Preservation & Protection, Book 2
Chapter 9

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Bennie said, "Roger. We're here waiting."

I always enjoyed watching planes land but the Connie was imposing. We had moved the horses into a hanger. Experience had shown horses that hadn't heard motors did not like airplanes. Tom brought the Connie in gently flaring it down to land with a gentle chirp of the tires. He let it slow gently since he had plenty of runway. He turned and taxied to us on two engines cutting them as he came near. We had found a rolling stairway and brought it to the main door. Everyone but Tom and Vic came piling out to meet the new people. George and Judith came out a little more sedately followed by the brothers of flight. They got a kick of me calling them that.

While the Protection people talked with those from here at Oklahoma City, Bennie and I talked to Tom and Vic for a moment. They wanted us to fly back to Protection and then fly on to Preservation. I told Bennie that it was an idea that I liked. I was ready to be home for a while. He looked thoughtful.

We went to join the rest introducing everyone to each other though they were doing pretty well without our help. George and Judith had flanked Mabel and she was looking more alert and aware than I had ever seen her. Mack was in awe of the change. He whispered to Bennie and I that just Judith's presence had accomplished more than he thought possible.

We gathered in the hanger in some chairs we had located to talk. George said, "I would like to welcome you to Protection. We are growing and Janice and Bennie have helped in that growth in the past and I hope will continue to do so." He smiled and Judith sat beside him with Mabel on her other side.

George continued, "Robby is one of our community leaders and has brought four men with him to help herd your cattle. They all are experienced horsemen and Robby is particularly good in any situation." All heads turned to Robby and I wondered at the attraction I felt for him. No man other than Bennie and Poppa Jack had ever given me those feelings at all. I would have to talk to Bennie later. George went on, "The Connie has some cargo capacity and can carry your ladies as well as personal belongings to Protection. It's faster than Bennie and Janice's Cessna. It will take under two hours to take off, travel, and land. It will take Bennie and Janice about five hours for the trip. We suggest this as the easiest way to get you all there as quickly as possible. The ladies can pick out homes while we wait for you. We will leave radios, batteries, and antennas for contact. Tom and Vic can run you to Protection for visits from just about any airport."

Tom interrupted, "Yeah, the Connie is the biggest in our fleet but we can pick up three or four passengers and run them back and forth easily."

George said, "The other possibility is to all come to Protection now, spend a day looking around ad then return here to herd cattle. If we did that, how soon could you be ready to leave?"

Jerry looked around at his neighbors. He said, "I think that's a great idea. We would need to provide for the horses and could leave in less than an hour."

George responded, "Great! That's better than I had hoped.

"Janice, Bennie, why don't you two start out. We'll load the Connie and follow. We'll probably still beat you there."

Bennie said, "We'll do that. Tom, Vic, did either of you see any signs of people on your way over?"

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