Chapter 3

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“You’re placing me under arrest? A handful of Hollows? That’s hilarious!” Clint said with a smug look on his face. His smug look swiftly turned to one of pure rage. “You caused me to be an outcast to The Circle, and now I will be forced to look over my shoulder after every step I take. No, I will not be going with you. Because none of you are making it out of here alive!”

He launched forward passed Andy at the man, swinging his sword at him. The man brought his left arm up and blocked it. He was causing a ringing sound through the empty hallway. He bent his right arm up and in it was a large pistol. He fired once at Clint’s rib cage, but Clint noticed it too soon and shifted his body out of the way, causing the bullet to miss. The man brought his hand up higher and aimed it at Clint repeatedly firing at him. Clint jumped away from the man and danced around dodging the bullets with no effort. The man, knowing that his gun was useless, brought his arm back under his trench-coat and holstered his pistol. His hand, still under his trench-coat, dropped down a foot and then swung out. In his hand now was a sword, a katana. He charged at Clint and unexpectedly stopped in front of him and thrusted his sword at Clint, who jumped to the side causing the razor-sharp tip only to slice his arm. But it was enough, and Clint dropped his mighty Kingsman in agony.

The man laughed “Are you going to rethink your choice and come with me?”

Clint looked at him with an even more intense rage on his face than before. He said “You think you’ve won? Do you think you’ve defeated me? Do you hold me to be so weak that I could possibly be forced to submit to you? Please, you haven’t even seen half of my power.”

Clint’s hand shot up and said “Fire! Dance in the palm of my hand! Strike down, my enemies.” A fireball shot out of Clint’s hand and flew towards the man in the trench-coat. As it got closer with every inch, it grew until it was the size of a car.

Suddenly it was spilled in two and quickly simmered out, in the center of the split was the man with his sword in his right hand down by his side, as if he had just swung.

The man began to walk forward. Clint brought both of his hands up and shouted “Almighty water! Flow from my body and pierce my foe’s flesh.” A stream of water shot out of both of his hands as if it was coming from a water hose.

Again, the man swung his sword, this time upward, and the water seemed to part at its touch.

Clint, who was now a frightened and flustered man, turned his hands upwards towards the ceiling and said, “Bountiful Earth, I call upon you to release your hell-bent anger and swallow everything in your path.” The building began to shake as Clint smiled and said “You were able to destroy everything that I threw at you. So, I’m going to hell, and everyone in this building is going to come with me.” As he said this the floor around his turned black and he was sucked into it.

The man in the trench-coat quickly realized his intent and shouted, “Get the civilians out of here now!” He ran over, grabbed Andy, and picked him up. “I said now! Now! Now!”

It was a scramble as the armored men raised their rifles and fired at the remaining monsters. They ran forward and grabbed the captured people and carried them out. Andy began to shout at the man “You have to let me go back! There are still people in there!”

The man replied, “There’s no time; we have to get as many people out of here as quickly as we can.”

Despite Andy’s shouting and screaming, he carried him outside of the airport. He looked in horror as the entire airport was swallowed into the black ground.

“JACKIE! NO!” He shouted with tears running down his face as he was carried into a helicopter and charted away from the former airport.

The world seemed so empty now, his classmates in his martial arts class were gone. His role model and teacher Mr. Martin was gone. Despite only being twenty-one he had felt a deep love for his girlfriend Jackie Mason, hell he considered that if they were together for another year or two, he would propose to her. But now she was gone too.

He sat slumped in the helicopter. He was only twenty-one, but he had lost almost everything that was important to him.

Andy looked up and at the man who saved him “Whatever happened down there is probably all over the news. I need to call my family and let them know that I’m alright and tell them about Jackie.”

The man looked at him and said “Okay I understand, but do not tell them what happened. Do not tell anyone what happened. As far as the world is concerned, it was a large sinkhole. If I have a feeling at any moment that you are going to tell them anything, I’ll shoot you immediately. Do you understand?”

Andy looked at him and said, “I understand, but when I’m done, I want to know what the hell that was and who you are.”

The man smiled and said “I was actually going to talk to you about that anyway. As for who I am, for now, you just need to know that my name is Lukas Kuhl and I’m a friend.” He reached his hand out and in it was a cell phone.

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