Little Girls of Wonder - Little Dreamer Dolly
Chapter 2

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

"Yes, I'm looking for Katie McGee."

"Who might I say is inquiring?"

"Her big brother."

"Hi, Leo."

"Hi, Katie." says Leo, joyfully hugging her. It's been a while since he has visited.

Once they are at the restaurant sitting down, Katie says to Leo, "I don't want to put her on medication, but maybe it is what is best for her."

"In some instances I think it can be, but in the majority of cases I think it is people just looking for the easy way to deal with something. While I'm here I'm going to engage her imagination and help her burn off some of that physical energy. This is Jackson, California, surrounded by foothills and mountains, there has to be lots of places to explore."

"We're down in a bowl, but certainly there are some places."

"Does Dolly know of them?" asks Leo.


"Then I will let her be my guide, because I'm not here to fix Dolly. She is wonderful just the way she is. I'm going to help her channel what obviously is a big part of her."

"Her imagination."


"I have to get back to work, but I'm really glad you are here."

"Me, too. I've been away too long. What time does Dolly get out of school and what time do you get off?"

"Dolly gets home from school by three, and I'll be home just after five thirty."

Leo hugs his baby sister, goes out and gets on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and rides over to Katie and Dolly's house. It's a white house up on the top of a hill overlooking Highway eighty-eight. You can also just barely see the hospital from there. Leo goes in and puts his stuff in Dolly's bedroom, then he goes over to the TV and puts his feet up. He looks at the clock and it is one o'clock.

"Dolly. Dolly!" Dolly jumps when her teacher touches her shoulder. Some of the other kids laugh.

"Yes, Miss Pralar?"

"Pay attention; this is going to be on the test."

"Yes, ma'am." Dolly shakes her head with her pretty long blonde hair, and forces herself to sit up straight and pay attention.

Finally the day is over and she excitedly hurries home because she wants to see her favorite uncle. As Dolly comes up the driveway she sees his motorcycle. It is a red Dyna Wide Glide with ape-hanger handlebars.

Dolly goes into the house and walks over to the couch where her uncle Leo is asleep with his feet up on the coffee table. "Ew, mommy is going to be mad that you are putting your feet on the table."

Leo hears her but acts like he is still asleep. He does a funny snorting noise. Dolly smiles prettily and walks over to shake him awake. "Uncle Leo, it's Dolly and..."

Then all of a sudden Leo jumps up and grabs her saying, "Ah ha, I got ya!" Dolly screams.

Leo pulls Dolly into his lap, and while he is tickling her he is also giving her a million little kisses on her cheek and ear. Dolly giggles and squirms. "Uncle Leo!"


"Nothing." she says all so prettily, as it is again wonderful to be in her uncle's loving and protective arms.

Leo grabs her up and hugs her long and hard. "It is good to see you, Dolly. As pretty as ever, I see."

"You cut your hair."

"Oh, I got tired of tripping on it."

Dolly again giggles. It feels good to laugh, because she has been getting in so much trouble of late. "It wasn't that long!"

"No. Now your hair is really long. I love it. Wow, I just can't get over what a pretty girl you are growing up to be." Leo gets serious for a second and looks deep into her precious blue eyes. "Yep!"

"What?" asks Dolly, liking that her and her uncle can share such wonderful intimacy.

"When I look deep into your eyes I still see your endless intelligence and creativity. I want you to know that I will always believe in you and support you through anything."

Dolly's eyes tear up as she nods her head happily. She again melts into her uncle's loving embrace. After a minute, and while she is still resting her pretty head on his strong shoulder, she says, "Guess what?"

"What, baby?"

"I got into trouble again today. We were studying for a test and the teacher had to shake me to pay attention. Some of the kids laughed at me."

"Sweetheart, kids will find any reason they can to laugh at another. I guarantee that you were not the only one to be laughed at that day. I think the real question is why didn't you laugh with them."

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, sweetheart, haven't you ever interrupted your mom when she was deep in thought and she acted a little ... off?"


"Wasn't her reaction kind of silly?"

"Yeah!" says Dolly, perking up.

"I bet she even laughed at herself because she got caught being someplace else."

"Yeah, I think she did."

"Sweetheart, everybody does that stuff. I get jumpy when I get interrupted, especially if someone is thoughtless enough to walk up to you when you are elsewhere and touches you. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a good shove is just what someone needs to get going again."

Dolly is quiet as she is thinking it over. "I guess me daydreaming when I'm supposed to be studying is kind of funny." Dolly gives out a little unsure laugh.

"So, what was it about?"


"Your daydream, babygirl."

"Oh! I was walking through a field of flowers that were taller than me." As Dolly is talking, Leo reaches over and grabs a tablet and pen and starts writing down her story. She smiles at him that he is taking an interest in one of her imagined worlds.

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