said as the breath slowly left his body.

Tears starting to fall from his eyes John whispered, “I am also thankful that you were as loyal as you were. I thank you my good, good friend. I will miss you and see you again, soon. Rest now with the creator you’ve earned it.”

The elder, his eyes wide was standing next to John. “Sir? You knew him? He was the last of the adults that made their way into the rift long ago.” The elder’s eyes flew wide. “You truly are him! You have the knowledge of the old and new!”

John stood a new light shining in his eyes. “I do now my good friend Granle, I do now. Please have a ceremony of honor for him; he has withstood much waiting for me. I cannot let his sacrifice be for nothing. I pledge now to make things better, starting today!”

Granle and all those present bowed as they gingerly took the body out of the house. “The ceremony will take time sir. Will you be present for it?”

“I would but your people still aren’t used to me yet. I have much to do before I can properly lead you. I will soon but not right now.” John told the shocked elder.

John watched as they all left then sat to sort out all the information that his friend had given him. Thinking for perhaps an hour he finally started to formulate a plan. Not the greatest of plans but something to start on at least. First off if he was going to do anything at all he had to increase his magic use. The rest of the day he began to flash in and out of the building getting further and further away ‘til he reached what he called a boundary. Pushing on it, it felt a lot like jello only a whole lot harder to get through.

Standing in front of the boundary he turned back looking for the town. To his astonishment there was no sign of it! Was this place really that large? Thinking of his building again he was there in a matter of seconds. Sighing this was a good start but it had to be instantaneous. Well he thought, there was time after all.

It would be at least a week before he expected to see any of the elfin people. Perhaps he could be ready mostly in that time. Two days later he was finally moving like he wanted to, well he thought no time like the present. Appearing at the cave opening that Triance, her sisters, and he had appeared from John walked in. This should be the least hampering as I won’t have to go as far he thought.

Thinking of the opening that he’d walked into and the area around it John’s vision blurred for a minute then cleared. Instead of a mountain there was just a huge pile of snow, looking all around John didn’t see any evidence of a mountain at all! Just then John heard shouting further up the slope; ‘darn, ‘ he thought then was in his house! ‘Ok now that was weird!’ Looking at his desk he could see that 2 days had passed. Checking the mail at the door he saw that his lawyers had responded.

John smiled as he read all that was being done. Good it would keep the money grubbers like that obscenely obtuse woman from the other day from ever gaining control of the resort. Satisfied John thought of the rift appearing again at the same snow pile. Nodding his head, good, baby steps first then the bigger things. The cavern was as good a place to start. Again his vision blurred for almost a minute then he was there! ‘Not as long, good, ‘ John thought, ‘I just need to practice more.’

Appearing back in his house John sat somewhat tired though not as badly as the last time. He’d just sat in his chair when a vision of Handral appeared. “Hello sir, if you are seeing this it means that I have passed. Please don’t be sad you’ll see me again, as I will you for the first time. The fact that you are seeing this means that you are accessing almost the full magic now. I know you have questions I am sorry that I am not there to answer them. Just remember what you have always told me don’t push it will come when it is ready. Be well sir.”

John sat there in a daze, all the memories that he hadn’t experienced yet flooding his mind. A good hour later John in tears nodded he could see what he needed to do now. ‘Then again, ‘ John thought, ‘he could see it but as of yet he wasn’t sure he could actually accomplish it.’

What I really need is something that will help me decide. Something that will let me know when and where I need to go doing what needs to be done. I need something I can ... as his vision blurred he wondered where he was off to this time. Appearing what seemed like hours later John could only stare at the, he guessed she was a female in front of him.

Averting his eyes and bowing John told her, “I apologize for staring. This is obviously your home and I was rude for staring. I admit I have never met one who looks as you do.”

“Ah!” The female said her green body vibrating slightly. “You must be the one that I was told of eras ago. So polite and respectful, though you don’t know me. Rise young one how may I aid you?”

John stood almost afraid to look at the female. “Again I mean no disrespect but just who are you?” John drew back half expecting her easy going demeanor to suddenly turn sour.

“You have no fear young one.” The female said gently causing John to look at her face. He could almost swear that she was made of plants, water, earth, and fire. “I find it rather refreshing for one so young to show the respect that you have. Now then, on to your question, I am who your kind call Mother Nature or rather the idea of it. Now then if we may on to my first question, how may I aid you?”

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