Little Girls of Wonder - Little Dreamer Dolly
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

"Can we write some more, Uncle Leo?"

"Didn't I hear you say you have a test tomorrow?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Let's work on that first, and then when we get back from dinner we will work on another story."

"Okay!" says Dolly, smiling and getting her homework.

"That's my good girl!" says Katie, Dolly's mom.

Katie smiles at her big brother Leo. "I can cook."

"No, I want my time here to be a break for everyone." He hugs his baby sister.

Dolly comes back in with her homework, and while Katie is relaxing, Dolly and Leo are studying long and hard. Leo discovers right away that as long as Dolly is being engaged she can maintain her focus.

"Why don't you take notes so we can study in multiple ways."

The thing about the human brain is it can function on multiple levels. While Dolly is listening to a teacher or reading, her brain can still be staying active elsewhere. So it is easy for the brain to switch over to another train-of-thought without realizing it. But if she is writing while listening or reading, that is another level or tool to keep herself focused.

It is a three dimensional world, so if possible you need to be engaged with three things. Right away Leo starts thinking that playing the guitar or the piano would be a good thing for Dolly, because you have to use two hands therefore both sides of your brain, to do it. Then on top of that, having her write songs could also be a third purposeful activity that would help prevent Dolly from losing focus and embracing her creativity.

Leo is sure more than one thing is going on here. The fantasies are probably more about her mind trying to cheer her up after somebody or something made her feel bad about herself. Leo is putting a lot of thought into it, and he doesn't want to come to any quick conclusion until he has investigated it for at least a week straight.

Then a thought hits him. "Katie?"


"Do you think the school would let me sit in on some of Dolly's classes?"

"I don't know, but we can ask."

"Good enough." he says to his baby sister. Then he turns to his niece and asks, "How you doing so far, darling girl?"

"Good. I think I'm getting it. Uncle Leo?"

"Yeah, sweetheart."

"Thank you for caring about me enough to try and figure things out for me."

"I'm not going to figure things out for you. I'm going to give you an atmosphere of love and acceptance that will give you the confidence and ability to figure it out for yourself. After all, you are the one who has to live with yourself."

"But you are going to help me?"

"Definitely! I will be at your side all the way. I will prove that there is nothing wrong with you other than an over-abundance of you. I will show you that you do have the ability, strength and intelligence to see the true issues, and learn the tools to deal with them."

"Wow! Thank you," says Dolly with love in her eyes.

"Yeah, wow!" says Katie, just so pleased that she is not alone in this struggle anymore.

"You know what I think?" says Leo.

"What?" replies Dolly.

"I think I'm hungry. When we get back we'll write a short story, and then we'll go over your homework one last time before you go to bed."

"Okay, and I'm starving, too!" says Dolly, licking her lips and rubbing her tummy. Both Katie and Leo laugh.

Over dinner they laugh and talk like the loving family they are. By the time they get home Dolly has decided she would like to write out a daydream she started, but was immediately interrupted.

"I hate when a train-of-thought gets interrupted. Make no mistake about it, a daydream is one of your train-of-thoughts. As soon as you realize that and you realize you have power over that, you will be more calm and confident in your ability to do anything you put your heart and mind into doing." says Leo smartly.

"You two go ahead. I'm going to take a shower," says Katie.

"Oh, I still have to take my bath," adds Dolly.

"This won't take very long. We'll write the story then you can take your bath, and then we'll study for your test tomorrow before you go to bed."

Dolly is feeling very confidant now, because her uncle talks in a matter-of-fact way that only encourages belief and pride. "What should we call this world?"

"It's your world. Take control of it."

"Alright!" says Dolly. "How about if we call it Summerland. The lion's name is Goliath and this is how the story goes."

"In Summerland, where the wild animals band together for survival, some eat grass and some eat meat, but some don't wash their feet so they stink." Leo laughs and Dolly smiles. "There once was a little girl named Dolly who had a friend named Goliath."

"Hello, Dolly, how are you this fine hot day?"

"Good, Goliath, thank you for asking."

If you were to look at them you would be surprised. Dolly is barely as tall as Goliath's big black mane that shoots to the sky just the same. As they are walking along, Dolly has her hand on her friend's mane.

Just then there is a great roar from off in the distance. "What was that?" wonders Goliath.

"I don't know, but I think we should investigate it. Who knows, it could be the ever elusive Gate Key Monkey."

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