Chapter 11

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Andy and his fellow comrades began to arrive at the Park. Andy looked down and saw two hundred feet below them a mob of monstrous creatures approaching the park and in front of them was two people leading them.

Lester slid the door open and looked over at them “Let’s kick their ass.” He jumped out the door and unleashed a burst of flame from his hands accelerating his fall. George followed him by jumping off and shouted “Shapeless blade, invisible sword. Unsheathe yourself and slay my enemies.” He then used his fingers and made a large plus sign in the air.

Amazingly two ripples of clear waves shot out at blinding speed towards the front of the Ashfiends on the ground following the same pattern his fingers moved.

Sarah was next. She pulled out two bookmarks like papers and did a backflip out of the plane. There was a flash, and a sword appeared in her hand and a fireball flew towards the center of the Ashfiends.

Andy jumped. Next, he copied Lester and boosted himself. He managed to pass Sarah falling, and as he came closer to the ground, he slowed down and hovered ten feet above the ground for a second and then dropped. When he hit the ground, he slammed his hands into the ground and created stone fists. He shot up and started to slam into Ashfiends left and right. Sarah followed soon after and used her sword to cut down Ashfiends as well.

Soon Andy’s stone fists had crumbled away, and he decided to create a wall of flames to burn the Ashfiends.

Sarah, on the other hand, looked more like she was dancing rather than fighting. She was flipping, twirling, and dodging spears and swords as she was blasting away at Ashfiends with fireballs and blasts of wind.

Finally, their squad of troops landed, and the air filled with screams and gunfire as they started firing away at the Ashfiend until eventually only two dozen before they had to reload.

Then there was a massive explosion behind them. Instinctively Andy turned and looked at the direction of the explosion. It was over the hill and in the direction of where Lester and George went.

He turned back to Sarah “I want to go help them out, you got this Sarah?”

“Of course I do, but you owe me.” She said with a smile as she held up another paper and an orb of light shot behind her.

And so, Andy charged towards the cloud of smoke.

“Damn it this isn’t good.” Lester thought to himself. He looked over at George who was kneeling over and holding the large gash in his ribs.

He had assumed that they could easily take down these users, but he hadn’t planned on who they would be facing. George was fighting a man known as Jake Myers who is known worldwide as one of the strongest users the Circle had to offer. But that wasn’t what had him worried. Right now, he was fighting someone even stronger, Lester hadn’t even been able to land a single blow. Not to mention the user hasn’t even used his powers yet, meanwhile, Lester has thrown some blasts of fire at him. He was equally surprised that his last bigger blast didn’t even cause him to flinch.

George stood up and retreated with Jake closely following him.

He spoke up “I never thought that I would be fighting Lester, Host to the God of Fire. You’re so much more disappointing than I imagined you would be.”

Lester was furious; this man just insulted him and his God. “Who are you?”

“Magnum Genero, Host to Sutarr the God of Creation at your service.” The man said as he bowed, his silver hair not moving as he did so. He stood up straight and finally drew the longsword strapped to his waist, a blur of midnight glided to his side.

Lester’s burning rage was smothered with that one sentence. He was facing one of the strongest people in the world, no wonder he couldn’t hurt him. His blood started to boil again as he realized how badly he was outmatched. He lifted his sword, a katana named Dragon’s Tooth, and aimed the point towards Magnum.

He kept his distance and began thinking of what he could do to defeat him. He moved to charge forward when three fireballs sailed passed his head and crashed into Magnum.

Lester turned to see who fired them when he saw a figure standing on the hill. The figure jumped and landed next to him, it was from Andy.

Andy had come across the battlefield and saw Lester and the man. He had fired some flames at a distance to try to catch the man by surprise. Andy jumped next to Lester and drew Talon.

“What the hell are you doing here Andy? Our plan was for you and Sarah to take on the Ashfiends!”

“I saw the explosion, and we agreed that the best course of action was for me to come and help you guys. So, this is Magnum huh? Good, I have some questions for him.”

Andy looked while the cloud of smoke dissipated, the once clear sky became covered by dark clouds, and the man emerged.

“Andy? As in the Host that Jenny killed? Wow, I didn’t think she of all people would let you live. I must give my praise to Sognads’ host. Julia is her name correct?”

A smooth voice rang through the air “Damus and Rajneel it’s been ages; how have you been?”

Another voice, this one just as silvery, spoke: “So, it really is you Sutarr.”

Damus spoke as well. “Sutarr? I had hoped that what Qobus’ host said was a lie.”

Magnum spoke “What Jenny said was very much the truth. Alfred and I have joined forces and have decided the best course of stopping Xelos is to eliminate the Hollows.”

In a complete and sudden change, Andy raised his sword and created a burst of fire at his feet causing him to fly forward. He swung his blade downward at Magnum who barely managed to deflect it.

“Enough talk! Magnum! I’m taking your head!”

Again, Andy swung down at Magnum who easily sidestepped it. Andy stopped his sword immediately and twisted the blade and swung sideways. Magnum reacted by stepping back and away from the slash.

At the end of the swing, Andy bent his elbow and thrusted Talon forward, which was parried by Magnums black blade causing Andy to stumble to the ground.

“I heard that Arphoz and Clint killed someone important to you, Jackie was her name, right? Is that why you’ve decided to attack? You can’t let your emotions control you so much; it is unbecoming of a man.”

There was a blur and Lester was in front of Magnum, swinging his katana.

Magnum avoided it by jumping up and backflipping a few feet away.

Lester and Andy raised their hands and launched a barrage of flames at their foe. He deflected and dodged as he increased his distance between them.

Suddenly there was a large dark object that crashed in between them. From the dust rose a man with short blond hair dressed in a green shirt and blue jeans.

Magnum spoke in a shocked and amused voice “Jake, are you getting beaten?”

Jake turned to his comrade and spoke to him in a toneless voice “No, I was merely taken by surprise.” He pointed towards the distance and continued “I mean, how was is supposed to react to that.”

They all turned and saw a dark green monster with horns and claws whose points ended in a bright red. Its dark blue robes were torn to shreds. It carried a large and thick cleaver-like sword over its shoulder.

Lester laughed and shouted “Took you long enough George. I was wondering if you were going to go demon.”

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