Chapter 12

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A few days later they were back at the base as The Round Table was meeting to discuss what Magnum had said and if they trust Andy enough to allow him to remain as a member.

A man wearing a white T-shirt and khaki shorts named Jay Spiker was speaking “I think we need to pay heed to what Magnum said. We all know that Damus’ host must make an important choice that is the fate of his host. He said his seers saw Xelos being released and our own Henry saw the same. All around the time of Andy acquired his power. Not to mention he failed to follow the orders given to him by Lester.”

Jason spoke, “Are you saying don’t trust Andy?”

“Yes, I’m saying that I don’t trust him.”

Jason turned to Lester further down the ironically rectangular table and said, “And what do you think about the fact that he disobeyed your orders?”

Lester spoke “To be honest, the fact that someone disobeyed me is infuriating. In doing so, he left a comrade by herself in the middle of a fight.” He paused for emphasis and continued “However that being said, I trust him without question. He battled against someone who was extremely powerful and fought impressively alongside me.”

Jason turned to Henry and asked, “Do you think that Xelos’ return and Andy’s powers awakening have any correlation between each other?”

“Without a doubt. I don’t believe he is going to be the one to release Xelos, but I fear that he will cause an acceleration in the process. Still, I agree with Lester, I trust him entirely. I watched him charge into the fight against Magnum without a second thought. Also, to be fair, he says that he asked the girl if she would be fine without him.”

Jason turned to Lukas, George, Theodosius, and Mike. “What do you guys think about this?”

Lukas spoke “I’ve known him since he got here. I trust him.”

Then George “I do too. I didn’t see much of his battle, but I know that we were getting overwhelmed. I don’t know what would’ve happened if he hadn’t backed us up.”

Next was Mike’s turn “I do trust him, although not enough to let him stay. When I watched him fight you Jason, I felt as though he was learning his powers too fast. I think there is something about that feeling that makes him dangerous.”

Finally, Theodosius spoke “I don’t trust him, I wasn’t here to see him fight Jason. And all I saw of his fight against Magnum was him standing beside Lester. I don’t know of his abilities or of his intentions.”

Jason turned back to the other side of the table and asked Julia and a man wearing a leather tunic named Charles the same question.

Julia spoke “I treated his injuries after his battle with Qobus’ host. I know how severe injuries affect people’s mental health. I trust him because he charged into the battle despite receiving those injuries.”

Charles spoke with a quiet voice. “I would like to ask Andy one question before I make my decision. What was the contract that you made with Damus?”

Andy hesitated. He wondered if this was something that he was supposed to keep a secret.

Damus whispered to Andy “It is okay, go ahead and tell them.”

Andy spoke, “To prevent the release of Xelos and defeat him in the event that he is released.”

A crisp girlish voice rang through the room “A contract with a God is final and must be fulfilled. If it isn’t then the user is consumed by the God, and the God is released so that they may do their duty.”

Damus spoke, “As wise as always Arcaena.”

Andy spoke to Damus “Who is Arcaena?”

“Arcaena is the God of Plants, a very wise priestess back in the days of Xelos. Historically she makes sure her Hosts are wise as well.”

Charles spoke again “There you have it, I trust Andy because he was given the task of keeping Xelos sealed.”

Jay spoke again “According to Andy he could still allow Xelos to return as long as he is defeated.”

Lukas spoke “I see you are still as stubborn as the earth you control Jay. His first requisite is to try and stop that from happening.”

Jason spoke up before the argument got out of hand and said “I think that’s everyone, the total is six to three in trusting him. So, by majority rules, he stays.”

Jason decided to switch the topic.

“So how are the White Wings going to assist us?”

“We will also hunt down Ashfiends and Users of the Circle. We will also send back up when requested. We, however, still forbid outsiders into Aerius and an invasion into the Third Pit is forbidden as well.”

Andy asked a question “What is Aerius and why are outsiders forbidden to enter?”

Henry spoke “Aerius is my kingdom, and it is protected by ancient magic so that Alfred and his army can’t invade it. If an outsider was to visit it, then the spell would be broken, and Alfred can invade us.”

“And what about this Third Pit?”

“It’s the realm in which Alfred rules. It is forbidden to invade without prior approval from me. This is because every entrance to the Third Pit is blocked off except for one and in order to go through it you need to remove the spell protecting us.”

Jason asked Henry “Earlier you mentioned that you had disturbing information about the Third Pit.”

“Yes. I have reason to believe that Alfred, and now Magnum, have successfully created more monsters. One that we know of is a new Ashfiend. Think of a smarter and stronger Ashfiends. We are unsure of what the others are, but we can be positive they exist.”

“Have any of your troops engaged them yet?”

“Yes, the first reported encountering was three weeks ago. It engaged James, my champion, and his squad. Except for James, everyone in his squad was whipped out. Since then I have reports of encountering one or two during every skirmish. They usually take three or more of my soldiers to take down.”

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